Zoom vs. RingCentral

Why customers choose Zoom over RingCentral

Reimagine communications with an AI-powered experience that will impress customers and delight employees. Zoom Phone provides a reliable, high-quality phone system with innovative ways to protect your uptime. Compared to RingCentral's voice-first platform, Zoom Workplace streamlines communications with calling, meeting, scheduling, and chat experience into a single, unified platform, with a lower total cost of ownership. 

Zoom over RingCentral 

Zoom Workplace: The better value for your investment

When you evaluate providers, look beyond just the initial quote and consider what the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) really is. To understand true TCO, we commissioned Metrigy to conduct a study. Here’s what we found:

Zoom Workplace


Average Annual Licensing Per User Costs



One Time Deployment & Training Per User Costs



Recurring Per User Annual Operating Costs (ongoing administration and support) 



Total 5 Year TCO



2024 Zoom-commissioned Metrigy TCO study (licensing costs based on study respondents reported average spend per provider)

Benefits of choosing Zoom

  • Reliability you can depend on

    Reliability you can depend on

    With Zoom’s 99.999% SLA and Zoom Phone Local Survivability, you can maintain a fully functioning phone system, even if you lose connectivity– so your business can continue running smoothly.

  • AI-powered platform 

    AI-powered platform

    Zoom AI Companion, included at no additional cost with paid plans*, helps streamline workflows with advanced features like post-call summary, voicemail prioritization, task extraction, and more.

  • Designed for flexible work

    Designed for flexible work

    Zoom Workplace is your all-in-one solution for flexible work environments. Don’t settle for piecing together services from different providers. With native hotdesking, workspace reservation, and visitor management, Zoom Workplace offers a streamlined experience, ensuring your team stays connected, no matter where they work.

  • Transparent pricing

    Transparent pricing

    There are no hidden fees to raise your subscription costs. Everything is out in the open, and that includes no fees for important considerations like 911 emergency calls. Don’t get charged for something that should be included.

  • Flexible bundles

    Flexible bundles

    Zoom offers flexible subscription options, giving you the choice to mix and match licenses to fit your team’s needs. Choose the right subscription for each user, optimizing your costs without compromising on functionality.

Compare Zoom and RingCentral

All the tools you need for every type of communication, collaboration, and engagement.

Zoom Workplace




  • No fees for emergency 911 Service
  • No fees for compliance and administrative cost recovery Fee
  • No 10DLC SMS fees
  • Emergency 911 service fee
  • Compliance and administrative cost recovery fee
  • Multiple fees for SMS brands and campaigns

Licenses for different use cases

check x

Global reach

  • 49 countries via native PSTN
  • 90+ countries via cloud-peering (Provider Exchange)
  • 100+ countries via prem-based BYOC
  • 46 countries via native PSTN
  • No PSTN-cloud peering program
  • 69 countries via prem-based BYOC


check check


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check check

AI features

Live call transcription

check check

RingSense AI Essentials (add-on cost)

Post-call Summary and Next steps

check x

Not generally available

AI Assistant interface for phone, chat, and meetings

check x

Not generally available

Voicemail Prioritization

check x

Voicemail Task Extraction

check x

Team SMS Summary Thread


Team SMS incuded in PowerPack add-on


Advanced features for power users (executives, receptionists, etc.)

  • Voice
  • Individual and Team SMS
  • Live and historical queue reporting
  • Voice
  • Individual SMS
  • Live and historical queue reporting

Call recordings


Unlimited storage


90 days of storage

Walkie-talkie/Push to talk




Additional subscription required

Contact Center

Native robust contact center solution


Voice, digital, outbound channels, virtual agent, WFM, quality management, all in one platform


Voice, digital, outbound channels, reliance on third parties for virtual agent and advanced WEM capabilities

Deep integration to magic quadrant contact center leaders


Support for all Gartner MQ Leaders

  • Only to NICE

Microsoft integrations

Robust Microsoft Teams embedded experience

  • Phone and Meetings
  • Flexible desktop widget allows users to make calls without leaving their current application
  • Phone only
  • Users must navigate to the Microsoft Teams plugin, disrupting their workflow when making calls

Native Teams Direct Routing


Support for users, call queues, and auto-attendants with failover during Team outage


Support for users only

Document collaboration with Office documents

check x

Real-time presence sync

check check

Mail and Calendar integration

check check

Calendar only

Hybrid work

Conference Room Solution

  • Wide selection of room hardware
  • Conference room connector to standards-based rooms
  • Direct-guest join to Microsoft Teams and Google
  • Included with Zoom Workplace Enterprise bundles
  • Limited selection of room hardware
  • SIP connector
  • No integration to Google Meet or Microsoft Teams meetings without third-party
  • $49 per room/month

Native digital signage on connected devices


Robust options including organizing content in folders, building playlists, uploading image files, videos, and connecting to popular file hosting sites such as Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive


URL option only

Workspace reservation

check x

Visitor management

check x

Asynchronous video

check x

Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes


Advanced polling and quizzing available before, during, and after meeting. Zoom Surveys available in all paid subscriptions


Basic in–meeting polls only.



Robust capabilities with templates, and AI capabilities


Basic whiteboard capabilities

Industry-recognized Employee Engagement Platform


Workvivo (Gartner MQ Leader)


Industry-recognized Revenue Intelligence Platform


Zoom Revenue Accelerator (Forrester Wave strong performer)


RingSense for sales



2500+ pre-built integrations


300+ pre-built integrations

More reasons you’ll love Zoom

Save time with a single platform

Save time with a single platform to bring your employee and customer experience together

Zoom Workplace is the best place for your employees to work together and meet your customers’ needs. Your team loses time when they switch back and forth between apps. Save your team time when you give them all the tools they need in one app.

Easy migration

Easy migration

With dedicated support, our team will guide you through every step of the migration process. Your business can continue to operate on RingCentral until you’re ready to make the switch. And when the time comes, you’ll experience minimal downtime.

Work within Microsoft Teams

Work within Microsoft Teams

We have a robust Zoom Phone app that integrates with Microsoft Teams so you can place, receive, and manage calls with Zoom Phone Assistant. Avoid context switching and get more done when you stay focused.

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