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Want to keep the meeting chat going? Continuous meeting chat makes it easy

With continuous meeting chat, meeting chats can seamlessly live on after a meeting in our persistent chat solution.
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Updated on August 01, 2023

Published on June 22, 2023

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You get back on your separate chat solution and go through outstanding chats you missed during the call, dig through your contact lists to find the original team member, and ask them for the link. They finally answer once they’re off their back-to-backs, but you just lost an hour of time you could’ve been working on the project.

Sound familiar? When you hop between communication solutions, you often lose two precious resources: time and information. Fragmented experiences can lead to misaligned expectations, muddy deadlines, missed action items, and diminished productivity. 

Continuous meeting chat fills gaps where information may have previously seeped through. With this feature, meeting chats can seamlessly live on after a meeting in our persistent chat solution, Zoom Team Chat — creating continuity of information, regardless if someone joins or leaves a meeting. 

Keep the conversation going with continuous meeting chat

Continuous meeting chat is an expansion of our original in-meeting chat, which allows you to chat with other attendees during a Zoom Meeting. The new feature allows meeting participants to communicate before, during, and after a meeting by creating a dedicated group chat in Zoom Team Chat for meeting participants. When enabled, in-meeting chats will show up in that group chat as they are sent in the meeting, allowing conversations to continue after a meeting ends. When setting up a recurring meeting, you’ll have a group chat that follows the group for the entire project, in and out of meetings.

With continuous meeting chat, you can:

  • Create a dedicated group chat for scheduled meetings
  • Send attendees the agenda before the meeting 
  • Send a message into the meeting chat to say you’re running late or can’t join the call, without having to be in the meeting
  • After the meeting, use the meeting summary generated by Zoom AI Companion* to capture relevant action items and populate them in the corresponding chat
  • Continue conversations even after the meeting has ended, or pick up on details if you had to miss the call

How to enable continuous meeting chat


Millions of users have already started using continuous meeting chat to access Zoom chat after a meeting. If you hadn’t had a chance to try it, here’s how you can turn it on if the feature is available for your account:


  1. Log into your Zoom web settings
  2. Navigate to the Schedule Meeting section
  3. Turn on “Enable continuous meeting chat”


Check out this video on how you can enable continuous meeting chat when scheduling a meeting from the Zoom app:

To enable continuous meeting chat, you are required to have Zoom Team Chat and meeting chat enabled.

Continuity across a communications ecosystem 


Continuous meeting chat also connects you to Zoom Team Chat’s wealth of features. You can slide between your continuous meeting chats, ongoing groups and channels, and 1:1 conversations, all within the same application. Plus, you can easily pull previously shared information and resources from our mobile, web, or desktop apps to get key details in a snap. 


Zoom Team Chat, and therefore continuous meeting chat, comes included with other Zoom products, meaning you already have the chat solution — and its advanced capabilities — right at your fingertips. With Zoom Team Chat, you can connect your teams and streamline communications in a snap with AI features, apps for Team Chat, and more, all integrated into the Zoom platform. Zoom’s meetings, phone, whiteboard, and mail and calendar solutions flow into Team Chat, cutting back on “toggle tax” so you can move through your work day with the speed and ease you need. Quickly share documents, take notes, set up a call or video with a teammate, or even fire off a quick email, all from the same application. 


As part of our Zoom Workplace offering, Zoom Team Chat keeps all your communications connected, consolidating everything you need for your work day in one place — saving both time and money.


Make collaboration more productive 

Continuous meeting chat acts as a linchpin for effective communications — it stitches video meetings and persistent chat together in one seamless application, creating a single source of information. Designed to keep teams connected and communication open, the feature equips you with the agility you need to never skip a beat and get more done. 

Make the most of your experience by getting started with continuous meeting chat today. 

*Meeting summary with Zoom AI Companion currently available in English only for select plans as free trials for a limited time. Free trial features may be discontinued or modified at any time and may be subject to usage limits, regional or license restrictions, and other terms and conditions.

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