The Warner Bros. Discovery story begins with reliable, real-time collaboration

The Zoom platform helps bring more of WBD’s award-winning entertainment to your devices

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Stories bring audiences together through powerful, shared experiences, and no one knows that better than Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD).


“Warner Bros. Discovery is the world’s most amazing content company,” said Warner Bros. Discovery CIO Dave Duvall. “Our goals as a company are to be the place where storytellers want to come to bring that to as many consumers as possible. … The ambition is to come together as one team and create the future.”


While the Warner Bros. Discovery story is a relatively new one, there’s no shortage of storytelling prowess to pave the way for a new era of entertainment. The leading global media company is home to iconic brands like HBO, CNN, and Food Network and beloved characters like Batman, Superman, Ted Lasso, Looney Tunes, and Harry Potter.


Amazing content is just one piece of creating that future, for the company and its global audiences. It also requires relentless collaboration among dispersed teams. To help its global teams connect and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, WBD trusts the Zoom platform.


“Our choice of Zoom as a company really comes down to a few key principles,” Dave said. “We are trying to create something that is a consumer-grade experience for our employees. We need it to be simple. We need it to be reliable, and we need it to be easy to deploy. And Zoom platform checks the box for all of those.”

Real-time collaboration through team chat

“The ability to collaborate, particularly for a company like WBD, cannot be understated,” Dave said. “You’re bringing tens of thousands of employees together as one group. We operate in over 30 countries. It’s a real challenge as a leader to connect with your team. And Zoom is a key capability to bring our teams together.”


Foundational to that goal of bringing teams together is real-time messaging, which drives global communication and collaboration.


“Zoom’s Team Chat is another great example of how [we’ve] enhanced our collaboration within the organization,” said Diego Alberti, Manager of Product Automation, Warner Bros. Discovery. “It’s allowed our producers and editing teams to work together. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world. They can generate a new Zoom meeting right in the team chat.”


We’ve [also] been able to evolve with Zoom conferencing and particularly the Zoom Rooms experience toward complete self-service for even complex meetings,” Dave added.

Flexible cloud telephony a real difference-maker

“Desk phones are becoming something that needs to be portable and something you might take home with you or support a flexible workstyle,” Dave said. “And so I think the evolution and the ease of deployment of phones have been a real success story for us.”


“We’re essentially trying to move everything to Zoom Phone as much as possible because it simplifies our integration,” Diego said. 

Telling the next story

“I would summarize our relationship with Zoom as one that’s built on a track record of success and delivery,” Dave said.


“Zoom in general is literally a byword to quality and success,” said Alistair Jones, VP of Workforce Technology at Warner Bros. Discovery.


Dave added: “Whether it be connecting with my team in an all-hands through [Zoom] Webinars, using the Zoom platform to simply record video messages to send and deliver to my team for updates, the ability to reach out and connect with anyone via Team Chat, and the ability to just be able to connect and be in one place, I think is invaluable.”

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