Make the move to Zoom

Technology decisions aren’t as easy as they used to be. There’s a lot more to account for — a fluctuating market, distributed workforce, and high expectations for customer and employee experience, to name a few. All too often, that means you’re using one too many apps to get stuff done.


It’s hard to keep track of all these apps, and even harder to rationalize the cost to leadership. How do you enable limitless connection across your organization without making your tech stack too complex?


You consolidate on Zoom.

Making the move to Zoom

Tired of switching between apps?

>2000 employee organizations rely on an average of 211 apps to achieve their missions.

Go beyond standard UCaaS

Not all unified communications providers are created equal. Some offerings are dedicated to providing dynamic chat capabilities or AI-driven insights; but with Zoom you get to have your cake and eat it too. These capabilities are just a few of the components included in Zoom’s centralized platform, which is designed to support your modern communication needs. 

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    One seamless platform

    By combining chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard, workspaces, and more into one seamless platform, the Zoom platform covers all the touchpoints you need during the workday.

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    Save time and money

    Zoom helps you save the time and money previously spent devoting resources to different apps and providers.

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    Get started in a snap

    Port over existing numbers, contact lists, and chat history, all while easily training end users in an approachable interface. Our professional services team can help guide you through the process. 

Total cost of ownership: Zoom vs. other providers

Zoom’s intuitive design doesn't just save you time, it also helps you trim costs that may have otherwise been spent with other providers. Using Zoom can cost equal to or less than competitors like Microsoft Teams or RingCentral — here's a breakdown of a recent Total Cost of Ownership study, which compares the cost of Zoom to the industry average.


All respondents

Licensing costs (recurring)

$261.72 /year

$412.80 /year

Implementation costs (one time)



Internal management costs (recurring)

$275.40 /year

$411.87 /year

1 Year total

$579.80 $882.41
Numbers account for businesses of all sizes included in the TCO study.

Zoom vs. industry average


Industry average


Companies that provided no training



Of those that did training % less than 1 hour



Ongoing Management

Onboard a new employee in <30 minutes



Change employee record in <30 minutes



FTE’s per 5,000 employees


3.17 (11% more)

The study found that companies that chose Zoom required less training for their employees versus the rest of the industry. Companies that chose Zoom also found they needed less time onboarding and updating their system, resulting in fewer management requirements.

Solutions that address your business’s needs

Bring it all together 

Many of these solutions come included in our Zoom Workplace bundle, which combines chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard, and more. It stitches together key communication modalities that are all designed to flow into one another, so you can simplify workflows and make your workday work better for you.

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Ready to learn more about migrating your business to Zoom? Let’s talk. 

Whether you want to trim costs or increase productivity, consolidating workplace communication in one place with Zoom helps you scale without sacrifice, reimagine your workday, and do more with less.

Ready to learn more about migrating your business to Zoom? Let’s talk. 

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