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New From Zoom: Chat Folders, Video Messaging, and More

We’re excited to announce our latest round of updates to our platform, and we can’t wait to see how they impact your daily communications!
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Updated on September 23, 2022

Published on March 23, 2022

Folders UI

At Zoom, our teams are always thinking of new ways for you to enhance your communication and engage with others, whether you’re in the office, at home, or somewhere in between! 

We’re excited to announce our latest round of updates to our platform, and we can’t wait to see how they impact your daily communications! This update includes new features to help you connect, collaborate, and share with others to create memorable experiences, including our new Avatars feature, the ability to send video messages, enhancements to our Contact Center, and more!

Zoom Meetings


Inject some fun and delight into your meetings and webinars with our new Avatars feature, which enables users to select an avatar to represent themselves during meetings and webinars. Check out our blog for more information on this fun new feature! 

Allow livestreaming to Twitch

To help our customers streamline the process of sharing content within their communities and extend their reach, account owners and admins can now allow hosts to livestream their virtual meeting or webinar to Twitch directly rather than manually configuring the stream as a custom livestreaming service. 

Share audio with content to all breakout rooms
Hosts can now share computer audio, along with shared content, to all breakout rooms to create a more cohesive experience for participants. This feature can be enabled when the host begins to share content, or while sharing is in progress. This also supports the Share Video option as well for Breakout Rooms. 

Zoom Team Chat  

Sidebar customization and folders for grouping chats and channels
Keep your chats and channels organized and easy to navigate with the ability to customize your left sidebar and create folders for Zoom Team Chat. The folders feature enables users to group and self-organize their channels and group chats in up to 200 folders, as well as organize the chats and channels within those folders. This feature is scheduled to become available on March 28, 2022.


Video messaging
We want our customers to have the freedom to communicate in a way that best fits their needs, which is why we’ve added video messaging to Zoom Team Chat! This feature allows users to record and send video messages within Zoom Team Chat, providing another valuable way to communicate when you need to provide extra details or a thoughtfully crafted response.  

Zoom Events 

Simplified join for internal events

To streamline the process of joining internal events, we’ve enabled event hosts to allow attendees to join the event with one click and bypass the event registration flow. This feature is available to all Zoom Events customers hosting internal events. 

Registration flow updates

Event hosts can now more easily collect attendee information in the registration flow, allowing attendees to agree to marketing and privacy policies so email data can be shared. Hosts will also be able to add up to three privacy policies, and attendees will be able to opt-in if they want to receive marketing communications from sponsors and hosts. 

Sponsor & Expo updates 

Event organizers can now pause and resume Expo by enabling or disabling Expo from the control panel, making it easier for event hosts to direct the flow of attendees during virtual events and shift their attention to other sessions and speakers. We’ve also enabled admins to publish changes made to their event in the expo tab using the Publish button, and added a short tutorial to Expo to help attendees navigate the experience — once they’ve viewed it, they won’t have to view it again. 

Analytics updates

Event hosts are looking for more data to understand how their attendees are interacting with the content in their events. With these new updates in the Analytics and Control section of the product, hosts can see which Expo Booths attendees interacted with, which sessions they attended, for how long they attended, and whether they spent time in the event lobby.

Zoom Contact Center

View and monitor outbound calls in engagement log
Cultivating greater engagement is critical to providing an exceptional customer experience, so we’ve enabled supervisors to use the engagement log to view details on outbound calls that agents made from their assigned queues. Supervisors can also monitor agents’ outbound calls from these queues, including the ability to listen in, whisper to the agent, enter the call, and take over the call.

Enhancements to skills management 

We’ve refreshed how account owners and admins manage skills within the contact center for a more seamless experience. These enhancements include the ability to:

  • Sort skill categories by display name and modified date
  • Filter skill categories by type (text or proficiency-based skills)
  • Add descriptions to skill categories
  • View additional columns in the skill category list including assigned routing profile and associated skills
  • Search for a specific category or skill using the search bar

Zoom Rooms

Update feedback for Mac-based Zoom Rooms

To help our customers better understand how an update will affect their account, Zoom Rooms users will now receive feedback in the Zoom admin portal that details what is being updated. This enables system admins to enhance their management of updates and makes it easier to understand what is happening once an update is applied.

Workspace Reservation desk suggestion 

Not sure which desk to reserve when you go into the office? Workspace Reservation can now provide a personalized desk suggestion each time a user makes a reservation. Simply click “Desk Recommendation” to see the desk suggested for you.

Zoom Phone 

Forward voicemail with privacy 

Users can forward individual voicemail messages from their client or phone to other users in the same account for easy and seamless sharing of important voicemails and information. Forwarded voicemails can be viewed in the desktop client or web portal, and they can also be marked private to prevent reforwarding and provide additional security.

Cloud audio intercom

Enjoy hands-free peer-to-peer conversations and reach colleagues at the press of a button with our cloud audio intercom feature. By pressing the Intercom button next to a contact in the Zoom Phone tab, you can quickly send communications to colleagues across any sites within the account without needing to wait for the phone call to be answered. 

Group management policy

To simplify the management of policies, admins can now manage policies at the account, group, site, and user level. This update also introduces tiered and bulk policy management, which enables admins to more easily customize how they apply policies within different user groups on the same site. 

Granular international calling

Admins can now more easily manage the cost of their cloud phone system with granular international calling, which enables admins to control which countries users can call. Previously, admins could only switch international calling on or off — now admins can provide users, sites, or groups with specific entitlements to call countries they’ve enabled, but not others. 

User feature entitlement report 

Managing the feature assignments for an entire organization can be difficult, so we’ve added the user feature entitlement report to help streamline this process. Admins can generate one report that captures feature enablement across the organization, providing a simple way for admins to collect and audit their user data. 

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Editor's note 3/23/2022 - This blog has been updated to remove a feature not yet available.

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