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Streamline your workday with a full platform of communications tools that work together effortlessly

Continue Meeting Conversations in Team Chat

Continue Meeting conversations in Team Chat

Never lose track of, or worry about forgetting meeting conversations again.

  • Leverage dedicated group chats in Team Chat for your meetings

  • Notify colleagues you’re running late with the ability to send chats without being in the meeting

  • Respond to action items and follow up in Team Chat after a meeting

Team chat with everything you need and the simplicity teams want.

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Communicate effectively

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Granular admin controls

Granular admin controls


Secure file sharing

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Zoom Workplace

Enable modern collaboration with Chat & channels, Phone, Whiteboard, and Meetings in a single offering.

  • Start a phone call or video meeting from a chat message 

  • Collaborate on a whiteboard from your desktop or room, and easily

  • See whether a colleague is available with presence status

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Generative AI to Boost Productivity

Leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence to enhance productivity for everyday tasks, freeing up more time for creative and productive work
  • Team Chat Compose with Zoom AI Companion

    Use AI Companion to draft messages for you by leveraging context from your conversation. Add tone, input prompts, or change the length of the message to give you confidence in what you’re communicating.

  • Share AI Meeting Summaries to Team Chat

    Use AI Companion to automatically generate and share meeting summaries directly into a Team Chat channel.

  • Thread Summary

    Quickly get up to speed on long unread messages with Thread Summary with AI Companion.

Generative AI to Boost Productivity
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Zoom Platform

Communicate effortlessly with Zoom Workplace
  • Seamless connections between products on Zoom

  • Collaborate across products with a single communications platform that’s simple to implement, use and manage

  • Share whiteboards, schedule a video chat, and see team members’ presence directly in Zoom Team Chat

Cloud Storage

  • Back your group chats and channels with cloud storage

  • Store files, documents, and content with your existing cloud storage solution
    Create documents from a Zoom Team Chat channel

  • Collaborate on files in real-time to increase productivity and stay proactive on projects

Cloud Storage


  • Connect your teams across different chat apps with Mio

  • Chat with Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Teams or Slack users directly from Zoom Team Chat

  • Search for colleagues on other team chat apps and invite them to Zoom Team Chat channels or send direct messages to them

  • Zoom admins can manage users on different chat apps like a native user on Zoom

Apps and Bots

  • Integrate your workflows

  • Embed the tools that are best for your individual teams via our native integrations, bots, APIs and marketplace technology partners

Apps and bots

Introducing our All New Zoom Whiteboard

Brainstorm, ideate and create, any time, from anywhere, no meeting necessary. Fully integrated with the Zoom platform.

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