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Increase Collaboration and Engagement with Latest Zoom Apps Updates 

Read about our latest Zoom App updates including Collaborate Mode and Breakout Rooms.
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Updated on July 26, 2022

Published on May 19, 2022

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As we continue to innovate for the hybrid workspace, we’re excited to share new Zoom Apps updates and features to foster collaboration and creativity in your meetings. 

In our latest product update, collaborative tools are now available to enhance interaction between your meeting attendees, and Breakout Rooms are becoming even more engaging.

See what our newest Zoom Apps updates have to offer:

Create instant collaboration

Collaborate Mode enables engagement by elevating the screen-sharing model to be interactive. Hosts can start collaborative experiences for any app during all-hands meetings, brainstorming sessions, and more.

In Collaborate Mode, participants instantly see the host’s app view (similar to a shared screen view), along with an invite so they can preview the app experience before joining.  It works across all browsers so that all attendees can join in.

Here are some examples of Collaborate Mode for apps: 

Co-create in meetings with Miro

Bring energy and engagement to every meeting with Miro's online whiteboard in Zoom. Meeting participants can seamlessly launch a collaborative workspace for everyone to interact, co-create, and capture ideas in real time. From ready-made templates to facilitator controls to visual tools like sticky notes and diagrams, Miro helps democratize participation across hybrid teams and produce more actionable outcomes.

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Break the ice with Playco #AskAway 

#AskAway allows meeting participants to show off what they know about one another, or have fun guessing! This easy and engaging game can be played while waiting for a group to assemble, or simply to break the ice. Each round puts a different player in the hot seat while others guess how that player will answer. Discover how your co-workers, family, and friends think about food, lifestyle, travel, and much more.

Add a new dimension to your Zoom Meeting with MURAL

MURAL is a collaborative intelligence platform that helps teams unlock innovation. The MURAL App for Zoom brings visual collaboration into any Zoom meeting. With Collaborate Mode, all participants can collaborate directly from Zoom with hundreds of pre-built templates and MURAL’s Facilitation Superpowers™. Get more out of your meetings by trying MURAL for free if you don’t have an account!

Share docs, not pixels with Coda 

Present your doc through the Coda app for Zoom and let your teammates create with you. Rather than presenting to, collaborate with. The Coda app keeps meeting attendees on the same page and lets their voices be heard without opening another tab. Just launch the Coda app, select your doc, and start jamming with your team.

Make meetings matter with Funtivity by Hermis

Funtivity by Hermis enables employee engagement. Employees can start bite-sized fun activities during meetings or plan dedicated team-building sessions. If you have an attendee without Funtivity — no problem! Guests can still participate. This app is perfect for new hire onboarding, customer advisory board, all-hands meetings, and more.

Funtivity by Hermis Collaborate

Bring the fun into Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms allow your Zoom meeting participants to break into smaller groups for focused discussions or tight-knit collaboration. The meeting host can:

  • Split the participants of the meeting into separate groups automatically or manually
  • Allow participants to select and enter Breakout Rooms as they please
  • Switch between room at any time

Now, Breakout Rooms can incorporate Zoom Apps to help make sessions more engaging, productive, and fun. 

Here are some examples of Zoom Apps being used in Breakout Rooms:

Recreate collaborative physical spaces with Welo

Welo's visual workspace levels up Breakout Rooms to create a more human experience. By recreating collaborative physical spaces, participants can see everyone and move between conversations naturally. Leverage built-in experiences to address common challenges. Integrate your favorite tools and embed key information into rooms for easy access by all. The result — less friction and better outcomes.

Supercharge your Breakout Rooms with twine for Zoom

twine for Zoom is the fastest, easiest way to design and run Breakout Rooms. An all-in-one Breakout Room management app, twine lets hosts create rooms based on custom rules within seconds, rotate between timed and back-to-back breakouts, chat across rooms, keep chats post-call, assign activities and monitor progress. It’s great for employee onboarding, happy hours, all-hands meetings, and more.

Increase Breakout Room engagement with Funtivity by Hermis

Funtivity by Hermis improves employee engagement through in-meeting activities. Employees can play as individuals or teams in Breakout Rooms. Funtivity also has specialized activities like speed networking and gallery walk. Funtivity’s Breakout Room support is perfect for new hire onboarding, all-hands, employee training, customer sessions, and more.

Funtivity Breakout Rooms

Ready to try Zoom Apps?

You can get started with Zoom Apps in three simple steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of our client. 
  2. Open Zoom and click the Apps tab in the desktop client or in the toolbar of your next Zoom Meeting. (For some accounts, users may need admins to enable the Zoom Apps icon in the account settings for it to be visible in the desktop client and meeting toolbar.) 
  3. Click Discover to see the list of available Zoom Apps and add your favorites. 
Zoom Apps

You can also go to the Zoom App Marketplace, navigate to the Zoom Apps category, and add the apps of your choice. Find your added apps under the Apps icon in the My Apps tab in your client and in the interface of your Zoom Meetings. For more, check out our webinar for everything you need to know about using Zoom Apps. 

Discover how to build apps and integrations with our Zoom Developer Platform solutions —sign up to get notified of Zoom Apps general availability for developers!

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