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Equip your hybrid workforce with internal communication tools that help team members efficiently connect, collaborate from anywhere, and do their best work.

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What are communication tools?

In today’s modern workplace, online communication tools are essential for connecting hybrid teams so they can collaborate efficiently, stay productive, and get more done together, even when they’re not all in the same office. Communication tools in the workspace can include:

  • Video conferencing

  • Team chat/instant messaging

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Project management software

  • Cloud-based storage, file sharing, and collaboration tools

Cloud-based communication tools enable team members to exchange important information outside of a face-to-face conversation. Generally, companies require a variety of business communication tools to meet a range of needs — a phone call can help with quick decision making, while a video conference might be preferred if a manager wants to meet with a direct report, and an email can disseminate information to an entire company with one click.

Choosing the right team communication tools to meet the objective can help an organization’s leaders communicate effectively with their employees, customers, and other important stakeholders.

What are the most important communication tools?

Communication tools for the modern workplace might look different from your office setup a decade ago. Many modern communication tools rely on cloud-based technology to reduce IT costs, improve flexibility for team members, and enable business continuity. Here are a few examples of how internal communications tools in the workspace have evolved:

  • Phone
    Phone systems

    Telephony has come a long way since the days of switchboards and rotary phones. Today’s modern phone systems are cloud-based and powered by voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology, which involves placing phone calls over an internet connection, versus transmitted over copper wires like a traditional PSTN landline system.


    Cloud VoIP phone systems don’t require a lot of the legacy hardware and infrastructure that connects a PSTN system, making them a more streamlined, scalable, and affordable communication software in the workspace.

  • Camera
    Video conferencing

    With more companies embracing remote and hybrid work, serving global clients, and working out of distributed office locations, video conferencing software is an essential communication tool. Modern workplaces use video conferencing technology to bring groups of people together virtually for team collaboration and interaction that is more personalized and efficient than a phone call. 

  • Screen with remote
    Smart conference rooms

    Many offices have dedicated conference room systems and workspaces designed to enable effective, engaging virtual meetings. Unlike legacy conference room systems, which can have complex setups and require IT support to start a meeting, modern room systems like Zoom Rooms make it simple to connect to video calls and enable wireless file sharing.


    A software-based meeting room system like Zoom Rooms gives you the flexibility to easily scale from one to 1,000 rooms with hardware that suits your needs and is cost-efficient. For huddle rooms and home offices, you can set up a Zoom Room with nothing more than a USB camera, microphone, and monitor. For boardrooms or training rooms, custom video wall displays and auto-tracking cameras deliver a more polished, immersive experience.

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What communication tools are best?

Choosing the best communication tools for your workplace depends on your business needs, objectives, and desired level of employee engagement. Companies looking to modernize their internal communications might consider the following when evaluating solutions:

  • Which communication tools will help enhance team collaboration and connection among my hybrid workforce?

  • Are my current internal communication tools affordable? Are there more cost-effective options?

  • Does the level of technical expertise required by the communication tool match the technical abilities of my non-IT employees? In other words, will my employees feel comfortable using this communication software?

  • Which online communication tools are best at enabling flexibility and mobility for a hybrid workforce?

  • Do I want a unified communications platform, or best-of-breed technology environment?

For a best-of-breed approach, it’s important to choose business communication tools that integrate with other apps and solutions in your tech stack. Otherwise, juggling multiple platforms for messaging, video conferencing, email, task management, and other tools can create a complex, disjointed experience for employees.

Many organizations prefer a unified communications software for its ease of use, simplified management, and seamless experience.

Unify communications with Zoom

Organizations wanting to consolidate their team communication tools can look to Zoom for video conferencing, webinars, phone, chat, events, and conference rooms. Zoom’s unified communications solution, part of our intuitive platform, enables secure, reliable connection across the enterprise.

Zoom is recognized as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Worldwide, and ranked highest in audio and video quality experience according to a 2021 Wainhouse Research study.

Our unified communication tools include:

  • Zoom Meetings

    Providing simple, secure, and reliable video conferencing for anyone who wants to connect and interact with others

  • Zoom Team Chat

    A secure, persistent instant messaging hub that provides direct access to Zoom’s real-time video and phone communication

  • Zoom Phone

    Our feature-rich cloud phone solution for businesses of all sizes


  • Zoom Webinars

    For anyone who wants to use online webinars to present information to a large online audience of up to 50,000 people with 100 active video participants

  • Zoom Rooms

    Our software-based conference room system powering modern workspaces, which makes it easy to run video meetings, connect with team members, and collaborate with the tap of a button

The Zoom platform extends beyond unified internal communications with robust developer tools, integrations with your favorite apps, and event solutions.

  • The Zoom Developer Platform enables customers, developers, and service providers to easily build apps and integrations on top of Zoom’s industry-leading video meetings platform
  • Zoom Events is our all-in-one event platform for hosting and managing events with the power to create engaging multi-day, multi-session virtual experiences 
  • The Zoom App Marketplace is where users can discover more than 1,500 integrations to bring Zoom into their core application workflows

With Zoom, your hybrid workforce can connect on a single platform for communication and collaboration, and find the communication tools they need to get the job done.

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Learn how Zoom’s communication software can help your team today!