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Check out what you missed at the Forrester B2B Summit and what’s next for Zoom Revenue Accelerator and Zoom Events. 

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Updated on June 10, 2024

Published on May 23, 2024

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It’s been a busy month for the Zoom team. We kicked off May by attending Forrester’s B2B Summit in Austin, Texas, along with 2,000 sales and marketing professionals. The four-day conference brought together the “who’s who” of the B2B sales tech and martech spaces to share insights on creating customer value, go-to-market approaches, and how marketers and sellers can stay competitive using technology and AI

We love that Zoom is a household name, but our solutions offer a lot more than video meetings. Our comprehensive communications platform helps create seamless collaboration across entire organizations. For sellers and marketers who are on the front lines talking to customers, Zoom Revenue Accelerator and Zoom Events empower them to build stronger customer relationships and boost ROI by leveraging our familiar high-quality technology to deliver better event experiences and sales conversational intelligence - all on a single, user-friendly platform. Both products have powerful AI capabilities built-in to improve efficiency, insights, and day-to-day quality of work. Read on to see what you missed at the event and learn about some exciting features that are in the works.

It’s harder than ever to be in marketing and sales, but help is on hand

In this macroeconomic climate, marketers have to do more with less and work harder to win the trust of sales. On the flip side, sellers get precious little time with customers, around 5% according to a new survey from Databooks. They have to bring their A-game to win. The result: an ever-increasing pressure to perform and stay motivated. 

That’s where a unified communications solution can help. Why consolidate sales and marketing into a single Zoom platform? It’s simple. You get the best of both worlds: 

  • Improved productivity and reduced costs: Consolidating sales and marketing communication tech stacks makes sense for economic as well as technological reasons. Typically it’s cheaper to run everything on one platform, faster to roll out, easier to use, and produces better ROI. 
  • Minimized risk: Simplified management of security risks and reduced complexity in the IT environment.
  • End-to-end insights: Most importantly, it is much easier to capture a single view of the buyer journey at each stage. With such deep insights and well-rounded visibility, there’s the potential to improve outcomes at every customer touchpoint. 

For marketers, Zoom Events creates unforgettable virtual experiences with the opportunity to: 

  • Exceed attendee expectations by going beyond the traditional webinar.
  • Do more with less by leveraging AI to reduce repetitive tasks and creative dependencies.
  • Fuel your content engine by transforming events into an evergreen content strategy.
  • Prove business ROI by showing impact across every event. 

Similarly for sales, Zoom Revenue Accelerator transforms customer interactions into real revenue: 

  • Spend more time on core selling activities by leveraging the power of AI and automation.
  • Keep sellers motivated and managers actively engaged with enhanced coaching capabilities.
  • Improve revenue predictability by combining CRM data with conversation insights to target conversion opportunities. 

Check out the event highlights

Let’s take a look at some of the key moments from an energizing couple of days:

1. In the spotlight: Rajul Shah, Zoom’s head of growth products

Rajul took to the stage to share how we’re creating a unified view of the customer journey through Zoom Events and Zoom Revenue Accelerator. Here’s a top-level breakdown of what Rajul presented: 

  • The challenges that sales and marketing teams face in this climate include 49% of B2B marketers face resource constraints and 77% of time is spent on non-core selling activities
  • The importance of a single unified platform across the customer journey
  • How marketers can create effective and engaging virtual or hybrid event experiences to grow their brand with Zoom Events
  • How sellers are better prepared for customer interactions by harnessing data and AI with Zoom Revenue Accelerator
  • How brands like Optimizely and Vox Media are strengthening their GTM teams using Zoom 

2. Zoom Revenue Accelerator and Zoom Events in action 

We had plenty of visitors drop by our booth eager to demo these sales and marketing tools for themselves. Read on for all the innovations we shared at the event. 

The Zoom team at the booth at Forrester B2B Summit


3. A memorable night of drinks, laughs, and bowling pins

We hosted our customers who had time to spare during the busy week. As you can see this kind of fun was right up their alley(last bowling pun we promise)!

Forrester Bowling Event
A successful night for some!


What’s coming for Zoom Revenue Accelerator

There’s a lot on the horizon for our sales conversational intelligence tool. Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve been working on.

Speed up sales with the deal dashboard feature (coming in May)

Having lots of prospects is a great problem, but how do you keep them organized so you can keep up the pace? Our brand new deal dashboard experience for reps and managers makes managing deals easy right within the Zoom interface.  

The Zoom Revenue Accelerator deal dashboard in action


Move deals forward and hit quotas faster with the valuable capability of entering next steps and updating key deal data in seconds. Make weekly deal review meetings with your team more efficient with the ability to quickly sift through conversations, phone calls, and emails all in one dashboard. 


Coaching activity tracker: Get actionable insight into team training habits (coming in late June)

Get a more accurate understanding of how frequently managers have coached their teams in order to make the best decisions about sales performance improvements. Our new coaching activity tracker allows sales leaders to quickly understand what managers are coaching their teams on and when they were last coached to get a more complete picture. 

Zoom Revenue Accelerator’s coaching activity tracker provides key insights on sales performance


Automated scoring: Save time and resources with AI-powered coaching (coming in June)

Scorecards have been around forever, but nobody uses them because they require manual work. With our new machine-learning-based scorecard, sales leaders can spend more time coaching and less time scoring. 

Zoom Revenue Accelerator's automated scoring capability opens up coaching opportunities


Get more out of your events with AI

Events are back and AI-powered Zoom Events was a hot topic at the Forrester B2B Summit. According to research, B2B companies allocate a staggering 10-20% of their annual marketing budgets to events. Yet, a study by IDC revealed that only 19% of event attendees are satisfied with their event experience. This begs the question: how can you attract and retain engaged attendees?

The event landscape is rapidly evolving with attendees expecting more premium event experiences that go beyond the traditional webinar format. Yet event professionals often find themselves stretched thin, struggling to keep up with the time and resource demands of putting together impactful events

At the Summit, we announced some of the powerful AI capabilities embedded in Zoom Events that save event marketers time and resources before, during, and after their events. 

Customers can now use AI to:

  • Draft captivating event descriptions to boost attendee registrations
  • Generate copy for marketing emails to save time
  • Create images without relying on design resources for your registration page, marketing emails, and event backgrounds
  • Manage attendee Q&A with summaries and suggested responses
  • Write more personalized follow-up emails after an event 

Watch our AI for Event Marketers webinar to learn more practical tips and see AI in action in Zoom Events.

The AI image generation tool in Zoom Events allows you to customize your events while saving design resources


Unifying sales and marketing on the trusted Zoom platform

Zoom had quite the week at the Forrester B2B Summit—lots of excitement in our booth, meeting happy customers, and an epic night of bowling. But most importantly, we had the long-awaited opportunity to share our AI-powered sales and marketing tools, Zoom Revenue Accelerator and Zoom Events, with the industry. We’re looking forward to next year already!


Find out more about Zoom Revenue Accelerator and Zoom Events. 

Reach out to us today and one of our sales and marketing experts would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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