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New from Zoom: Post-Meeting Surveys, Expanded Team SMS Support, Zoom Team Chat Enhancements

In this month's update, we’re excited to provide features to help you better connect with your audience, customers, and coworkers.
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Updated on September 30, 2022

Published on July 20, 2021

Zoom Meeting

Providing solutions that empower our customers to create deeper connections and get more done together is at the core of our mission to deliver happiness. In this month’s update, we’re excited to provide new features and functionalities to help you better connect with your audience, customers, and coworkers.

These updates to our platform include new survey options for virtual meetings, in-meeting reactions and emojis, and team SMS for call queues and auto receptionists. 

Be sure to visit our support page for the full release notes and click the ‘Follow’ button on the right side of the page to get our latest product updates delivered right to your inbox. Here’s a roundup of the updates for this month:  

Zoom Meetings

Video offers several unique opportunities for dynamic collaboration, communication, and instruction, so we’ve provided a few updates to help you and your meeting participants create deeper connections and express yourself. 

Survey capabilities

To provide meeting organizers more insight into how participants benefited from the meeting, we’ve added post-meeting surveys. With multi-choice, single choice, and long-form options, meeting hosts can quickly gather feedback and sentiments from participants. It’s the same functionality found in our Zoom Webinars platform

Emoji in-meeting reactions and return of the coffee mug

To give meeting participants more opportunities to express themselves during meetings without interrupting, we’ve added emoji reactions to in-meeting chats. Additionally, our customers let us know that they missed a way to visually indicate that they had stepped away from a meeting using in-meeting reactions, so we’ve brought back the fan-favorite coffee mug reaction! 

Emoji Set

Zoom Phone

Many customers are also gravitating toward additional communications channels such as SMS (short message service). We’re now enabling our customers to engage with their traditional audio-only callers and address common questions over SMS. We’re also providing an update to help our financial services customers meet strict voice recording compliance requirements. 

Team SMS for auto receptionist

To help our customers efficiently handle call volumes, callers can now interact with the auto receptionist using SMS or MMS (multimedia messaging service). Callers can ask common questions and find the party they are trying to contact using text-based responses, freeing receptionists and customer service agents to handle other calls. 

Team SMS for call queues 

We now offer Team SMS support for call queues as well, enabling a team of users to monitor and respond to customers using text messages. This feature works much in the same way as a traditional call queue, only over text. Team members are all sent a text message when a customer reaches out via SMS message, and any team member can respond. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the conversation is released so other team members can jump in. In a scenario where a potential customer reaches out to a business call queue number with an inquiry over SMS, the first team member to respond can then also elevate the conversation to a call. 

Voice recording compliance for financial services 

Our customers in financial services need to meet strict voice recording compliance requirements as part of industry regulations, so we’re providing an update to help these customers meet these requirements. This includes defining a secondary storage location for user recordings and policies that give the administrators the ability to disable or block end-user call forwarding. In some strictly regulated scenarios, the admin may need to ensure that a user subject to automatic call recording doesn’t move the call to any modality that could result in the call not getting recorded including call transfer, delegation, escalate/transfer to meeting, call park, call flip to a Zoom Room, or switch the call to a mobile carrier. With this update, we are also enabling admins to control the policies that help them remain fully compliant.

Zoom Team Chat

Chat is where work happens outside of meetings and phone calls. We continue to make enhancements to our Zoom Team Chat solution to make it easier to collaborate, find information, and stay on top of tasks. This month brings some exciting team chat features to our user experience. 

Consolidated search capabilities 

To help customers stay organized and find information easily, we’ve made some significant enhancements to our search functionality. Instead of manually hunting for information, users can use our new unified search functionality that makes it quick to find information across contacts, chats, channels, files, and more within Zoom Team Chat. 

Video playback 

To streamline the way users share information, we’ve added support for video playback directly within Zoom Team Chat, so users don’t have to download a file or open a new window to view a video. 

Stay up to date

To access the newest Zoom platform features, be sure to download the latest client at zoom.us/download. If you’d like to learn more about these features and how they can benefit your organization, you can set up a demo with a Zoom specialist or contact our sales team.

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