Zoom is for Everyone

Accessibility is at the heart of what we do.

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The Zoom difference: Communication without barriers

Zoom puts users front and center, driving inclusivity for everyone. We listen to our customers and are continually looking for ways to build the very best, most accessible communications experience.
  • Capabilities for all

    Whether you’re a free or paid user, we have options for you

  • Real-time interaction

    Live transcriptions, so you don’t fall behind in the conversation

  • Complete experience

    Going beyond in-meeting support with post-meeting functionality, such as recording highlights and search

Captioning & Transcription Options

  • Auto-generated captions

    Zoom meetings and webinars automatically provide live captioning.

  • Manual captions

    Assign someone to type captions during the meeting.

  • Third-party captioning

    Zoom integrates seamlessly with third-party closed captioning providers using our Closed Captioning REST API.

Video Options

  • Multi-spotlight

    A meeting host can spotlight the sign language interpreter so they are always in view for everyone.

  • Multi-pinning

    Select the meeting participants you wish to prioritize and pin them for your own custom view.

  • Re-arrange Gallery View

    Create your own view by clicking and dragging video tiles.

Case Study

Learn how our customers are leveraging Zoom’s all-in-one platform to address their communications challenges.

Accessibility Settings

  • 1 | Display Settings

    Customize the font size of chat and captions.

  • 2 | Keyboard Accessibility

    Control your Zoom experience with just a keyboard. Zoom supports Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation.

  • 3 | Screen Reader Support

    Use Zoom with a screen reader and customize the audible announcements you want to hear with granular control over screen reader alerts.

Accessibility Settings

More Accessibility Features

  • Dark mode


WCAG 2.1 AA Standards

Revised Section 508 Standards

EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements


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To provide accessibility feedback, report an issue, or request accessibility support, please email access@zoom.us.

For Canadian residents or customers, if you have accessibility feedback on Zoom Phone, please email zoomphone-canada-access@zoom.us . See the Accessibility FAQ for a description of our Feedback Process pursuant to the Accessible Canada Act.