Optimize your bandwidth with a native eCDN

Zoom Mesh native eCDN streamlines content delivery for high-quality Zoom Webinars and Zoom Events regardless of available bandwidth.

Zoom Mesh
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Introducing Zoom Mesh

Zoom Mesh is a native eCDN technology based on dynamically created, cloud-controlled client-peering mesh and rebroadcasting technology that involves both the Zoom client and Zoom Cloud. Our solution uses advanced algorithms to create an intelligent media broadcasting mesh, along with select parent nodes that handle the media reception from the cloud and rebroadcast it to child nodes and dynamically manage the mesh to reduce Zoom Webinars and Zoom Events network congestion under varying conditions.

Why Zoom Mesh?

More people in the office means more overload to your WAN or internet connection. Now, you can minimize bandwidth constraints that are associated with large internal events and webinars.

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    Monitor mesh effectiveness

    The Zoom Mesh dashboard monitors mesh effectiveness, measures event bandwidth, and grants new insight into attendee endpoint performance and mesh ROI.

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    Deploy mesh in minutes

    Zoom Mesh integrates seamlessly into the Zoom ecosystem, so you can optimize your Zoom Webinars and Zoom Events in minutes with no end user training. Once enabled, mesh will be established and dynamically adjusted for all webinars and events.

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    Increase your functionality

    Third-party eCDN networks designed to resolve bandwidth constraints can also reduce the video content functionality of your webinars and events. Zoom Mesh preserves the native Zoom experience while minimizing additional bandwidth investments instead.

A closer look at Zoom Mesh features

  • Up to 40-to-1 mesh “parent” to “children” ratio

  • Up to 100 locations

  • Automatic network topology discovery

  • Robust resilience

  • Up to 10K users per location

  • Global and local mesh options

  • Granular endpoint management (force include/exclude)

  • Advanced dashboard (MOS score, status, utilization, performance, ratio, alerting, logging)

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Zoom Mesh FAQ

Zoom Mesh is a licensed enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) which allows the Zoom client to redistribute Zoom Webinars and Events media directly between clients in a peer-to-peer fashion within the same network to optimize bandwidth. Zoom Mesh is a native eCDN that uses client peering mesh and rebroadcasting technology within the same network.

As employees return to the office and continue to hold large all-hands style Webinars and Events, organizations are concerned about the amount of bandwidth consumed by potentially hundreds of clients simultaneously joining a webinar or event within an office all while preserving the end user experience.

By relaying media between clients within the network, Mesh saves significant internet/WAN bandwidth by eliminating duplicative video streams from the cloud.

Rather than having every client receive a video stream directly from the cloud, only a select number of clients will receive this stream and then redistribute it to other clients in the network, significantly reducing the amount of internet bandwidth required to attend the Webinar or Event.

Zoom Mesh supports bandwidth optimization of Zoom Webinar and Zoom Events. Zoom Mesh eCDN is native to Zoom. Its capability is built into the Zoom Clients which are controlled by the new cloud function called Mesh Orchestrator. Zoom mesh doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to operate.

Zoom Mesh provides the following benefits over the third party eCDN solutions integrated with Zoom Webinars and Zoom Events:

  1. Native to the Zoom client, Zoom Mesh maintains the native Zoom user experience for Webinars and events hosts and attendees.
  2. Simple cloud-based management – Zoom Mesh allows for the automatic discovery and creation of a Mesh controlled from the Zoom cloud.
  3. Unified, native join and calendaring experience. Traditional eCDN solutions require different join links (URLs) for attendees of a webinar. A user of such solutions will receive re-streamed media through a web-based interface and will not benefit from native Zoom experience or features like chat, raise hand, translation, etc. Zoom Mesh does not have this limitation. Join a webinar with the typical Zoom join flow, and Zoom Mesh will be automatically used if the client is in a location where a mesh has been enabled.
  4. Happier IT: Single platform to handle Webinar and Events rather than integrating Zoom to a third-party.
  5. Utilization/Analytics native to the Zoom admin web portal rather than a separate interface.

Zoom Mesh is built into the standard Zoom Client as of version 5.12.6. It is a native to the Zoom client experience. Zoom Mesh maintains the excellent Zoom user experience with no changes.

The standard Zoom Client will be capable of being either a Parent (receiving media from the cloud) or Child (receiving media from the parent) in a Zoom Mesh environment, determined by a cloud orchestration services.

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