Flexibility is the Future of Healthcare

From the hospital room to the outpatient clinic to the home, connected healthcare technology delivers a flexible, enhanced experience for patients and providers.

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Why flexibility in healthcare matters

Like many industries, healthcare is experiencing a “Great Resignation” — an American Medical Association study found that 1 in 5 physicians and 2 in 5 nurses intend to leave their current practice within two years.

We partnered with Becker’s Hospital Review on a survey to understand why healthcare providers feel increasingly stressed at work, and how to help address the most common causes of burnout.

reported they have recently experienced feelings of burnout, defined as feeling emotionally or physically exhausted.
of respondents say that healthcare communication and technology platforms improve their personal satisfaction at work

An improved patient experience

Healthcare technology helps provide greater flexibility for patients and enables care delivery organizations to streamline communication and care. Integrate Zoom into your workflows at every point along the patient journey to connect patients with their care team more effectively.

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1. Appointment booking

As an omnichannel solution, Zoom Contact Center enables you to communicate with patients in ways that are most convenient for them.

Waiting room

2. Checking in

Set up Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode so your receptionist can greet guests virtually from anywhere.

pre operation

3. Pre-op call

EHR integrations enable healthcare providers to view the patient’s chart and even document notes in the chart while in the Zoom session.

Surgery room

4. Surgical care coordination

The surgeon can use a hands-free, voice-activated, wearable computing headset to provide a close-up view of the procedure to virtual guests.

Post operation room

5. Post-op and discharge

Mobile telehealth carts set up with Zoom Rooms can transport care directly to the patient’s bedside.

Patient sitting in home using tablet

6. Follow-up care

Patients who don’t need to travel to the clinic for follow-up care can connect with their doctor from home using any internet-connected device like a phone, tablet, or laptop.

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Speak with our healthcare team to learn more about using Zoom to enhance provider and patient experiences at your organization.

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