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RealWear Empowers Frontline Workers with Zoom-Enabled Wearable Technology

RealWear's voice-operated assisted-reality wearable solutions help frontline workers remotely connect with experts safely via Zoom services.
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Updated on June 10, 2022

Published on June 13, 2022

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Remote work has been growing in popularity across the world. With 62% of workers between the ages of 22 and 65 working remotely at least occasionally, organizations have adjusted operations to provide the support remote workers need.

However, many employees have stayed on the frontline performing complex and essential work that make our daily lives possible. These workers often need to collaborate on complex tasks and solve unique issues quickly, and cutting-edge solutions and expert-level support are key to their success.

RealWear, an industry leader in voice-operated assisted-reality wearable solutions, has created the rugged HMT-1®, the HMT-1Z1®, and the newly released RealWear Navigator™ 500 to help frontline workers remotely connect with experts safely and efficiently via Zoom services.

Meeting the needs of frontline workers

Frontline workers in all industries often need detailed support to do their jobs, but there are significant challenges in providing that support. These challenges include:


How do you support frontline teams working on dangerous machinery or in dangerous locations? Support elements often can’t enter these spaces without risk, and workers manipulating a screen or device with their hands can lead to distractions. Also, as many frontline workers know, balancing a mobile device with one hand while doing a video call could lead to disaster. It’s essential to keep a worker’s hands free for tasks such as climbing ladders, holding onto safety railings, driving forklifts, operating equipment, and more.

“Frontline teams want to safely and effectively collaborate with remote teams to maintain equipment uptime. Giving the frontline worker access to Zoom'capabilities on a ruggedized, voice-controlled RealWear device avoids costly downtime, travel expenses, and enhances worker safety on many levels,” shared Rama Oruganti, RealWear’s Chief Product Officer.  “When we demonstrate our joint solution to the auto industry, for example, they immediately see the benefits and ROI.”

Increasingly complex technology

Modern machinery grows more complex every day with the increasing use of technology, such as automation or robotics. These machines require expert knowledge to install, operate, fix, and maintain. And employees can’t know every last detail about their equipment and machinery.

Reliable, on-demand support

Immediate and available support is critical for frontline workers. Malfunctioning equipment and technology can not only pose a danger to employees and others, but it can also shut down operations and lead to delays and losses. Organizations and employees must count on support when they need it.

Empowering frontline workers with Zoom and RealWear

RealWear recognizes these challenges, which is why the U.S.-based technology organization created assisted reality wearable solutions. These heads-up displays connect frontline workers to others using Zoom Meetings, allowing workers to engage in hands-free video meetings with team members, support elements, and others.

RealWear with Zoom services provides:

Access to real-time communication

With the ability to see a livestream of what workers are seeing and hearing directly within a Zoom Meeting, support personnel, including engineers, can walk workers through complex processes, such as diagnosing issues with machinery or even supervising the repair or installation of technology. Support personnel can also share content during the meeting, including schematics, providing a reliable medium for critical information.

A safer, hands-free experience

With the ability to control the experience using voice commands and see the Zoom Meeting via a small movable adjustable screen attached to the device, workers can focus on the task at hand. These heads-up displays help protect the safety and health of experts or team members who might otherwise have to enter a dangerous area.

Rock-solid reliability

RealWear wearable devices are designed to free your hands for work and can be used in hot, dusty, wet, hazardous, and extremely loud environments with noise cancelation up to 100 dB, meaning they work wherever you are. And with Zoom’s industry-leading performance, workers can count on the ability to connect with teams when they need to, even in low-bandwidth environments.

Streamlined access to support

Rather than scheduling a specialist to physically come out to diagnose and fix an issue, workers can receive the help they need within a Zoom Meeting. This helps organizations get back on track faster and reduces downtime costs.

A solution for the modern frontline worker

RealWear with Zoom Meetings can empower and enable workers in a range of industries and use cases, including:

  • Manufacturing: Streamline the installation, maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) of equipment with the ability to access support from experts and manufacturers.
  • Healthcare: Contact specialists, surgeons, and other medical personnel to gather life-saving insights, strategies, and techniques in the doctor’s office, operating room, or remote areas.
  • Technology: Guide your employees during complex deployments or repairs, whether they are in the office, assisting a customer, or working in the field on servers or other equipment.
  • Energy: Energy employees working in isolated areas often require expert assistance, and companies like ExxonMobil are leveraging RealWear with Zoom Meetings to empower their employees in the field.

Transforming frontline work with HandsFree for Zoom

Today, RealWear, the leader in assisted reality for frontline workers, released an exciting and unique solution that’s powered by Zoom services and fully optimized for frontline workers who need to use their hands for their work. HandsFree for Zoom runs on all RealWear devices including RealWear Navigator™ 500, enabling devices and enables frontline workers to collaborate with remote subject matter experts by showing exactly what the frontline worker sees. 

To learn more about RealWear’s Zoom-enabled devices, including the newly released RealWear Navigator 500, please visit Realwear’s product page. To use HandsFree for Zoom on your RealWear device, please see the Foresight App Catalog found here.

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