Improve your support agents’ performance and engagement

Track and optimize your customer service teams with Workforce Management. Increase agent proficiency through AI-powered coaching with Quality Management - all within a single product suite.

Improve your support agents’ performance and engagement
Workforce Management

Workforce Management

  • Deploy the right agents at the right time

    Leverage key planning data directly from Zoom Contact Center to accurately estimate agent headcount for scheduling, better predict agent workload, and help businesses react in real-time.

  • Goodbye administration, hello AI

    Replace the arduous and time-consuming hours spent in confusing spreadsheets with the power of automation across forecasting (predictive models using machine learning), scheduling, and intraday management.

  • Improve agent engagement

    Use forecasting capabilities to predict agent workloads and help prevent burnout. Agents are also empowered with more flexibility and ownership over their schedules such as requesting vacation time.

Quality Management

  • AI to help your agents excel

    Extract insights like call quality and key takeaways from recorded, transcribed, and summarized customer interactions built using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Powered by Zoom’s AI capabilities.

  • Score quality of interactions

    Score your interactions based on post-call analytics. Pinpoint critical moments, capture the quality of interactions – all within a single screen.

  • Create teaching moments from data

    Improve individual and team performance to ultimately provide the best possible customer experience through the use of scorecards, coaching, and guided training.

Zoom for CX

Zoom for CX

  • Integrate directly with Zoom Contact Center

    Connect Workforce Engagement Management to Zoom Contact Center to leverage key planning data.

  • Engaged employees lead to a better CX

    Workforce Engagement Management contributes to a more engaged and motivated workforce at the manager and individual level by improving overall agent quality of life and optimizing support team efficiencies.

  • A single, unified platform

    Zoom’s suite of customer experience solutions helps businesses solve their biggest challenges across customer satisfaction and retention, agent experience and turnover, and business performance and profitability.

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