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Modern, flexible event solutions that help you deliver high-quality, engaging experiences to audiences of any size, from anywhere.

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Why choose Zoom for your events?

From large internal announcements to intimate roundtables, Zoom helps you deliver engaging, interactive, and productive hybrid and virtual events to your colleagues and customers.

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    Drive results

    Host events to grow your pipeline, generate brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.

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    Versatile hybrid and virtual events

    Expand your reach and build equity with virtual and hybrid event experiences that give attendees flexible choices to interact with colleagues and peers.

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    Events that bring your company together

    Boost your company culture with engaging opportunities to deliver important messages to your teams.

Features you need for the results you want

Build your next event with robust features that maximize your ROI. From branding, engagement, and networking tools to advanced event analytics, and high-end production, there’s a Zoom solution for every event.

Zoom Webinars

Effortlessly broadcast messages with a user-friendly webinar platform

  • Host webinar sessions up to 30 hours long

  • 100+ interactive video panelists, 49 viewable on screen at one time

  • Branded webinars with matching virtual backgrounds, name tags and backsplash

  • Built-in practice sessions

  • Chat panel

  • Q&A

  • Polling and quizzes

  • Performance and audience engagement reports

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Zoom Sessions

Elevate event sessions with premium production features to drive engagement

  • Everything in Zoom Webinars plus:
  • Advanced performance and audience engagement reports

  • Conduct a single-session event from a Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar

  • Robust registration and ticketing

  • Display speaker photos and bios on your event page

  • Branded registration and event pages

  • Collaborate with multiple hosts per event

  • Organize your upcoming and past events in one place

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Zoom Events

Host hybrid and virtual events in an all-in-one event management platform

  • Everything in Zoom Sessions plus:
  • Conduct multi-day events and conferences with concurrent sessions

  • Expo Floor lets attendees interact with sponsors, engage in live conversations, and explore Expo Booths

  • Networking features that enable virtual attendees to make live connections

  • Engaging hybrid events that connect virtual and in-person attendees

  • Dedicated area for sponsors and content

  • High-end production and branding capabilities

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Optimize your bandwidth

Zoom Mesh is a native eCDN that optimizes bandwidth and streamlines content delivery for high-quality Zoom Webinars and Zoom Events

Zoom Mesh

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Frequently asked questions

Zoom Webinars is a one-to-many broadcast platform that allows you to connect with large audiences and share video, audio, and content. Choose Zoom Webinars if you host webinars by yourself and only need simple tools to set up and manage them. This is a great product for simple announcements to a large audience. Zoom Webinars are managed from the Zoom Web Portal. Zoom Webinars can be purchased as an annual or monthly subscription only, and allow for a single host.


Zoom Sessions is a single-session event management platform that allows you to host a single Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar within the Zoom Events platform. Choose Zoom Sessions if you work with a team to host meetings or webinars. This is a great product for marketing and internal communications teams that want the ability to host video on-demand and live sessions in a single place. The platform provides robust registration and ticketing, event analytics, customizable emails, and event branding along with an event hub for organizers to collaborate and host content. Zoom Sessions can be purchased as an annual subscription or on a pay-per-attendee basis. Each Zoom Sessions license includes either 5 or 2 hosts depending on the capacity level, and one Hub (see Hub FAQ below). Additional hosts can be purchased for $65 per host per month.


Zoom Events is an all-in-one event management platform that allows you to host multi-session, multi-day events, including concurrent sessions. Choose Zoom Events if you work in a team to host events spanning multiple sessions or days and would like to include attendee networking or sponsorships as part of your event. This is a great product for conferences, sales kick-offs and interactive hybrid events. The platform provides an event lobby, robust registration and ticketing, event analytics, customizable emails and event branding. Other premium features include an Expo Floor and Networking. Zoom Events can be purchased as an annual subscription or on a pay per attendee basis.

Pay-per-attendee licenses determine how many total attendees can attend all of your account’s events held within a 12-month period from purchase. For example, with a Zoom Events 1,000 Pay-Per-Attendee Annual license, you could host one event with 1,000 attendees, or ten events with 100 attendees. If the cumulative number of attendees at your account’s event(s) exceeds the number of attendee credits purchased, you will be charged an overage fee per each additional attendee.

Zoom Sessions and Zoom Events licenses that are purchased as an annual subscription come with a Zoom Webinars license of the same capacity.

Both Zoom Sessions and Zoom Events are available to purchase as an annual subscription or on a pay-per-attendee basis, while Zoom Webinars is only available as an annual or monthly subscription. All annual subscriptions are priced based on attendee capacity. Annual subscriptions for Zoom Sessions and Zoom Events come with a Zoom Webinars license at the same capacity. Pay-per-attendee plans do not come with a standalone Zoom Webinars license, but hosts can still set up webinar sessions with an event.

With Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions licenses, teams can collaborate via [three] event organizer roles: Hub Owner, Hub Host, and Co-Editor. The highest-ranking role is a Hub Owner, who has permission to access and edit everything within the Hub, and assign four other Hub Hosts. A Hub Host, the second event organizer role, has permission to create and manage events with the Hub Owner. This includes adding images and videos to a shared content library, hosting sessions, and viewing event recordings. The third event organizer role is a Co-Editor. Additional detail on each of these event organizer roles can be found in the Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions FAQs. Note that Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions 100 capacity license tiers only come with one Hub Owner and one additional Hub Host.

A Hub, which is only available with Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions licenses, serves two primary purposes: The first is a workspace for event organizers. The Hub’s workspace is used for event organizers to create and collaborate on events together.


The second purpose of a Hub is to act as an event listing page to give the hub’s attendees a place to view all of the different events the hub is hosting. The event listing page on the hub can be either public or private to allow for larger audiences or to keep the events internal. The event listing page can also hold recordings the hub owner wants to spotlight for the hub.


Customers who purchase pay per attendee licenses can have an unlimited number of hubs and hub hosts within a hub while annual license holders will be limited to one hub per license, and either 5 or 2 hub hosts dependent on the license capacity. Additional hub hosts can be purchased separately.