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Zoom speed: 10 new customer experience updates to help you stay one step ahead

Strengthen customer relationships with AI-powered features from Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Events, and Zoom Revenue Accelerator.

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Updated on April 25, 2024

Published on March 25, 2024

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The world of customer experience (CX) is evolving rapidly. Companies are quickly realizing that the need for speed is essential to keep up with increasing customer expectations and the AI revolution. There’s a growing sense of urgency for businesses to evaluate not only their contact center operations but all departments that touch their customers to help ensure they’re delivering the interactions customers want and expect. Across our own customer experience solutions, we’re moving at “Zoom speed,” working with our customers to provide practical AI-powered solutions that help keep them one step ahead. Our upcoming innovations have been designed to provide a better experience for customers, agents, and employees at every stage of the customer journey. 

Let’s take a look at Zoom Contact Center updates first.

Meet your customers where they are

Just like you may prefer a text to a phone call, customers also like to communicate in different ways. Giving them the option to reach out from their channel of choice is another way to meet them where they are. Now, your customers can engage in two-way conversations via Zoom Contact Center in WhatsApp. Another new update we've added will minimize agents’ need to toggle by allowing them to respond to inbound emails from Gmail directly from their desktop.

Save time and resolve issues more efficiently

Speaking of reducing all that app toggling, keeping everything on one pane of glass in the familiar Zoom experience you know and love makes it easier for your agents to customize customer interactions and reduce engagement time. Soon, you will be able to access proprietary applications built from custom or third-party data directly within the agent desktop. With the ability to tap into more in-depth customer insights, agents will be empowered to provide faster, more personalized service to customers.

The all-in-one agent desktop in Zoom Contact Center gives quick and easy access to customer data

Improve interactions and empower supervisors

We know empowering supervisors is just as important as it is for agents and customers. Streamlining and enhancing supervisors’ capabilities is even more critical with a widespread team working remotely or on hybrid schedules. With this in mind, we have extended the capabilities of Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center to help make supervisors more efficient. In a single dashboard, a supervisor will be able to monitor their live engagements in real-time and access live AI-generated sentiment and conversation summaries. This will help supervisors quickly identify which agents need support and take fast action. A couple of clicks is all it will take to directly listen, whisper, or barge in on an interaction right from the dashboard. 

Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center, is available across all eligible Zoom Contact Center packages at no additional cost.*

Zoom CX insights for Zoom Workplace
Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center now includes supervisor capabilities for better agent support

Reduce repetition and streamline escalations

Creating a customer-led business means putting your customers at the center of your entire organization, not just your contact center. Companies are doing this by integrating their employee experience (EX) and CX on one unified communications platform, otherwise known as MultiCaaS

A significant benefit to the MultiCaaS approach is the ability to seamlessly connect your contact center agents with subject matter experts across the company. Zoom Contact Center will tightly integrate with Zoom Workplace, making it even easier to reach back office staff. Agents can now quickly go the extra mile and direct-transfer customers, along with an AI-generated engagement summary, to Zoom Phone Power Pack users. Both customers and agents can end their interaction with that satisfied feeling that comes with a smooth and seamless customer experience. 

Peace of mind with secure customer payments

We know security is paramount, especially if customer payments are part of your contact center operations. The new PCI Pal integration, coming in April to Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone, will help facilitate secure real-time payment data capture through voice or messaging channels. Our integration will provide the tools you need to help ensure compliance with Level 1 PCI DSS standards, automatically pausing contact center recordings during credit card captures. The result of this innovative feature will not only mean enhanced security but also more streamlined payment processes, giving precious time back to customers.

Prioritizing local data residency for EU customers

Continuing our commitment to local data residency, Zoom Contact Center customers in the EEA can now store data locally in Zoom’s EU data center. This allows EU organizations to address data residency requirements while delivering innovative customer experiences. Read more about this expansion of our global data residency here.

Bringing it all together in your contact center

What will all these feature updates look like in practice? Say you’re a US-based online clothing retailer with a presence in Europe. One of your U.S. customers, Julie, is traveling in Europe and would like to order her latest shipment with her French credit card, allowing her to order in the local currency for delivery to her vacation home in France. 

  • Julie sends a WhatsApp message to customer service. 
  • The Zoom Contact Center agent determines her needs after a brief chat exchange and quickly escalates her to a call with a specialized billing agent. 
  • The agent benefits from the auto-generated conversation summary created by Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center jumps on the call, and confirms Julie’s situation so she doesn’t need to repeat herself.
  • Within a few clicks using Zoom AI Expert Assist information retrieval, the agent takes Julie’s new delivery address and securely captures her new credit card information using the PCI Pal integration. 
  • Julie then remembers a billing query she had on a previous order. The agent can quickly retrieve her order using Zoom AI Expert Assist.
  • This requires a call transfer to the finance department outside the main contact center. Because the finance department uses Zoom Phone Power Pack, the team member who answers the call receives an auto-generated conversation summary.
  • With the context of the call, the finance rep can quickly look up the issue and answer Julie’s billing query.
  • Within a couple of minutes, the conversation concludes. Julie receives a WhatsApp message confirming the order and delivery details.
  • Now Julie can get on with her vacation, knowing her vacation wardrobe is on its way.
  • The agent can seamlessly move on to the next call. At the same time, her supervisor uses Zoom AI Companion for Contact Center to view the positive sentiment analysis in real-time and sends her a high-five emoji in Zoom Team Chat.

New Zoom Contact Center updates can help your customers connect with your care team from additional channels

Optimizing customer experience beyond the contact center

True customer satisfaction demands seamless, personalized interactions from the first contact to the final resolution. That's where Zoom Business Services comes in. From the moment you start engaging with marketing to the time you close the sale, right through to the time your customers engage with your contact center, your customer experiences need to delight. Let’s take a look at how Zoom Events and Zoom Revenue Accelerator help you better engage your customers.

Zoom Events: Save time and create a better event experience 

Customize your event experience with Zoom AI Companion and make anyone a designer. Event organizers can now use Zoom AI Companion to generate text and images across registration pages, marketing emails, and virtual backgrounds based on your brand’s personality. This handy update helps speed up event creation and reduces reliance on costly designers. Find out more about the power of AI in Zoom Events here.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator: Close deals faster

AI is also bringing its magic to Zoom Revenue Accelerator, our sales conversation intelligence tool, helping your sales team with several new practical features. The new deal memos feature can help your sales team determine their chances of closing a deal on the spot. This is possible thanks to an AI-generated list of objections the customer or prospect raised during the call. This automated summary helps reps identify how each conversation impacts winning a sale. 

New Zoom Revenue Accelerator deal memos help reps instantly understand the chances of closing a deal


Given how time-consuming it is, most sales managers find it challenging to get around to coaching. Soon, we will introduce machine learning-powered scorecards with actionable feedback to help reduce the manual workload. 

And finally, you can enhance sales rep productivity by combining the power of Zoom Revenue Accelerator and Zoom AI Companion. The most effective sales conversations are collaborative, consultative, and informal. But finding the right balance and keeping sales calls on track can be tricky. With Zoom AI Companion meeting questions, sellers can quickly get back up to speed live on a call. By asking specific questions, such as “Were there any objections?” and “When did she say she’ll get back to me?” sellers have the tools to stay engaged and address any resistance in real-time, avoiding a follow-up game of phone tag with the customer. With more sales-centered use cases currently in development for future release, our innovation at the speed of Zoom continues. 

Onwards to the future

Building your overall business strategy around your customers, in your contact center and beyond, is not just a nice-to-have. Organizations that are getting this right and have already put their customers front and center are seeing the benefits. According to a Forrester study, 41% of customer-obsessed companies achieved at least 10% revenue growth in their last fiscal year. 

We’d love to chat with you about how our AI-powered CX solutions can help guide your business into the future

Reach out today and one of our CX experts will happily answer any questions you have.

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*Note: Zoom AI Companion is included with paid Zoom licenses and may not be available for all regions or industry verticals.

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