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Transform Your Operations With Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration can improve productivity, streamline operations, simplify collaboration, and increase the flexibility of your operations.
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Updated on April 06, 2023

Published on June 07, 2021

Cloud Collaboration
John Montgomery
John Montgomery
Marketing Content Writer

As organizations have become larger and increasingly more dispersed, digital communication has become a critical tool for businesses of every size. Phone calls and emails have been a staple of digital communication for years, enabling people to stay connected even from a distance. But when today’s workspaces are wherever employees happen to be,  organizations need a modern communications solution that allows teams to work closely together in real-time. 

That’s where cloud collaboration comes in. 

What is cloud collaboration?

Cloud collaboration is the process of working together in real-time on tasks in a digital space. Communication is a key part of effective collaboration; however, the objective of cloud-based collaboration is to go beyond basic communication. Cloud collaboration allows you to seamlessly share files, annotate and edit documents in real-time, and streamline workflows, regardless of distance or location. Here are just a few of the ways that modern organizations enable cloud-based collaboration: 

Chat solutions

A leading team chat software allows employees to connect with each other instantly in a digital space, creating an atmosphere where they can easily share files and documents, quickly exchange information, and initiate conversations one-on-one or with groups of people. 

Video conferencing

Video conferencing solutions allow users to meet over video, share their screens, send documents and files, and see the reactions and body language of the other meeting attendees. When you need to connect and discuss in greater detail than what a phone call or chat can provide, video conferencing is a critical tool for ensuring effective cloud collaboration. 

File sharing solutions

File sharing solutions enable employees to save and access documents using the same application, allowing them to make edits, annotations, and comments that their co-workers can see. Employees can work on the same document or file in real-time, which helps streamline collaboration, no matter where employees are located. 

What can cloud collaboration be used for? 

Cloud collaboration has a wide range of uses for organizations of all types, from educational institutions, to small businesses, nonprofits, hospitals, or enterprise businesses. Here are just a few of the ways you can leverage cloud collaboration in your organization:

Project planning

Project managers and other stakeholders can help align expectations and develop an effective plan with the ability to instantly share content such as documents, calendars, and files, make edits in real-time, and coordinate important decisions together. The ability to communicate instantly across video, phone, or chat allows managers to drive projects forward and keep everyone on the same page.

Document and file review

Whether you’re editing a document, reviewing a video, creating an image in real-time, or coordinating on the design of a building, the possibilities for reviewing content are endless. You can also share the applications you are viewing on your screen during your meetings, making it easy for you and your team to streamline collaboration within your workspace tools. 

Coordinating real-time operations

For any organization, there are situations that require on-the-spot, clear, and dynamic communication and collaboration. From addressing a public relations crisis to coordinating marketing efforts around an important product launch to troubleshooting critical customer issues, Zoom empowers you to coordinate your efforts and the efforts of your teams in real-time to get things done quickly and effectively. 


Managing the design and assembly of complex products and machinery on a large scale requires constant collaboration. With Zoom, manufacturers can easily work with critical stakeholders and teams in a digital space to create designs, review manufacturing processes, and much more. 


With the ability to edit, comment, and annotate documents in real-time, students can collaborate on files with teachers to create dynamic hybrid and online learning experiences or work on files with peers for group projects and learning activities.


Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals can view a patient’s important medical documents in a secure digital environment that helps customers enable HIPAA compliant programs by executing a BAA and work together to make critical decisions about the patient’s care. 

Benefits of cloud collaboration

Cloud collaboration is a powerful tool for organizations of any size. Whether your employees are on-site, remote, or a mixture of both, cloud collaboration provides a number of benefits that can help you reach your objectives and get more done together. 

Here are just a few of the ways that cloud collaboration can benefit your organization:

Streamline workflows

No more waiting for an email response on time-sensitive projects or trying to get into the details of a deliverable over a phone call. You can easily connect with others to exchange information, and with features like screen sharing, you can collaborate on projects in real-time without the tedious back and forth. 

Create equity for all workers

With many organizations moving to a hybrid work model, it can be difficult to ensure that remote workers have the same opportunities as on-site workers to participate in meetings and other projects. With cloud collaboration, it’s easy for remote workers to contribute and make their voice heard during meetings.

Create flexibility in your operations

With video conferencing technology, employees don’t need to be at their desks to work effectively. As long as you have access to a device with an internet connection, you can join and participate in meetings, even in low bandwidth environments. This means you can still work with your team on projects whether you’re at the airport, in a hotel room, or lounging poolside! 

Improved coordination

Employees can easily connect with each other at a moment’s notice regardless of location to coordinate their efforts, share files, and provide status updates. 

Drive dynamic collaboration with Zoom’s expansive feature set

There are many cloud collaboration solutions available on the market. To get the most out of your solution, you’ll need intuitive, cutting-edge features that take your experience to the next level, as well as security and reliability to help protect your meetings and communications. 

Zoom’s unified communications platform offers an expansive feature set that helps streamline your collaboration sessions, while its reliability and security options help you meet safely and without interruption. 

Here are just a few of Zoom’s features that can help you and your teams collaborate more effectively: 

Enhanced screen sharing

Zoom’s screen sharing feature offers a number of unique functionalities, including the ability to grant another user control of your screen, choose which screen you’d like to share in a multi-screen display, share content from a whiteboard, and much more

In-meeting chat

With in-meeting chat, you can send a message to individual meeting participants or everyone in the meeting, giving you the ability to provide important points and comments without interrupting the person who is speaking. 

Elevate a phone call directly to a video meeting

With Zoom’s unified communications platform, you can elevate a phone call on Zoom Phone directly into a Zoom Meeting for those situations where you quickly want to share your screen or show something visually. 

Zoom integrations

An enterprise-grade communications solution needs to work seamlessly with your other workspace solutions. Zoom integrates with many leading apps and collaboration platforms, enabling you to simplify your meetings and get more done together. 

Here are a few of Zoom’s incredible integrations: 

Google Workspace

Zoom’s integration with Google Workspace allows you to seamlessly manage your meetings from within Gmail and Google Calendar, add attachments and topics to your meeting, and customize meeting options. 

Microsoft Teams

This integration for Microsoft Teams allows you to start Zoom Meetings instantly from within your Teams chat channel with the @Zoom mention. You can also use the Zoom button in the text box of any 1:1 Teams, group, or channel chat to schedule or start a meeting. 


Easily search recorded calls for actionable insights with Gong.io’s integration for Zoom, which records, analyzes, and transcribes every call scheduled within G Suite or Office 365. You can use Gong.io’s analytics to analyze sales performance and collaborate with your team to provide meaningful feedback and increase sales. 

Get started with cloud collaboration 

To learn more about how a reliable, secure, and intuitive cloud collaboration solution can transform your organization, schedule a free product demo with a Zoom specialist today.

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