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Accelerate revenue with conversation intelligence software

Enhance productivity, shorten deal cycles, and improve revenue predictability with actionable insights directly from your Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone customer interactions.


Win more with Conversation Intelligence

What if you could boost your business revenue AND your customers’ opinion of you by more than 20%? According to Metrigy research, companies can do just that with conversation intelligence.

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Why Conversation Intelligence is a Must-Have for Sales & Marketing Teams

What value does AI truly bring to companies?
How does conversation intelligence help companies with win rates and time to close?
What kind of contextual assistance do sales and marketing teams find through this technology?
What type of analytics and feedback can sales managers use to more accurately forecast the sales pipeline?

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Graph analytics for meetings and email

Sales and Revenue leaders

  • Provide actionable feedback

    Reduce anecdotal feedback and quickly identify areas for improvement using post-meeting analysis that includes transcription highlights as well as sentiment and engagement scores.

  • Understand sales deals better

    View sales deals by stage, size, teams, opportunity name, and use analytics for the number of interactions, competition, and customer sentiments to identify sales improvements.

  • Forecast more accurately

    Digestible, aggregated insights integrated into your CRM give context on your sales funnel, highlight deals that need attention, and identify pipeline trends.

  • Stay on top of the critical moments in your business

    Track words and expressions across customer conversations and get proactive alerts that help assess opportunity health, gather competitor intelligence, or help ensure products are effectively positioned.


  • Cut the noise, focus on selling

    Reduce the burden of tasks like note taking, adding information to the CRM, or capturing next steps and spend more of time connecting with customers.

  • Get better faster

    Review meetings and calls faster and get better continuously with insights such as talk-listen ratio, talking speed, sentiment analysis, and more.

  • Eliminate customer knowledge gaps

    Leverage an easy to search source of truth of all your customer conversations that simplifies preparing for sales calls, onboarding accounts, and collaborating across the revenue team.

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Marketing and sales enablement

  • Replicate best practices and onboard sellers faster

    Showcase sales best practices with curated playlists of recording snippets to get new sellers up to speed faster and provide more impactful training.

  • Evaluate your marketing messages faster

    Give your marketing teams access to your sales calls to understand which messages are working and which are not.

  • Improve your competitive strategy

    See which competitors are mentioned the most, why you’re winning or losing against them, and what sentiments are commonly associated with them.

Conversation intelligence built using your favorite tools

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Zoom Meetings & Zoom Phone

Built on the same platform as Zoom Meetings and Phone, Zoom Revenue Accelerator’s conversational intelligence gives you seamless integration, a familiar user experience, and the enterprise-grade security, reliability, and privacy you demand.

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Out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, and Learn more.

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Streamline the way you schedule and record meetings with our native integrations with Google Calendar®, Office 365®, and Exchange.

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