Security Bulletins

Zoom does not provide guidance on vulnerability impacts to individual customers due to a Zoom Security Bulletin or provide additional details about a vulnerability. We recommend users to update to the latest version of Zoom software in order to get the latest fixes and security improvements.

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ZSB Title Severity CVE Date Published Date Updated
ZSB-24026 Zoom Workplace Apps and SDKs - Improper Privilege Management Medium CVE-2024-39819 07/09/2024 07/11/2024
ZSB-24028 Zoom Workplace App for Windows and Zoom Rooms App for Windows - Race Condition Medium CVE-2024-39821 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24027 Zoom Workplace Desktop App for macOS - Uncontrolled Search Path Element Medium CVE-2024-39820 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24024 Zoom Workplace Desktop App for Windows - Improper Input Validation Medium CVE-2024-39827 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24023 Zoom Workplace Apps and SDKs - Path traversal Medium CVE-2024-39826 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24021 Zoom Apps and SDKs - Race Condition Medium CVE-2024-27238 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24020 Zoom Apps and SDKs - Improper Input Validation Medium CVE-2024-27241 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24019 Zoom Apps for Windows - Improper Input Validation High CVE-2024-27240 07/09/2024 07/09/2024
ZSB-24018 Zoom Workplace Apps and SDKs - Divide By Zero Medium CVE-2024-27239 06/11/2024 06/17/2024
ZSB-24017 Zoom Workplace Apps and SDKs - Use After Free Medium CVE-2024-27246 06/11/2024 06/17/2024
ZSB-24016 Zoom Workplace Apps and SDKs - Buffer Overflow Medium CVE-2024-27245 06/11/2024 06/17/2024
ZSB-24015 Zoom Workplace VDI App for Windows - Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity Medium CVE-2024-27244 05/14/2024 05/14/2024
ZSB-24014 Zoom Apps - Buffer Overflow Medium CVE-2024-27243 05/14/2024 05/14/2024
ZSB-24013 Zoom Desktop Client for Linux - Cross Site Scripting Low CVE-2024-27242 04/09/2024 04/09/2024
ZSB-24012 Zoom Desktop Client for macOS - Improper Privilege Management Medium CVE-2024-27247 04/09/2024 04/09/2024
ZSB-24011 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows - Improper Privilege Management Medium CVE-2024-24694 04/09/2024 04/09/2024
ZSB-24010 Zoom Rooms Client for Windows - Improper Access Control High CVE-2024-24693 03/12/2024 03/13/2024
ZSB-24009 Zoom Rooms Client for Windows - Race Condition Medium CVE-2024-24692 03/12/2024 03/12/2024
ZSB-24008 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows, Zoom VDI Client for Windows, and Zoom Meeting SDK for Windows - Improper Input Validation Critical CVE-2024-24691 02/13/2024 02/13/2024
ZSB-24007 Zoom Clients - Improper Input Validation Medium CVE-2024-24690 02/13/2024 02/13/2024

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The official text for Zoom Security Bulletins is English. Translations are provided for your convenience and Zoom does not make any promises, assurances, or guarantees as to the accuracy of these translations.