Provide patients with quality, convenient care at home

Zoom’s telehealth solutions and communications platform help extend healthcare services into the home to provide convenient, cost-effective virtual care.

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Patient engagement & healthy living

With Zoom, virtual care goes beyond telehealth — you can connect with patients to provide remote and hybrid lifestyle coaching, diet and nutrition consultations, exercise classes, and more.

Read our Q&A with Butler Health System to see how this regional health system implemented a hybrid wellness program using Zoom to engage its patient population in Western Pennsylvania.

Integrations to maximize virtual care

Healthcare integrations help organizations work more effectively by streamlining workflows and enabling efficient virtual care delivery.

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    Patients can use medical devices that integrate with Zoom to send real-time examination data like heart rate, body temperature, and video of the ears, throat, and skin to their provider.

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    Integrations that offer on-demand interpretation services directly in Zoom meetings allow patients to overcome language barriers to receiving virtual care at home.

Support groups & programs

Not only does Zoom enable virtual care, it also helps providers support patients through one-on-one and group sessions, which patients can access from the comfort of home.

Connect with a healthcare specialist

Speak with our healthcare team to learn more about using the Zoom platform for your hospital at home program, telehealth appointments, and patient engagement.

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