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Purposeful Innovation with the Zoom Developer Platform

Learn more about the Zoom Developer Platform, which enables app developers to build apps using Zoom’s video-based communication technology.
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Updated on July 07, 2023

Published on October 18, 2021

Zoom Developer Platform

Zoom is a powerful platform, not only for the unified communications solutions we natively offer, but because of the possibilities our developer solutions help make a reality. Across the globe, developers, partners, platform integrators, and ISVs are building all-virtual products and services, and the Zoom Developer Platform is facilitating their development.

Today’s app ecosystem spans all types of use cases and categories, driving incredible demand for Zoom’s video-based technology in apps and services. Over the past few years, we’ve delivered solutions to better enable developers everywhere to innovate, and we’re focusing more than ever on those efforts.

Learn more about the solutions, tools, and resources on the Zoom Developer Platform, which enable app developers, platform builders, and innovators everywhere to build and extend the value of their products and services using Zoom’s video-based communication technology.

Our commitment to enabling innovation

Our approach to implementing and fostering purposeful innovation started with overwhelming customer demand to connect to Zoom — and also to connect Zoom with other apps and services. In response to that demand, we launched the Zoom Developer Platform in 2017. In 2018, we launched the Zoom App Marketplace to make those connections easier by enabling developers to integrate Zoom into their applications and enable easy discovery and implementation by our mutual customers.

In just the last year at Zoom:

Zoom’s App Ecosystem

Our app ecosystem includes the Zoom App Marketplace, second- and third-party app integrations, Zoom Apps, and SDK apps. The App Marketplace features more than 1,500 integrations that bring Zoom functionality into all types of applications for a wide variety of verticals and use cases including education, healthcare, marketing, collaboration, and more, resulting in a seamless user experience. 

A couple of new integrations are highlighted in our Featured Apps section:

  • Want to know how much each person in a Zoom meeting is talking? Want to bring other people into the conversation in one click? Have more meeting fun? You can with Macro. And check out the Macro team’s Zoomtopia 2021 session, “Creating Custom Zoom Meeting Clients With Macro,” for even more integration inspiration.
  • IFTTT: Connect Zoom to more than 650 services, from smart home devices to productivity apps, to create personalized workflows that save time, reduce daily hassle, and elevate how you meet.
  • Superhuman: This collaboration app allows you to create calendar events directly from your inbox and seamlessly add Zoom links. Include Zoom meeting links by default, or add them manually. 

To learn how to bring Zoom into your application and get published on the App Marketplace for wider distribution, check out our developer documentation.

Zoom Apps for in-meeting experiences 

Zoom Apps, which launched just a few months ago, is a type of in-product integration that lets you bring your preferred applications right into Zoom Meetings. This enhances you and your attendees' experience before, during, and after you meet. Zoom Apps can help users streamline workflows, collaborate with colleagues, and have more fun during your meetings. Check out the selection of more than 60 Zoom Apps integrations available on our App Marketplace.

Looking to build for Zoom Apps? Enter your email on the Zoom Developer Gateway to be notified of general availability for developers.

Meeting SDK

Zoom Video and Meeting SDKs

The Zoom Video SDK enables developers to accelerate the development of fully customizable, video-based experiences for applications and websites, using technology backed by the performance, scale, and reliability of Zoom’s industry-leading, video-first communications platform. Extend your product or platform value by using the Video SDK to build video-based experiences to reach new audiences or enhance the value of your product or service for existing customers.

Enhance your app or website user experience with interactive features like in-session chat, livestreaming, and screen sharing to enable dynamic and engaging experiences for your users. As a platform integrator or ISV, leverage your experience developing with the Video SDK to increase your service offering, broaden your addressable customer base, and grow potential revenue streams. Supported platforms and frameworks include Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, and Reactive Native.

The Zoom Meeting SDK allows you to embed a version of the Zoom-branded Meetings client and experience into your application or website, enabling your customers or users to easily start and join Zoom Meetings. Supported platforms include Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, Electron, and Ionic. And soon, Meeting SDK apps will be able to be listed on the App Marketplace with the upcoming OAuth for Meeting SDK update, giving developers and platform integrators an additional opportunity for distribution and discovery of their applications. 

Zoomtopia track and future enhancements

We presented our first-ever Developer Track at Zoomtopia 2021, our annual user conference. Here, attendees were able to hear directly from developers and Zoom partners on how they’ve used the Zoom Developer Platform to accelerate the development of apps and integrations, and originate new products and businesses.

During the Zoom Developer Platform Keynote, “Innovate with the Performance, Scale, and Reliability of Zoom,” Zoom’s Chief Technology Officer Brendan Ittelson went into detail on our Developer Platform roadmap. He shared how Zoom is fueling more opportunities for innovation for the developer ecosystem, further simplifying the development experience, and helping developers to get their solutions to market sooner.

Breakout sessions included insights from developers and platform integrators who have leveraged Zoom’s SDKs to integrate the native ease of Zoom Meetings, built fully customized video-based apps, established enterprise-grade solutions, and effectively integrated Zoom into existing services with Zoom’s APIs and webhooks. Members of the Zoom Developer Relations team also held a “Watch Me Code” session focused on the implementation of the Zoom Meeting SDK.

For more on the powerful ways developers are integrating Zoom across verticals and use cases, check out these breakout session recordings:

Enhanced developer support 

We recently launched a new developer support site. This is the go-to destination to file developer-specific support tickets, get questions answered, search popular support articles, and access additional developer support resources, including our new Premier Developer Support plans. These tiered plans allow developers and customers to purchase prioritized developer-specific support resources with pre-established target response times based on impact level at rates that are competitive with industry benchmarks. 

Building the future

We’re excited to share how our developer platform is evolving, and can’t wait to see how you use these new solutions to innovate and create. Visit to explore Zoom Developer Platform solutions, view documentation, find code samples, and get started building for the future, today.

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