Introducing the Newly Redesigned Zoom Up Partner Program

We’re excited to announce today the launch of our newly redesigned Zoom Up Partner Program.
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Updated on July 12, 2022

Published on March 28, 2022

Zoom Up Partner Program

With more than 8,000 partners in over 150 countries and territories, our diverse partner network is core to our foundation at Zoom — it helps us address our customers’ needs and amplify our reach around the world.

That’s why we’re excited to announce today the launch of our newly redesigned Zoom Up Partner Program, which is a holistic partner framework that makes it simple for partners to outline their path to success with Zoom. 

Details on the new program

Building upon our existing partner ecosystem, the Zoom Up Partner Program introduces a single program architecture with enhanced resources for partners to grow their business. As of July 2022, the Zoom Up Partner Program is now available to referral partners, in addition to resellers.

Designed to redefine the partner engagement journey through one integrated architecture, Zoom Up offers a clear roadmap of opportunities for new and existing partners to expand their Zoom expertise and business. Here’s how: 

  • Zoom Phone Native: A new Zoom Phone offering with Zoom calling plans that makes Zoom Phone accessible and easy for resale partners
  • Competencies: Partners will be able to train in up to three core competencies that are categorized as “Volume,” “Phone,” and “Customer Success.” These competencies help establish and grow the expertise a partner may have in specific areas.  
  • Accreditations: Zoom is introducing role-based accreditations to help train and validate partners’ knowledge and skills in three areas — “Sales,” “Technical Sales,” and “Post-Sales Technical” — which will be incorporated into the program in the form of level requirements. 
  • Program levels: Zoom will roll out new program levels to recognize and reward partners for their level of investment in Zoom. The three levels for partners are “Enrolled,” “Sales,” and “Performance.” Partners will start at the “Enrolled” level with a baseline of entry-level program benefits, and they can then move up to the “Sales” level by achieving certain requirements. The “Performance” level, which corresponds to the highest level of benefits, can be achieved by completing one or more competencies. Existing partners will be placed into these new levels in the second half of the year, based on the requirements of the program level. 
  • The Zoom Partner Demand Center and MDFs: Partners will have access to the recently launched Zoom Partner Demand Center, which is a turnkey platform offering a variety of marketing strategies to help partners go to market with Zoom, in any language. Zoom is also planning to invest additional marketing development funds (MDFs) with leading Performance level partners over the next year. 
  • Partner Use and Demo Licenses (PUDL): Partners will get access to free and discounted PUDLs of Zoom for internal use, as well as for training and demonstrating Zoom product functionality to potential customers.

A new kind of phone offering

In addition to Zoom Phone BYOC, Zoom Up resale partners will also have the ability, once they complete the required training and are approved, to offer Zoom Phone with Zoom calling plans. This brand new offering will help partners in our Zoom Up program maximize their opportunities with Zoom, as partners can purchase discounted licenses from Zoom and serve as a provider of multiple Zoom products billed through one single invoice.  

With our Zoom Phone calling plans, partners can bring additional value to their customers and uncover new revenue streams. Zoom Phone Native will be available in Japan, the UK, Ireland, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Germany.

Aligning resources and incentives

We want to encourage partners to expand their Zoom knowledge and expertise, elevate their customer reach, and differentiate their business — which means we need to provide the tools and opportunities that inspire growth. 

The Zoom Up program is designed to incentivize partners by aligning rewards with the corresponding level of investment in Zoom to help foster continued growth. These rewards can be categorized into three areas: sales and financial, enablement and engagement, and marketing benefits. These rewards run the gamut — with the sales category featuring benefits such as base discounts and deal registration discounts, while enablement offers access to partner education resources and business planning with an assigned channel account manager. The marketing category also offers opportunities like partner messaging and branding, access to MDF, and an enterprise virtual executive briefing center (EBC) experience. 

With the launch of the Zoom Up program, we are also excited to bring the Zoom Up Partner Learning Center to our partner network — a revamped learning management system (LMS) that will be the hub for partner education and training, hosting all accreditations as well as additional enablement courses.

The enhanced Zoom Up program is designed to improve partners’ overall experience working with Zoom by offering a simplified architecture, one that today’s resellers, carriers, distributors, ISV, and referral partners need as they navigate a fast-paced, competitive landscape. 

Up and up

They say a rising tide lifts all boats — and that’s the goal with the new and improved Zoom Up Partner Program. We’re excited to see what this enhanced program will bring to our partners’ businesses and how we can help catalyze continued growth together. 

The Zoom Up Partner Program has started rolling out to select partners and will be fully implemented across the entire partner ecosystem later this year. 

To learn more about becoming a Zoom partner, please visit And check out Zoom Up’s feature in the 2022 CRN Partner Program Guide.

Editor’s note: This blog was updated on July 12, 2022 to reflect the latest information on the Zoom Up Partner Program.

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