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Incredible companies use Zoom Team Chat

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Oracle Redbull Racing Logo
  • Flex
  • Moffitt

NEW: Workflow Automation Beta

Our no-code experience makes it easy for anyone to build complex workflows. Improve productivity by reducing redundant work and automating tedious tasks using Zoom Workflow Automation (now in beta), including integrating workflows with third party apps.

NEW: Workflow Automation Beta

Why customers choose Zoom Team Chat

  • Power of the platform

    Power of the platform

    Zoom Team Chat makes work more efficient with the ability to quickly access a meeting chat, share a whiteboard, jump into a meeting, and so much more.

  • Increase your productivity with AI

    Increase your productivity with AI

    Leverage powerful AI features to compose content, take quick action, and generate summaries, giving you more time to focus on execution.

  • Easy to use and deploy

    Easy to use and deploy

    Intuitive design makes Team Chat easy to use, deploy,  and find important information

  • Trusted external collaboration

    Trusted external collaboration

    Zoom Team Chat allows you to easily invite, chat, and manage external contacts giving you the flexibility to communicate how you’d like, with whoever you’d like.

  • Included in your license at no extra cost

    Included in your license at no extra cost

    Zoom Team Chat comes included with other Zoom products, meaning you already have it — and its advanced capabilities — right at your fingertips.

Better together

Streamline your workday with a full platform of communications tools that work together effortlessly

Continue Meeting Conversations in Team Chat

Continue Meeting conversations in Team Chat

Never lose track of, or worry about forgetting meeting conversations again.

  • Leverage dedicated group chats in Team Chat for your meetings

  • Notify colleagues you’re running late with the ability to send chats without being in the meeting

  • Respond to action items and follow up in Team Chat after a meeting

Team chat with everything you need and the simplicity teams want.

Webcam and telephone Icons

Communicate effectively

Collaborate in Shared Spaces

Collaborate in Shared Spaces

Organized Tabs & Splitview

Organized Tabs & Splitview

Powerful search

Powerful search

Work with anyone, from anywhere

Work with anyone, from anywhere

Granular admin controls

Granular admin controls

Apps and Developers

Connect your workday by accessing your favorite apps and integrations directly in Zoom

Desktop, laptop, and mobile screens

Apps for Team Chat

  • Access your favorite third-party applications right from within Zoom Team Chat

  • Leverage popular apps from a number of categories including CRM, file storage, project management and more!

  • Build your own, integrated experiences with API’s and webhooks

Cloud Storage

  • Integrate with Box or Sharepoint to back your group chats and channels with cloud storage

  • Store files, documents, and content with your existing cloud storage solution

  • Create documents from a Zoom Team Chat channel

  • Collaborate on files in real-time to increase productivity and stay proactive on projects

Cloud Storage

Mio Interoperability

  • Connect your teams across different platforms with Mio

  • Chat with Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx Teams or Slack users directly from Zoom Team Chat

  • Search for colleagues on other team chat apps and invite them to Zoom Team Chat channels or send direct messages to them

  • Zoom admins can manage users on different chat apps like a native user on Zoom

Separate licensing requirements apply

Zoom Node - Team Chat Hybrid

Zoom Node Team Chat Hybrid is a service module that allows organizations to store chat data on premises while taking advantage of the benefits of Zoom Node platform. Team Chat Hybridd provides organizations with:

  • Robust dashboard for service management, deployments, reporting and more

  • Depoloyment of on-prem storage for chat messages to help meet regional and/or industry compliance needs

  • Custom chat retention periods at the account and group levels

Zoom Node - Team Chat Hybrid