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Omdia Universe 2022 Report Finds “Zoom Excels in Offering Enterprise-Grade Security”

The Omdia Universe Collaborative Meeting Services report reveals that Zoom leads the pack when it comes to enterprise-grade, secure meeting services.
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Updated on September 22, 2022

Published on September 14, 2022

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“Businesses worldwide are shifting from a predominantly office-based working environment to hybrid working, where employees have the flexibility to choose their work location depending on when and where they are most productive. Over the next five years, collaborative meeting services will play a pivotal role in defining and enabling hybrid work,” said Omdia Universe in their Collaborative Meeting Services 2022-23 report.

Knowing the role this technology will play in the future of work, Omdia created this report to help inform and streamline the vendor selection process for meeting services. They stated, “The Omdia Universe report is not intended to advocate an individual vendor, but rather, to guide and inform the selection process... The report findings gravitate toward customers’ perspectives and requirements, characteristically those of a medium-large, multinational enterprise.”

Omdia took a deep dive into relevant meeting services providers, determining leaders by evaluating solutions’ market presence, capabilities, security, and more. Zoom emerged as a top leader, with Omdia’s evaluation touching on our robust feature set and aggregate of relevant security controls.

Leading the pack 

Meeting services, defined by Omdia as “real-time, cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration technology, audio and conferencing, screen sharing, recording, messaging, and more,” has become an increasingly innovative and competitive market in the era of flexible work.  

Omdia’s report identified key leaders in this market, naming Zoom amongst the top three leaders who “innovate significantly faster than most other vendors in the market.” The report added, “The leaders in the market offer the highest level of solution capability. These vendors quickly respond to the changing market dynamics. For example, market leaders rolled out features such as equitable meetings, personal insights, and advanced analytics as soon as their customers started transitioning to hybrid work.”

When drilling into how Zoom has evolved to meet new demand, Omdia highlighted our focus on expanding features for our ever-evolving customer base. “Zoom’s growth over the past few years has been very impressive, and its platform offers a host of easy-to-use features and functionalities that appeal to both small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. In 2021, Zoom introduced several features, including enhancements to its virtual whiteboard, live transcription, and Zoom [Contact] Center.”

High scores across the board

“Zoom remains one of the most popular video conferencing solutions globally,” Omdia notes in the report. 

And while the pandemic drove rapid adoption initially, our expansive feature set and solution breadth helped give us staying power. As Omdia said, “The Zoom platform offers an extensive set of features that make Zoom one of the market leaders. In addition to meetings, Zoom has now evolved its platform to support streaming, digital signage, large-scale webinars, and virtual events that can accommodate 50,000 participants, offering a one-stop solution to all its customers’ needs. All Zoom clients also have access to persistent Zoom Chat, which has messaging and file sharing across desktop and mobile apps.” 

As shown in the figure below, Zoom recorded a weighted total capability score of 84% — helping solidify our position as a trusted, consistent provider in the meeting services space. “Zoom is classified as a leader in this Omdia Universe, as it was the most consistent of all the participants, with a variance between its best and worst scores of just 26 percentage points, compared to the average variance of 49 percentage points. The company also had eight subcategory scores of 80% or more in the capability section. Zoom scored an average of 85% across Net Promoter Score (NPS), product experience, and vendor experience.” 

Omdia graph

Scalability and feature set stands out 

At Zoom, we’ve designed our platform with scalability and interoperability in mind, and Omdia noticed, with the report highlighting our integrations and SDKs as key standouts.  

“Zoom’s top subcategory score was in integrations, where it scored 98%, higher than any other vendor in this Omdia Universe. The company offers over 1,800 off-the-shelf integrations, accommodating the needs of all types of users, from large enterprises to SMBs, all the way down to a single user. Zoom is also a highly extendible solution; via its robust Zoom Apps and its SDKs, the platform can integrate tools into the Zoom [desktop] client and bring the Zoom experience into custom applications and services. The company also plans to release the Jumpstart app builder¹, a low-code tool to allow developers to easily integrate Zoom into their apps, in 2022,” stated Omdia. 

Our second-strongest subcategory was features and functionality, where we scored 93%. As Omdia reflected, “Its superior score in this category highlights Zoom’s work over the past year to enhance its platform’s feature sets, which now include Zoom Smart Gallery, a feature to drive equitable meetings for remote and in-room participants. The company also offers customizable SDKs, Zoom Apps, immersive scenes, Zoom for Home, contactless collaboration, enhanced webinars, virtual events, and whiteboarding functionality.” 

While the report reflects our efforts to expand our platform, it doesn’t lose sight of how our meetings solution laid the foundation for growth. “Zoom is a meetings-first platform, and its architecture supports simplicity and ease of use. Its simple and intuitive UI remains its core strength, allowing users to easily discover and use all of the platform’s functionalities with minimum clicks. Since users find the platform easy to use, platform loyalty is high.”

Spotlight on security 

We’ve worked to stitch together a unified communications experience that’s built with security and trust in mind, putting us in a position to “[excel] in offering enterprise-grade security,” Omdia commented. 

In fact, we scored 90% on the security and compliance subcategory, largely due to our collection of security features and initiatives. The report reflected on this aggregate of controls and programs, which included:

Identity and authentication: “The Zoom [desktop] client supports SSO based on SAML 2.0. Customers can also leverage their SSO solution to implement multi-factor authentication. In addition to SSO, the Zoom [desktop] client supports authentication by username and password. Zoom also provides granular controls centralized in the Zoom [desktop] client toolbar, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to unique customer scenarios.”

Risk mitigation tactics: “It has an Incident Response Plan (IR Plan) that defines the minimum requirements for responding to security incidents, including detecting, analyzing, prioritizing, and handling of incidents. Security and operations teams report and monitor any security incidents on a 24x7 basis.” 

Encryption: “Zoom also offers optional end-to-end encryption [meetings] for all users (free and paid) globally.” 

Compliance offerings: “The platform [supports compliance] with many regulations [and standards and achieved relevant attestations and certifications], including SOC 2 Type II, CSA STAR Level 2 Attestation, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Silver Member, Common Criteria, UK Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials plus, GDPR, Japan’s Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC), FedRAMP Moderate, DoD IL[4], HIPAA, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act/ Personal Health Information Protection Act (PIPEDA/PHIPA), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).”

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Check out the full Omdia Universe Collaborative Meeting Services 2022-23 report for a closer look at how Zoom leads the pack when it comes to enterprise-grade, secure meeting services.

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  1. Jumpstart launched in May 2022, see here for details

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