Zoom Business Services

Engage your customer at every stage

Leaving a lasting impression on your customer doesn’t start post-sale; it starts from their first interaction with your brand. The Zoom Business Services suite helps you build lasting and loyal relationships at every stage of the customer journey.

Zoom Business Services

Customer Care

Engage customers with an AI-powered contact center
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Create unforgettable experiences with Zoom Events
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  • Events


  • Sessions


  • Webinars



Improve sales with AI-powered conversation analytics
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Customer Care

Deliver a personalized and seamless customer experiences with a unified and AI powered contact center

  • Contact Center
  • Workforce Engagement Management
  • Virtual Agent

Decrease your cost to serve and  increase CSAT

  • Quickly resolve complex intents with AI-powered virtual agents

  • Maintain a human touch with an AI-enabled chatbot that understands your customers’s most tricky or confusing questions

  • Save time and avoid customer frustration by empowering agents with seamless handoffs and interaction summaries

Empower, upskill, and enhance agent care

  • 利用 AI 生成的互动后摘要自动记笔记,为您的坐席节省宝贵的时间

  • 实时主动访问您公司的记录和数据,让客户每次都能得到正确的回应

  • 通过轮班竞标提高坐席的幸福感、参与度和灵活性

Deliver better business outcomes

  • 提供一个平台进行所有客户沟通,降低成本并提高生产力

  • 通过自动预测、安排和日内管理来预测呼叫量,从而部署合适的坐席并超越 SLA

  • 通过访问热门话题、根本原因投诉、客户满意度 (CSAT) 和其他运营改进建议,提供更高标准的服务


Host memorable virtual and hybrid experiences with a tailored events solution

  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Sessions

Drive results

  • 通过举办活动提高品牌知名度,扩大销售渠道,建立客户忠诚度

  • 通过与您的营销自动化平台无缝集成的详细活动分析,改进您的活动战略

Bring your company together wherever they are

  • 用吸引人的方式向团队传递重要信息,提升公司文化

Turn your events into a content destination

  • 使用预先录制的内容模拟实时活动,为您的团队节省时间和精力

  • 利用生产工作室创建可定制的品牌体验

  • 提供 35 种语言的实时翻译,以任何语言广播您的活动


Accelerate revenue with conversation intelligence software

  • Revenue Accelerator

Understand sales deals better

  • 利用分析功能,按阶段、规模、团队和机会名称查看销售交易,轻松识别销售改进机会。通过设置交易进展提醒,让团队随时了解进展情况。通过跟踪电话中提及竞争对手的情况来发现趋势。

Build a culture of data-driven coaching

  • 将对话转化为可操作的见解,帮助管理人员了解哪些通话表现最佳,哪些交易需要关注

  • 利用来自客户数据和互动的“真实来源”,简化呼叫准备工作

  • 利用精心策划的录制文件播放列表复制最佳实践,让销售人员更快地掌握操作方法

Improve productivity and spend more time selling

  • 为销售人员提供易于搜索的转录文字和简明扼要的自动会议摘要,让他们专注于销售工作

  • 通过在单一界面中协调关键 CRM 交易数据与背景和见解,消除手动更新工作,节省宝贵的时间