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New Zoom Phone and ServiceNow Integration Streamlines Support Workflows

ServiceNow users and agents can access and make calls with Zoom Phone directly in their instances and workflows to streamline task resolution with Zoom Phone for ServiceNow.
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Updated on July 26, 2022

Published on July 26, 2022

New Zoom Phone And Servicenow Integration Streamlines Support Workflows

Did you know that ServiceNow and Zoom offer integrations that help you better manage your IT service management (ITSM) environments? With the new Zoom Phone for ServiceNow integration, ServiceNow users and agents can make phone calls directly within their instances and workflows to streamline task resolution. 

From help desk to incident management to employee experience, integrating Zoom and ServiceNow can help streamline workflows, simplify IT support, and reduce the time to resolution for incidents. Here’s more on how you can better support users and customers with this integration.

Enjoy high call quality and security

The ServiceNow for Zoom Phone app allows you to use the Zoom client to make phone calls within ServiceNow. Enjoy high call quality and enterprise-grade security provided by Zoom while agents leverage additional features within the Zoom client, including: 

  • View meaningful information via in-workspace pop-ups for each call such as caller information
  • Automatically dial a phone number by clicking on the number within your ServiceNow instance
  • Leverage automatic call logging, call recordings, and voicemails tracked and accessible

“The right technology is essential to better customer experiences and setting service agents up for success. Slow turnaround times and inconsistent, impersonal experiences can have a lasting impact on customer retention. The Zoom Phone integration improves the customer experience and increases agents' productivity by allowing them to click to call, view call history, and quickly log calls all within the Now Platform," said Matt Schvimmer, SVP Product & Service Operations at ServiceNow. "The integration has also delivered faster turnaround times for customers to speak to a live agent. The results are an efficient, seamless, and personalized employee and customer experiences that help create lasting loyalty and increase organizations’ productivity.”

Learn about the potential of Zoom Phone for ServiceNow

Join us on August 3, 2022 for our webinar, Unlock the Potential of ServiceNow with Zoom Phone. Learn how ServiceNow and Zoom are partnering to deliver world-class call quality for users and agents while streamlining your day-to-day workflows. 

The session will:

  • Review the current integration of ServiceNow and Zoom Phone
  • Include a live Q&A 

Join the live session to learn how to make the most of ServiceNow.

Get started today

If you’re ready to get started using Zoom Phone for ServiceNow, confirm you meet these prerequisites:

  • Zoom Phone license
  • Zoom Phone configured
  • Zoom client version 5.2.0 or higher
  • Admin access to Zoom and ServiceNow

Once the prerequisites are met, you can add the ServiceNow with Phone app in four simple steps:

  1. Log in to Zoom App Marketplace as an admin
  2. Search for ServiceNow for Zoom Phone and click the app
  3. Click “Visit Site to Add” to be redirected to ServiceNow
  4. Install the Zoom Phone integration from the ServiceNow app store

Learn how to configure the integration in Zoom, configure Click to Dial, and more in this documentation.

Interested in learning about all the possibilities available by using Zoom Phone for ServiceNow? Join us on August 3, 2022 for our webinar, Unlock the Potential of ServiceNow with Zoom Phone.

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