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5 Reasons Zoom Phone Has Sold 4 Million Seats So Quickly

We're proud to announce that we’ve sold more than 3 million Zoom Phone seats! Here's why global businesses continue to choose Zoom Phone.
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Updated on April 17, 2023

Published on September 09, 2022

5 Reasons Zoom Phone Has Sold 4 Million Seats So Quickly

We announced last month that we had surpassed 4 million Zoom Phone seats sold. It’s a tremendous accomplishment that speaks volumes about Zoom’s reliable cloud phone service. In fact, we sold more than 700,000 licenses in the last quarter alone, spanning global organizations in retail and financial services, healthcare, legal, technology, and more. 

Quick backstory: We launched Zoom Phone in January 2019 because we saw an opportunity to provide a cloud business phone solution that is as simple, reliable, and easy to use as our video platform. Over the past few years, we’ve focused on creating a phone solution that’s easy enough for small and midsize businesses to use and deploy and has all the advanced capabilities large multinational organizations require to support global users.

Going from zero to 4 million seats sold in 3.5 years is a testament to Zoom Phone's ability to meet those customer requirements, gain trust in the broader Zoom platform, and help businesses to evolve to a modern cloud communications platform.

Here’s why more and more global organizations are rapidly adopting Zoom Phone.

Why businesses choose Zoom Phone

With Zoom Phone, organizations can choose a solution that provides the functionality hybrid teams demand, meets security and compliance requirements, and strategically scales with their business. Here are five reasons why Zoom Phone is core to the modern business landscape.

1. It enables the modern workforce.


Employees returning to offices after two years of remote and hybrid work have changed. Emerging from home offices, dining room tables, and bedrooms, they know how to be productive from anywhere. They value flexibility, connection, and engagement and demand technology that makes it all frictionless. One-off siloed solutions are out; all-in-one cloud collaboration is in. 


Zoom Phone and the entire Zoom platform enable people to work from anywhere, from any device, making flexible work … well, work. We’ve further simplified the experience with Zoom Workplace, our comprehensive communication and collaboration offering that includes Zoom Phone. End users love how they can collaborate via chat, phone, whiteboard, and video, and administrators love how easy it is to manage communications from a single web portal.


Additionally, we’ve made it even easier to use your favorite business tools in tandem with Zoom. Zoom Phone integrates with essential applications like Salesforce, Google G-Suite, ServiceNow, and HubSpot to improve productivity and workflows in the new world of work.


2. It’s simple and reliable.

Sure, modern UCaaS solutions streamline communications, foster greater collaboration among employees, and enable productivity from anywhere. But a UCaaS solution that’s easy to use and even more dependable goes a long way in gaining user buy-in. 

We organically built out Zoom’s cloud-native architecture from the ground up and optimized it for modern communications. This architecture means we can scale capacity to onboard new Zoom Phone customers quickly and without interruption. In short, it just works.

Additionally, Zoom Phone is as simple and intuitive as Zoom Meetings. A Zoom-commissioned Metrigy study discovered that when comparing Zoom’s UCaaS platform, which includes Zoom Phone, to the industry average, Zoom requires the least amount of upfront training. That same study had another interesting tidbit: Zoom costs 60% less to deploy and requires fewer IT staff to manage the solution. Word gets around when it's easy for employees to use, easy for IT to deploy and manage, and easy for the finance team to get behind.

3. It works around the world.

Zoom Phone vastly simplifies global phone service, especially for multinational organizations with offices and employees in various regions. Zoom Phone’s global coverage provides access to native services in 47 countries and territories. That access further expands with our flexible Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) option. Additionally, our enhanced Provider Exchange partner network extends that coverage to 88 countries and counting! Provider Exchange provides more ways to obtain calling plans, coverage, and managed services wherever you need them. 

4. It’s industry-agnostic.

Zoom Phone supports flexible work environments in every business. Zoom Phone has gained heavy traction in education, retail, and legal organizations as well as in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services. Why?

For one, it’s easy to use and implement. And two, Zoom continuously rolls out innovations that address modern use cases. These include shared lines, call queues, call delegation, live call transcription, and video mail. We’ve also introduced Nomadic E911, end-to-end encryption, Zoom Phone Local Survivability, and other critical phone safety and security features to help meet important compliance standards.

Zoom Phone is even authorized for use in the public sector. Learn more about using Zoom Phone as part of our Zoom for Government offering.

5. It elevates the customer experience.


Telephony is so critical for customer-facing teams. Our comprehensive cloud phone features help simplify call routing, call queues, and more, but we also doubled down on building solutions that better support power users. Zoom Phone Power Pack is an add-on designed for high-volume call operations with advanced service and analytics tools that enable admins and agents to work more efficiently.


We also introduced Zoom Contact Center, our omnichannel cloud contact center solution, in early 2022 to help businesses deliver prompt and highly personalized responses to their customers. With Zoom Phone tightly integrated with Zoom Contact Center, you can better serve customers at scale through voice and SMS channels and leverage enhanced analytics to improve your support processes. Additionally, internal teams can connect at the touch of a button to get answers fast, simplifying the agent and the customer experience. Customer-facing teams can improve their interactions and provide better experiences with Zoom Revenue Accelerator, our conversational intelligence solution.


The value to customers

Whether it was to replace an outdated legacy solution, consolidate communications onto a single platform, or enable remote and hybrid teams (or all of the above), we’re extremely grateful to every organization for choosing to deploy Zoom Phone. We’ve helped so many amazing organizations, including Ciena, USC, Quinnipiac University, and Equinix, elevate their critical voice communications.

“We already had a great partnership with Zoom, so [Zoom Phone] was just a natural fit,” said Neda Tabatabaie, Vice President of Business Analytics & Technology for Sharks Sports & Entertainment. “We didn’t have to introduce a new technology; it was an upgrade to the systems and the tools the team members were already using. It was a perfect fit for a hybrid work environment.”

“Zoom Phone has been incredibly valuable when it comes to keeping our teams connected,” said Susan Delaney, Director, Global Network Services at eBay. “The one-click option to elevate calls to meetings allowed our users ease, and reduced time spent, alleviating the need to juggle multiple platforms. Zoom’s pricing plans made it easy to roll out a single solution across our offices around the world.”

Bickford Senior Living is an industry-leading care provider for seniors in the United States across 62 locations. Working with its longtime channel partner, ServiceMark Telecom, Bickford piloted and tested several types of cloud-based phone solutions. Zoom Phone was the obvious choice when it came to cost savings, a clean interface, and the ability to streamline existing applications.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators and are thrilled to bring Zoom Phone to our caregivers, administrative staff, and corporate employees,” said Alan Fairbanks, Executive Vice President of Operations at Bickford. “We’re especially excited to consolidate the communication devices our caregivers carry each day. No longer will they need a cordless phone, walkie-talkie, and pager. Zoom Phone gives us everything we need and more. We’re making our caregivers’ lives easier so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most – caring for our residents.” 

An additional selling point was the Nomadic E911 feature. “E911 will alert us immediately if there is a real problem at one of our branches,” Fairbanks added.

To sum it up, we’ve listened carefully to what you’ve been asking for all along – a phone solution designed for all the ways you need to communicate. So, to all of our Zoom Phone customers, thank you!

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Widespread recognition

In just a few years, Zoom Phone has: 

“Zoom Phone has been an astounding success,” said Elka Popova, VP of Connected Work Research at Frost & Sullivan. “Thanks to its innovative pricing model and widespread availability, it has quickly become an attractive option for many SMB and enterprise customers around the world.”

Cloud phone benefits


Want more reasons to switch to Zoom? Check out this free ebook on the benefits of a cloud phone service like Zoom Phone. To get started with Zoom Phone, contact Zoom sales today!


Editor’s note: This post was updated from the July 7, 2022, version to include the most up-to-date Zoom Phone product updates and milestones.

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