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Deliver the Right Care and Communication the First Time with Zoom Contact Center

Discover how our AI-powered, cloud-based contact center solution empowers your care team to create better patient experiences. 

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Updated on August 24, 2022

Published on May 28, 2024

Deliver The Right Care And Communication The First Time With Zoom Contact Center

No one likes to wait when it comes to their health. Wait times can make or break a positive patient experience for healthcare providers. To generate greater satisfaction, healthcare teams need a modern contact center solution that helps streamline patient care while delivering a private, secure, personalized experience.

What is Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact Center is a contact center as a service (CCaaS) that enables face-to-face personalized care for healthcare providers and their patients. Our secure, omnichannel cloud solution allows patients to reach you how they want, over video, voice, web chat, and SMS. By combining unified communications with customer experience on an AI-powered platform, Zoom Contact Center empowers healthcare teams to provide prompt, accurate, and highly personalized patient service.

A solution built for telehealth  

Telehealth has accelerated in recent years and will continue to be prevalent in 2024, with the adoption of telemedicine reaching up to 80% overall. Not all contact centers can support this ongoing shift to hybrid and remote working, as traditional call centers are typically composed of expensive on-premises infrastructure that only services onsite agents. Zoom Contact Center is AI-powered, cloud-based, scalable, and designed for remote healthcare teams to meet patients where they are. 

Moreover, Zoom Contact Center is video-optimized for a frictionless, high-quality experience between healthcare providers and patients, so patients don’t have to sacrifice the personal, face-to-face experience they would receive inside a provider’s office. Because it’s built on the familiar Zoom Workplace, our unified communications platform, cloud-based Zoom Contact Center makes it easy for patients to connect with clinicians and work faster toward early intervention.

A lot of our patients are familiar with Zoom. So you’re giving them something they’re comfortable with and have used before. There’s not a high learning curve. Our patient population tends to be older and less tech-savvy, so giving them something they have a little bit of comfort with goes a long way.

Tom Roberts, Director of Product Management, Current Health

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Intelligent features powered by AI to deliver the right point of care

Zoom’s state-of-the-art contact center platform has AI built in to combine call queues and routing into a single, intuitive experience. Healthcare teams can manage patient queues, call transfers, televisits, and prioritization through automated workflows, intelligent skills-based routing, a conversational AI and chatbot solution, and customizable routing profiles. Patients can now be matched with qualified staff quickly and efficiently to receive the right care the first time. For managers and supervisors needing to monitor employee performance or prioritize callers, our analytics dashboards and real-time call queue data provide deeper insights to help improve the level of care. With the help of Zoom AI Companion,* our generative AI tool with capabilities in Zoom Contact Center, supervisors can monitor live engagements in real time and access live AI-generated sentiment and conversation summaries, all in a single dashboard. This provides a greater opportunity for coaching staff dynamically and improved quality management. 

For agents or healthcare staff interacting with patients, Zoom AI Companion is also on hand to simplify their lives. Conversation summaries from Zoom AI Companion allow reps to get quick context before a call or responding to a query. These summaries also reduce the post-call burden of note-taking, allowing agents to move on to the next interaction faster. Patients will be relieved to have their issues resolved promptly without the frustration of repeating themselves in every interaction.

Streamline interactions and resolutions in one platform

As a healthcare provider, your patients are at the heart of your organization. By bringing your employee communications and contact center solution together, you can deliver the superior care your patients expect. 

Zoom Contact Center tightly integrates with Zoom Workplace, making it easy for front-line agents to reach the right healthcare expert to help resolve a patient query in real time using Zoom Team Chat. They can also direct-transfer customers, along with an AI-generated engagement summary, to Zoom Phone Power Pack users. Your patients can leave the interaction feeling relieved that they have the support they need, and agents can enjoy the fulfillment that comes with resolving an issue quickly and thoughtfully.

Always at your patients’ fingertips

It’s not always easy for your patients to pick up a phone, especially in times of duress. When you enable them to communicate in different ways, you give them the freedom to securely access their healthcare information and ask questions in a way that works for them. Zoom Contact Center is an omnichannel experience that allows your patients to reach your business by phone, SMS, video, email, chat, or WhatsApp while collating all their engagements across each channel in one view for your care team.  

Caring for You, a nursing agency in Australia, has experienced the benefits of omnichannel firsthand and reduced call wait times by 50%:

We want to go where our customers’ needs are and not force them on a channel. With Zoom Contact Center, we can receive calls and talk with clients over multiple channels, all in the same interface, without having to learn three different software programs.

Glenn Bardon, Compliance and Systems Manager, Caring for You

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How it all comes together

That was a lot of information. So, what does an AI-powered, omnichannel, cloud contact center look like in practice? Picture Joyce. She’s an agent in a call center for a fictional medical clinic, Atlantic Blue Care. Joyce receives 100+ calls a shift, so staying efficient and empathetic is critical. Patricia is her next caller: 

  • Patricia sends a message via SMS. She needs medical advice for an allergic reaction her son has had.
  • Joyce sees the message come in on her Zoom Contact Center interface. 
  • Joyce asks Patricia to describe the issue. Based on Patricia’s description, Joyce is alerted that she needs to connect her to a medical expert to discuss next steps. 
  • Joyce converts the interaction to a phone call and notifies Marcus, a medical specialist in a different city, by sending him a quick Zoom Team Chat message to say she will transfer Patricia’s call to him. 
  • Because the medical specialists in the field are using Zoom Phone Power Pack, Marcus answers the call and receives an auto-generated conversation summary. 
  • With the context of the call, Marcus can quickly identify the issue. He seamlessly converts the call to video to examine Patricia’s son more closely and provide more accurate advice. 
  • Marcus then gives Patricia some treatment options and books an in-person follow-up appointment with her local pediatrician, all within the same secure interface. 
  • The call concludes within 10 minutes. Patricia is relieved, and with the solid medical advice she received, she heads off to the pharmacy.
  • Joyce seamlessly moves on to the next interaction. At the same time, her supervisor uses Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center to view the positive sentiment analysis in real time and sends her a high-five emoji in Zoom Team Chat.

A total healthcare communications solution

We know healthcare isn’t limited to doctor’s offices or virtual home visits. That’s why we designed a contact center solution that would simplify and enhance customer service operations across a variety of industries for basic call center needs and clinical workflows. Zoom Contact Center is for: 

Hospital and medical providers of:

  • Urgent care
  • Care navigation
  • Hospital at home
  • Home health
  • Medical translation and localization services
  • Healthcare administration and programs

Life Sciences:

  • Drug programs 
  • Physician call-in lines (clinical information)
  • General information
  • Clinical trials (support services, trial drug information support)

Serve the entire patient journey 

We want to help you engage with your patients through every phase of their journey and generate long-term relationships through better experiences. To make this possible, Zoom Contact Center provides:

  • Flexible care from anywhere: Give your patients the freedom to connect from the channel of their choice, in the location of their choice. 
  • A better way to wait: While your patients wait, they can enjoy an immersive waiting room experience where they can view relevant content such as vaccine information or appointment reminders. If wait times are less than ideal, the patient can request a callback. 
  • The personal touch: Behind the scenes, care navigators can collaborate quickly with internal experts across the organization from within the agent desktop. Medical staff can view the patient’s contact history and begin video treatment directly from the Zoom Workplace app. Ultimately, patients can have an empathetic, personal conversation that helps healthcare teams drive toward first-contact resolution and higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Secure and private service: As a secure solution, Zoom Contact Center protects patients and providers and helps providers meet their HIPAA compliance obligations. Our platform also helps safeguard sensitive data like PCI, while intuitive meeting controls and advanced settings add additional privacy. 

Level up your customer service

Have questions about increasing patient satisfaction and leveling your customer service operations for clinical care with an AI-powered, cloud contact center? 

Reach out today, and one of our CX experts will happily answer your questions. 


*Zoom AI Companion is included at no additional cost for customers with the paid services in their Zoom user accounts. Zoom AI Companion may not be available for all regions or industry verticals.

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