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A cloud-based enterprise business phone service enables enterprise organizations to connect from anywhere and collaborate with agility. Discover the advanced features and enterprise versatility a cloud phone system can deliver to you and your teams.

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Enterprise business phone service for today’s organizations

Cloud-based systems are an excellent choice for enterprise business phone service because they use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP allows you to make and receive calls over the internet, rather than through traditional phone providers.


In the last decade, millions of businesses have made the switch to VoIP because of the numerous benefits such technology provides. Enterprise VoIP solutions deliver integrated communications for the modern business world. Business VoIP systems are generally more affordable, easier to set up, and more flexible. But the main reason why companies switch to a business VoIP solution is to take advantage of the many advanced features these systems provide to a modern global enterprise.


Here are things to know about choosing the best business phone service for your organization.

The benefits of cloud VoIP phones for enterprises

Hosted cloud VoIP systems are more affordable to deploy than on-premises solutions, which often have extensive hardware costs and installation requirements. Because hosted cloud phones are maintained and managed by your VoIP provider, you don’t need a dedicated IT department with specialized knowledge and expertise.


Considering switching your enterprise business phone service? Here are a few reasons to choose a cloud phone system over a traditional, on-premises PBX system:

  • Affordable plans at predictable rates

  • Reduced equipment costs and contracts

  • Fast, easy phone system deployment

  • Comprehensive business phone features like call recording, caller ID, call routing, and more

  • Integration with third-party software

  • Simple to scale and provision new users

  • Port existing business phone number(s) over

  • Make calls from any device

  • No IT expertise needed

  • Make and receive calls using your existing internet connection

Additionally, moving your phone system to the cloud as part of a comprehensive UCaaS solution can provide additional enterprise business benefits. Unified communications enable you and your team to connect via phone, video conferencing, or chat on one streamlined platform so you can collaborate and communicate with customers via their preferred channel.

Why cloud VoIP phones are superior to traditional landline phones

Not only can a cloud phone system compete with traditional phone technology, it’s often better since it was developed for business in the age of the internet. Additionally, VoIP business phone systems come pre-stocked with additional unified communications tools (think video conferencing, chat, and SMS), modern features (caller ID, call recording, and more), and also integrate with your core enterprise applications, improving productivity.


Here are a few reasons why business VoIP phones are superior to traditional landline options for your enterprise business phone service:


VoIP Landlines
HD voice quality Standard voice quality
Conduct calls from almost any device Calling limited to traditional desktop phones
Low, predictable pricing Higher costs, particularly for advanced systems
Calling, video conferencing, and SMS all on one platform Limited to calling and conference calling only
Add users instantly, and with low costs Number of users is limited by physical lines and expensive equipment
Intuitive apps and software for every major OS No software or apps
Integration with popular business software and applications No integrations

Key features of cloud VoIP phones

There are numerous reasons enterprises across the globe choose cloud VoIP for their business phone service. With intuitive user experience and robust features, cloud-based business phone systems can help elevate your voice communications and free your teams from traditional desk phones.


Here are some of the key cloud business VoIP features to look for:

  • handshake

    The best business phone service comes from a trusted vendor that provides reliable, uninterrupted service for all your communication needs. Zoom’s built-in redundancy and resiliency throughout our global co-located data center network ensure high call quality and consistent service of your business phone system.

  • multi device

    Because users can access Zoom’s unified communications network that can be used from any device, employees can take business calls at the office, at home, or on vacation abroad – all with the same phone number. Managers can oversee global communications in the centralized administration portal, while CIOs and CFOs can rest easy knowing they have the best business phone service to keep teams connected at a predictable price.

  • upward graph

    Zoom Phone scales to meet your organization’s needs. Grow your phone service with our reliable cloud network of co-located data centers providing global connectivity. Deploy and easily add new lines and features as your business grows, and scale your hardware without committing to a large upfront investment through our Hardware as a Service program. You can even add other services from the Zoom unified communications portfolio.

  • dual gear
    Application integrations

    Integrate your business phone system seamlessly with apps and programs that help you run your operations, like Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, and Slack; as well as contact center solutions like Genesys, Five9, and Twilio Flex.

  • hand holding globe
    Global availability

    Zoom Phone’s Global Select plan provides local PSTN telephony service in 40+ countries and territories, with competitive and transparent international calling rates. Zoom Phone’s business VoIP solutions also offer multinational organizations the opportunity to consolidate multiple business phone systems into a single, unified platform.

  • connecting phones
    Migration options

    Not quite ready to switch business phone providers? Zoom’s phone system offers flexible deployment options so you can stay agile in an ever-evolving business environment. Bring Your Own Carrier allows you to connect Zoom Phone with your current service provider to avoid early termination fees, maintain your current call rates, and limit risk in porting over large volumes of numbers. And when you’re ready to migrate fully to Zoom Phone, you can keep your existing phone numbers.

  • shield and check

    Zoom Phone protects your voice calls with support for TLS 1.2 with 256-bit AES-GCM encryption for SIP signaling and SRTP leveraging up to 256-bit AES-GCM encryption for real-time media.

  • thinking
    Robust functionality

    Business VoIP solutions like Zoom Phone elevate standard phone system features to better suit the modern enterprise, and include features like call recording, caller ID, call routing, call forwarding, and more.

Zoom Phone for your enterprise business phone service

Making the switch to a cloud business phone system has never been easier. The best business phone service provides the powerful features, intuitive interface, and predictable pricing that agile, global organizations demand from their phone service. Here’s more about how Zoom Phone can elevate your business phone service.

  • Predictable global calling plans

    Make business calls worldwide with transparent international plans and pay-as-you-go options.

  • Secure solution

    Experience unparalleled reliability and trusted security with support for TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES-GCM encryption, full geographically dispersed redundancy, and up-to-date certifications that help enable SOC2 and HIPAA compliance.

  • Flexible migration options

    Keep your existing business phone system provider’s contract, calling rates, and phone numbers, while enjoying all of Zoom Phone’s advanced features.

  • Seamless transition from call to meeting

    Easily elevate a standard business call into a group video conferencing session with the click of a button.

  • Hardware as a service options

    Procure VoIP-compatible telephone hardware with no upfront costs.


The best business phone service helps to bridge the communication divide among remote and in-person team members and actually empowers the hybrid workforce.

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Enterprise business phone service FAQ

Cloud-based business phone systems provide the features and the flexibility for today’s modern enterprises. Zoom Phone can help businesses consolidate, simplify, and future-proof their communications systems in one straightforward transition. By combining voice, video conferencing, chat, and even SMS messaging into a single platform, Zoom Phone cuts down on unnecessary complications in your communications network.


For multinational firms, the benefits of an enterprise business phone service are even greater. By enabling companies to consolidate carriers and communications providers on a global scale, Zoom’s business phone system makes managing enterprise-level communications simple, seamless, and intuitive.

Yes. Zoom offers a Bring Your Own Carrier option for your business phone system. This allows firms to opt into a hybrid model, giving them access to all of Zoom Phone’s advanced features like call recording while allowing them to keep their existing provider’s contracts, calling rates, and phone numbers. This also allows for a more gradual transition to a fully cloud-based business phone system to fit each organization’s unique schedule.

Yes – Zoom Phone supports business phone number porting from your current provider. Our system makes it easy to migrate existing phone numbers, as well as procure new numbers. The specific process depends on your current provider. Our team can walk you through the porting process during signup.

Zoom Phone has scalable enterprise phone plans to fit any need and budget. Metered calling plans start from just $10 per user per month. Unlimited plans in North America start at just $15 per month per user. Pro Global Select plans start at $20 per month per user. Learn more on our pricing page, or contact Zoom Sales today to discuss your unique needs.

Transitioning from legacy PBX to an enterprise phone system is a multistep process. Our onboarding team can help make the transition easier, but here is an overview of the process that most firms will follow:


  1. Inventory & assess – Start by taking an inventory of existing hardware, existing business phone lines, number of employees, business locations, etc. You will also want to assess current bandwidth availability, and estimate how the transition to VoIP will affect connectivity speeds and bandwidth usage. It’s helpful to have a clear idea of what the current network looks like, and what needs the firm will have when transitioning to enterprise VoIP.
  2. Collaborate & estimate – On the enterprise level, a transition to a VoIP business line will likely require collaboration between several departments in the firm. To make the transition as smooth as possible, fully evaluate LAN or WAN reliability, bandwidth availability, network performance, and any other relevant factors, before migrating to enterprise VoIP.
  3. Contact sales – Once a firm’s current telephony network has been inventoried and assessed, it’s time to contact Zoom Phone Sales to purchase your business lines. For enterprise clients, we recommend contacting sales directly for help putting together a personalized transition plan for their business phone system.
  4. Port numbers – Next, the firm will need to begin the porting process to migrate existing phone numbers to the new VoIP provider. Zoom Phone Professional Services can help with this process, but typically the firm will need to contact their existing provider to begin porting their business lines.
  5. Procure hardware – In many cases, the next step will be to procure IP-enabled telephone hardware for your business phone system. Depending on the desired setup, this could include new desktop office phones, conference phones, or simple headsets for VoIP calls over office computers. For lower upfront costs, firms may consider utilizing Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service.
  6. Configure & customize – Working together with in-house IT and Zoom Phone’s support team, firms can move on to configure and customize their new business VoIP system. This includes configuring physical hardware and network components, as well as customizing virtual features of Zoom Phone.
  7. Schedule cutover – Once the new system is configured properly, you can schedule a cutover day for the full transition to business VoIP. Depending on the size of your organization and network requirements, this may take place immediately, or in a multi-phase process.


Our dedicated Enterprise Sales Team is here to help with your migration! If you have questions about making the transition from on-premises PBX to a cloud business phone service, contact us today.

Not necessarily. Zoom’s business phone system is compatible with select desktop office phones. Zoom also supports the use of “softphones,” meaning employees can make calls directly from their office computers using inexpensive headsets. Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service is another viable option that allows firms to order business phone hardware directly from Zoom, with virtually no upfront costs.

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