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Zoom Revenue Accelerator: An alternative to Gong

Conversation intelligence helps sales teams get valuable info from sales interactions. See how Zoom Revenue Accelerator compares to tools like Gong.

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Updated on June 05, 2023

Published on May 24, 2023

Zoom Revenue Accelerator: An Alternative To Gong

Sales leaders today are dealing with an uncertain market that is delaying or outright eliminating deals from the pipeline, increasing sales cycles, and making forecasting harder than usual. Every opportunity and every conversation counts — literally. Every sales meeting and phone call contains a wealth of valuable insights to help you and your reps handle objections, improve product pitches, and close the deal.

Getting visibility into those conversations when you can’t be on every call is an issue most sales leaders are familiar with. Your sellers are having dozens of calls a day with customers and prospects, and crowdsourcing, collaborating, and sharing those insights in a meaningful way is a huge challenge. And when sales professionals embrace hybrid work, it becomes even more critical to have visibility into sales activities.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator can help by easily bringing conversation intelligence into those sales interactions. Conversation intelligence opens up a new level of insight for your team by using AI to analyze data from sales conversations, arming sellers with meaningful information, such as how often certain competitors are being mentioned by prospects. This helps sales leaders pinpoint how to coach their teams with relevant competitive positioning and objection handling to improve pipeline and sales velocity. 

Conversation intelligence can also automate tasks that are distracting reps and leaders from selling, and uncover competitive insights that help improve win rates for the team and the entire company.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator works with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone, which already enables sales teams of all sizes to close deals quickly and provide an exceptional buyer experience. In fact, a 2022 Forrester study commissioned by Zoom, and based on a composite organization, found that salespeople reduced the number of interactions to complete a sale by 70% when using Zoom. 

The best part is, Zoom Revenue Accelerator is part of the Zoom platform, meaning you can access those insights from a tab in the familiar Zoom client.

How Zoom Revenue Accelerator stacks up against Gong

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a conversation intelligence solution. You want it to be easy to use and have essential features like call recording and metrics that you can tailor to your team’s needs.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator provides critical capabilities found in point solutions like Gong, such as call recording, coaching, metrics, and trackers:

Call recording and transcription

Recording and transcripts for each Zoom Meeting and Zoom Phone call with customers and prospects provide the foundation for conversation analytics. Zoom Revenue Accelerator breaks down recordings into smart chapters for easier navigation. You can also add notes and comments to specific sections of the call. Each recording includes a meeting or call summary and next steps to help reps with note-taking and execution. You can create clips of recordings that you can share directly or group into playlists.


Many sales leaders use conversation intelligence solutions to improve how they coach reps. The ability to comment on recordings and share call snippets, as well as grade calls on a customizable scorecard, allows managers to call attention to areas of improvement or surface high-performing calls to share with teams.

Conversation metrics

You can view conversation metrics like talk ratio, talking speed, and good questions, for each conversation, and look at your team’s metrics over time to measure improvement in each area. Analyzing data like the number of conversations per deal can help you adjust your team’s strategy to provide a better sales experience and improve the deal close rate.


Conversation intelligence solutions are excellent at helping you track words, expressions and themes that can inform your strategy. In Zoom Revenue Accelerator, we call this capability “indicators.” You can define specific phrases or topics of conversation, such as product features, as indicators. When these mentions are flagged in conversations, you gain valuable insights on how your teams are pitching certain features. Also, those indicators can be aggregated and shared with others to point out particular areas of interest, such as what a prospect likes about their incumbent, or how to respond to a typical objection.

Zoom or Gong? More factors to consider

Choosing the right product for your team doesn’t just come down to a side-by-side comparison of features and capabilities. It’s important to consider the entire experience for your sellers — what’s going to work best for them, without generating additional friction or steps in their process. A few deciding factors:

Ease of use

Zoom Revenue Accelerator is integrated into the Zoom platform, versus incorporating another application like Gong into your workflow — just click the tab on your Zoom desktop client. It’s the same clean interface and Zoom experience your teams already know and love. Plus, training and onboarding new reps onto one platform instead of multiple tools saves everyone time and effort.

Time to adoption

For your sellers, getting started with Zoom Revenue Accelerator is like doing what they do every day: getting on a Zoom call. IQ for Sales can be configured to record automatically, and features like meeting summaries and call metrics are easy to navigate to on each recording, right from the Zoom client. There’s little to no friction or change management issues.


Want to get the best bang for your buck? It’s not always about having more features, but about having the right features — without overcomplicating things or paying for what you don’t need. In the present economic climate, reducing your total cost of ownership is crucial. Simplifying your tech stack can help bring down the costs that might be associated with multiple point solutions, plus you have fewer third-party integrations to support and better data flow.


Zoom Revenue Accelerator is always innovating and adding new features, which means even more value and insights for your sales teams. Our virtual coach feature, launching this summer, will leverage AI to transform how reps and teams learn and improve. And our generative AI features like email compose (available soon to Zoom Revenue Accelerator customers) will help your sales teams work more quickly and improve their productivity.

Email compose with Zoom Revenue Accelerator.


How well does your conversation intelligence solution integrate with the tools you use every day? The Zoom ecosystem includes more than 2,800 app integrations to streamline workflows with Salesforce, Hubspot, DocuSign, and other leading business apps. Plus, our Zoom Revenue Accelerator API enables you to build your own custom integrations, like exporting your conversation analytics to your favorite data visualization or exploration tool. 

Actionable insights in a consolidated platform

Zoom Revenue Accelerator provides your sales team with actionable insights. It analyzes data from Zoom meetings and phone calls to help improve coaching, captures and summarizes meeting notes and information, and allows you to uncover and share best practices broadly. Plus, all that data unlocks trends related to the deal process and competition, so your reps can continually learn from what works.

A winning platform for sales

Zoom already helps sales professionals be more efficient with closing deals. And when you integrate conversation intelligence into the platform experience, think of what your sales teams will be able to accomplish.

Want to see Zoom Revenue Accelerator in action? Set up a free demo to see how it works!

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