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Supercharge Your Customer Support with Zoom Phone Power Pack

Zoom Phone Power Pack supercharges your customer support and simplifies your processes with complementary tools.
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Updated on June 13, 2023

Published on August 03, 2022

Supercharge Your Customer Support With Zoom Phone Power Pack

In a world that’s “always on,” we’ve grown accustomed to immediate access for just about everything. This is especially true for customer service teams who are expected to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. If your teams are constantly toggling between various customer support applications to find what they need, they may be struggling to consistently provide positive customer experiences. To bridge this gap, Zoom Phone Power Pack can help you supercharge your customer support teams with complementary tools that simplify your service processes.

What is Zoom Phone Power Pack?

Zoom Phone Power Pack is an add-on feature for Zoom Phone customers that enhances customer support through advanced tools that enable admins and agents to work more efficiently. Designed to support users with high call volumes and surface insights into performance metrics, Power Pack is the missing link to improve the customer experience. 

With Zoom Phone Power Pack, you get:

  1. Enhanced call queue analytics for real-time and historical insights
  2. A desktop user experience that streamlines call handling for high call volumes 
  3. Team SMS capabilities that enable auto-receptionist and call queue phone numbers to be reached via SMS/MMS

Here’s what these capabilities can mean for the modern business. 

Enjoy clearer insight into call queue analytics

Imagine what you could do with more accurate, up-to-date data? Zoom Phone Power Pack provides Zoom Phone customers with real-time call queue (CQ) analytics and historical insights via an easy-to-manage dashboard. Call queue admins and members can now access data to better understand how agents use their call queue features when assisting sales, support, and customer service departments. To make collaboration easier, data can be displayed via a web-based wallboard so that admins can customize reports, track KPIs, and share information with other team members.

The analytics dashboard displays important metrics like:

  • Service levels
  • Average call handling times
  • Call volume counts
  • Average/longest wait time
  • Queue statistics
  • And much more!

What’s more, admins can drill down further into specific sites and call queues or analyze data from all queues in the summary setting. To compare current data with past trends, the CQ historical report provides insight into the aforementioned metrics and can sort data by historical periods (week, month, etc.) or call times, and can be configured to reflect your preferred statistics. Call queue admins and members can generate historical reports up to a one-year duration within a two-year period.

Want to know more about your members’ availability? Queue admins have access to members’ available status in real-time analytics. This status update reflects the time of day, opt-in/out status, and call status.  

Enjoy a more productive, efficient desktop experience 

If your teams handle high call volumes, our Power Pack desktop experience streamlines call handling through an expanded contacts window. Created for users such as receptionists, executive assistants, and help desk agents, Power Pack enables faster call forwarding, clearer context and insight into incoming calls, and integrated workflows that facilitate multi-tasking. 

The Zoom Phone Power Pack desktop experience is built with an awareness panel that is:

  • Quickly accessible (stays docked and ready to act but can be hidden when not in use)  
  • Designed to inform users of incoming caller information 
  • Customizable (widgets include call queue, group call pickup, shared line appearance, and shared line groups)
  • Built to support in-line search and transfers without cross-launching the Zoom desktop client 
  • Integrated with the Zoom desktop client to show an expanded contacts window featuring real-time user presence and quick access to call, meet, and chat with other users.

Power Pack can be enabled by admins with no separate installation required and is available for Windows and MacOS. Even better, users can work in the application of their choice (in CRM or scheduling apps, for instance) and still access the awareness panel without switching back and forth.

The ability to stay productive while having insight and visibility into inbound calls allows agents to be more efficient, take quicker action, and improve customer support.

Give customers the communication tools they prefer

The Power Pack Team SMS feature allows callers to engage with customer support on their own terms and access the auto receptionist or call queue via SMS/MMS. Callers can ask common product and service-related questions or connect with the appropriate agent over SMS, instead of waiting in long call queues or interacting with IVRs. 

For additional efficiency, admins can choose team members to reply to SMS customer inquiries. After five minutes of inactivity, the SMS conversation is released from the call queue to allow other available agents to respond. Admin and team members can also see conversation history within the SMS feature and can receive SMS analytics for further analysis. Note, Team SMS is currently only supported in the U.S. and Canada and limited to 10 team members.

Enhance your customer support

Your customers deserve the best service possible. Learn how Zoom Phone Power Pack can supercharge your customer support team with more efficient call handling, deeper analytics insight, and modern communications tools that help you meet customers where they are. 

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