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Zoom Docs: your AI-powered, adaptive workspace

We’re excited to announce Zoom Docs: a dedicated, modular, AI-powered workspace for efficient, dynamic hybrid collaboration.

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Updated on October 03, 2023

Published on October 03, 2023

Zoom Docs: your AI-powered, adaptive workspace

Say your team is working on a major project with a strict deadline. One coworker is in the office, one is at home, and another is on the road. You all need to provide updates on your tasks and provide input by the end of the day — how do you make sure everyone can collaborate in one place without slowing down workflows? Better yet, how do you do that without wasting time jumping to a separate application or sifting through a sea of tabs to find what you need?

You need a singular, flexible place where you can all share information, bring in relevant applications, and build together in real time, no matter where you are. That’s why we’re excited to announce Zoom Docs: a dedicated, modular, AI-powered workspace for efficient, dynamic, hybrid collaboration.  

Meet your all-in-one workspace

Zoom Docs can be used for documentation, wikis, delegating tasks, work management, and more. Its easy-to-use design adapts to your needs, integrating with Zoom and third-party apps to help you easily create, collaborate, manage projects, and stay organized.

With Zoom Docs, you can collaborate seamlessly, integrate the power of AI, speed up workflows, and more — a customizable document rolled into the Zoom platform. It’s a new-gen collaborative workspace with AI at its heart, designed to evolve beyond legacy, one-dimensional docs to revolutionize modern collaboration.

Zoom Docs AI companion


Zoom Docs gives you a flexible workspace with drag-and-drop content blocks, text, tables, images, and more. Create tables to organize data and tasks, track projects across teams, and consolidate information into wikis and folders. Populate docs with content from Zoom Meetings to inform and jumpstart creation and get up to speed fast with AI Companion summarizing, composing, and populating information for you, helping you breeze past unnecessary tasks so you can focus on creating compelling plans and projects. 

Our docs solution is easy to use and makes it even easier to involve others; you can bring your team together in one workspace, with the ability to @mention, create thread comments, assign tasks, and more.


Zoom Docs in meeting

The Zoom Docs difference


Zoom Docs is built differently than other docs. Because it’s available natively in the Zoom platform, Zoom Docs brings simplicity and speed to your workflows and can integrate your Zoom content. You can share docs in Zoom Team Chat, immersively co-edit a doc right in Zoom Meetings, and access it from a tab in the desktop client, mobile app, and web client, too — keeping your content, progress, and teamwork within the same collaboration hub. No more flipping between browser windows and apps to get what you need to make progress.

With our docs solution seamlessly flowing into your existing workflows, you can stay on top of projects and increase visibility into coworkers’ tasks, regardless of whether you’re in the office, remote, or on the go.

Zoom Docs Zoom Team Chat

Better, faster work happens here

With Zoom Docs, you get a singular workspace where you can bring your teams together, share ideas, and get more done, all powered by AI. It helps tie together our collection of communication modalities, with online word processing now threaded throughout the Zoom platform. It’s docs right within Zoom, right there whenever you need it. 

Information on Zoom Docs availability will be announced in the coming months. 

To learn more about how Zoom Docs will work within the ever-evolving Zoom platform, be sure to check out Zoomtopia 2023, in San Jose and virtually today and tomorrow, Oct. 3–4.