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Reimagine how your teams work with your AI-powered collaboration platform. Streamline communications, improve productivity, optimize in-person time, and increase employee engagement, all with Zoom Workplace. Fueled by AI Companion, included at no additional cost.*

zoom workplace


Streamline communications with AI-powered tools that work together effortlessly
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  • Meeting

    Bring teams together with video conferencing

  • Team Chat
    Team Chat

    Boost team collaboration with instant messaging, file sharing, and more

  • Phone

    Modernize your business phone

  • Mail & Calendar
    Mail & Calendar

    Stay on top of your daily emails and calendar events

  • Scheduler

    Remove the hassle of traditional appointment scheduling


Improve productivity with products that are built for modern work
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  • Whiteboard

    Jumpstart creativity and brainstorming with virtual whiteboards

  • Clips

    Keep teams informed and cut meeting time with video messages and screen recordings

  • Notes

    Stay on top of important information and keep teams aligned by co-editing on notes

  • Surveys

    Get the feedback you need when you need it with surveys and polls

  • Docs

    Collaborate better with a customizable workspace for teams and personal use.


Optimize office experiences and hybrid work collaboration with flexible workspace solutions
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Employee Engagement

Connect your entire workforce with enhanced employee experiences
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  • Workvivo

    Increase employee engagement with a community-led internal comms platform

Apps & Integrations

Enable seamless experiences with your preferred business apps


Streamline your communications with a single app

Reduce communication silos

  • Improve visibility and alignment by sharing anything from emails to chats

  • Elevate a chat to a meeting or phone call to get to a resolution faster

  • Continue meeting conversations and easily access shared information in Team Chat

Keep projects moving forward

  • Share agendas, collaborate over video, and capture AI-generated meeting summaries

  • Set up chat channels with file sharing, third-party apps, rich-text editing and more

  • Stay on top of tasks with AI-powered task extraction, next steps, and prioritization

  • Easily access information shared before, during, and after meetings within a central repository (targeting April) 

Automate the way you communicate

  • Reply to emails and chats faster with AI composing, sentence completion, and quick reply

  • Streamline and automate common tasks and activities with workflow automation

  • Reduce the need to send out manual summaries and action items with AI

  • Quickly add information and access quick commands to third-party apps

Empower distributed and global workforces

  • Break down language barriers with multi-language and translated captions in meetings

  • Connect with teams and external contacts around the world with global phone coverage

  • Gain visibility into your distributed teams with profile cards that include working location and hours, status message, and presence

  • Translate chats to your preferred language in real time

Connect easily with external contacts

  • Make a great first impression with simple scheduling - even with large groups

  • Receive and place calls or SMS messages from anywhere

  • Maintain a quick communication line to customers or vendors with Team Chat

  • Connect confidently with customers and board members with trusted video experiences


Improve productivity across teams, locations, and time zones

Project planning and brainstorming

  • Collaborate and map out projects visually on a whiteboard

  • Jumpstart brainstorming sessions using AI and templates

  • Gather valuable team input for well-informed decision-making with surveys and polls

  • Stay on top of projects, owners, and status updates with collaborative docs

Team updates and information dissemination

  • Share comprehensive notes, tasks, and project updates for more efficient team outcomes

  • Streamline communication of updates and priorities with short videos

  • Promote understanding with visual aids

  • Collect feedback for continuous improvement and team alignment

Meeting prep and follow-up

  • Enhance meeting effectiveness with thorough preparation

  • Encourage collaborative idea generation

  • Provide context for agenda items

  • Deliver clear post-meeting action items and decisions using AI

Decision-making and collaboration

  • Facilitate efficient decision-making through collaborative visualization

  • Assess and optimize decisions with post-meeting feedback

  • Reinforce key points for team alignment

  • AI meeting summaries and next steps

Training and onboarding

  • Improve training effectiveness through engaging video clips

  • Enhance understanding with visual aids

  • Compile comprehensive onboarding materials for reference using docs

  • Continually refine training processes based on feedback

Collaborate with hybrid teams

  • Make sure remote participants feel connected with what is going on in the room

  • Collaborate across remote and in-person teams on a virtual whiteboard

  • Understand who is in the room with AI-powered name tags and focused views (targeting May)

Utilize shared office space

  • Reserve a workstation on the days you want to come into the office

  • Turn any space into a collaborative one with companion devices

  • Use office phones as your own with a simple QR code

Host customer and partner meetings

  • Securely register guests and provide entry badges with visitor management

  • Reserve desks and parking spots in advance

  • Provide a warm welcome with kiosks

  • Host meetings in large, multi-screen conference rooms

Navigate a new office

  • Confirm desk registration via a mobile app or kiosk

  • Find reserved desks with a map that guides you right to it

  • See who else is in the office that you might want to collaborate with

  • Check which huddle and conference rooms are available

Foster company culture

  • Share company-wide news and events throughout the office on digital signage

  • Encourage employees to come in on days their team members are

  • Host all hands and townhalls in open office spaces

  • Collect feedback for continuous workspace improvement

Employee Engagement

Connect with your entire workforce

Keep employees informed

  • Send out newsletters with videos and podcasts to make information more engaging

  • Improve cross-functional team awareness and alignment on goals and priorities

  • Livestream company-wide updates and host townhalls

  • Scale employee trainings and sales kickoffs with virtual events

Create a sense of belonging

  • Give employee recognition with shout-outs

  • Create community spaces for common interests

  • Facilitate community-led discussions with social feeds and videos

Find resources and information

  • Create team and project pages with important information

  • Make an asset repository with links across different systems

  • Personalize your activity feed to get information that is most relevant to you

Increase employee engagement and retention

  • Send out surveys and polls to get employee opinions, feedback, and sentiments

  • Understand how employees are using your tools with dashboards and insights

  • Bridge communication gaps between leadership and the rest of the company

Enable Seamless Experiences

Enable Seamless Experiences

Integrate Zoom Workplace with your preferred business apps.

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*Zoom AI Companion is now included at no additional cost for customers with the paid services assigned to their Zoom user accounts.