Zoom Business Services

Engage your customer at every stage

Leaving a lasting impression on your customer doesn’t start post-sale; it starts from their first interaction with your brand. The Zoom Business Services suite helps you build lasting and loyal relationships at every stage of the customer journey.

Zoom Business Services

Customer Care

Engage customers with an AI-powered contact center
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Create unforgettable experiences with Zoom Events
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  • Events

    Host large-scale hybrid and virtual events

  • Sessions

    Elevate your webinar with a more customizable solution

  • Webinars

    Expand your reach with a reliable webinar platform.


Improve sales with AI-powered conversation analytics
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Customer Care

Deliver a personalized and seamless customer experiences with a unified and AI powered contact center

Decrease your cost to serve and  increase CSAT

  • Quickly resolve complex intents with AI-powered virtual agents

  • Maintain a human touch with an AI-enabled chatbot that understands your customer’s most tricky or confusing questions

  • Save time and avoid customer frustration by empowering agents with seamless handoffs and interaction summaries

Empower, upskill, and enhance agent care

  • Give valuable time back to your agents by automating note-taking with AI-generated post interaction summaries

  • Proactively access your company’s records and data in real time so customers get the right response, every time

  • Increase agent happiness, engagement and flexibility with shift bidding

Deliver better business outcomes

  • Lower your costs and drive higher productivity with one platform for all your customer communications

  • Deploy the right agents and beat SLAs by automating forecasting, scheduling and intraday management to predict call volumes

  • Deliver a higher standard of care with access to trending topics, root cause complaints, CSAT, and other suggestions for operational improvements


Host memorable virtual and hybrid experiences with a tailored events solution

Drive results

  • Generate brand awareness, grow sales pipeline, and build customer loyalty with hosted events

  • Improve your event strategy with detailed event analytics that seamlessly integrate with your marketing automation platform

Bring your company together wherever they are

  • Boost your company culture with inviting ways to deliver important messages to your teams

Turn your events into a content destination

  • Simulate live events with pre-recorded content to save your team time and effort

  • Create a customizable brand experience with Production Studio

  • Broadcast your event in any language with real-time translations for 35 languages


Accelerate revenue with conversation intelligence software

Understand sales deals better

  • Easily identify sales improvement opportunities by using analytics to view sales deals by stage, size, teams, and opportunity name. Keep the team informed by setting alerts on deal progression. Uncover trends by tracking how competitors are being mentioned on calls.

Build a culture of data-driven coaching

  • Transform conversations into actionable insights to help managers understand which calls are performing best and which deals need attention

  • Simplify call preparation by leveraging ‘source of truth’ from customer data and interactions

  • Get sellers up to speed faster by replicating best practices with curated playlists of recordings

Improve productivity and spend more time selling

  • Keep your sellers focus on selling by equipping them with easily searchable transcripts and concise automated meeting summaries

  • Eliminate manual updates and save valuable time by working in a single interface to reconcile key CRM deal data with context and insights