Security Bulletins

Zoom does not provide guidance on vulnerability impacts to individual customers due to a Zoom Security Bulletin or provide additional details about a vulnerability. We recommend users to update to the latest version of Zoom software in order to get the latest fixes and security improvements.

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ZSB Title Severity CVE Date Published Date Updated
ZSB-23046 Zoom Rooms Client for Windows and Zoom VDI Client - Untrusted Search Path Low CVE-2023-39202 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23047 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows and Zoom VDI Client - Uncontrolled Resource Consumption Medium CVE-2023-39203 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23048 Zoom Clients - Buffer Overflow Medium CVE-2023-39204 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23049 Zoom Clients - Improper Conditions Check Medium CVE-2023-39205 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23050 Zoom Clients - Buffer Overflow Low CVE-2023-39206 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23051 ZoomClients - Cryptographic Issues Medium CVE-2023-39199 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23052 Zoom Clients - Insufficient Control Flow Management Low CVE-2023-43588 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23053 Zoom Rooms for macOS - Link Following High CVE-2023-43590 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23054 Zoom Rooms for macOS - Improper Privilege Management High CVE-2023-43591 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23055 Zoom Clients - Improper Authorization Medium CVE-2023-43582 11/14/2023 11/14/2023
ZSB-23040 Zoom Clients - Improper Authentication High CVE-2023-39215 09/12/2023 09/12/2023
ZSB-23043 Zoom Desktop Client for Linux - Improper Input Validation Medium CVE-2023-39208 09/12/2023 09/12/2023
ZSB-23045 CleanZoom - Untrusted Search Path High CVE-2023-39201 09/12/2023 09/12/2023
ZSB-23026 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows - Untrusted Search Path High CVE-2023-36540 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
ZSB-23027 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows - Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity High CVE-2023-36541 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
ZSB-23028 Zoom Clients - Buffer Overflow Medium CVE-2023-36532 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
ZSB-23029 Zoom SDK’s - Uncontrolled Resource Consumption High CVE-2023-36533 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
ZSB-23030 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows - Path Traversal Critical CVE-2023-36534 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
ZSB-23031 Zoom Clients - Client-Side Enforcement of Server-Side Security High CVE-2023-36535 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
ZSB-23032 Zoom Desktop Client for Windows - Improper Input Validation Critical CVE-2023-39216 08/08/2023 08/08/2023
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