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Your contact center will thank you: workforce engagement management software keeps your agents high-performing and staffing just right

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Updated on May 20, 2024

Published on September 18, 2023

Your contact center will thank you: workforce engagement management software keeps your agents high-performing and staffing just right

We can all agree that customer happiness is top of mind for just about every business leader. How do you address modern customer expectations? What’s the secret to mitigating high call volumes? You’re constantly wondering how to move the needle and keep customers content. 

The answer may surprise you — you need to look inward if you want to elevate the customer experience. Specifically, you need to look at how you support your agents. 

AI-powered self-service capabilities are there to help address high volumes of interactions, but agents are at the heart of the more complex issues. Keeping agents happy means you’re better positioned to keep customers happy, which has sparked a huge trend in CX transformation around agent-centric technology. In fact, Metrigy reported 83% of companies are implementing CX transformations in 2023, which include heavy investments in worker-focused technology.

While it’s one thing to know agent happiness matters, it’s another to know how to foster it — which is where workforce engagement management tools come into play. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Zoom Workforce Engagement Management is now generally available for organizations looking to harness AI-generated insights to help boost employee performance and deliver better customer experiences. 

Meet Zoom Workforce Engagement Management

Zoom Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) is the latest offering in our customer experience solutions portfolio and is now available to Zoom Contact Center customers. This new WEM suite is made up of two products: Zoom Workforce Management (WFM), launched in July 2023, and the new Zoom Quality Management (QM). 

With WFM, you can equip your contact center with the right number of agents at the right times to help meet customer demands. Scheduling nightmares have become a thing of the past, as WFM helps streamline forecasting, predict agent workload, and more accurately estimate headcount. 

And when your teams need feedback and coaching opportunities arise, you can use quality management to help unlock new insights from customer interactions and increase agent performance and overall satisfaction. 

In the realm of Workforce Management and Quality Management programs, Zoom has impressively customized an experience to perfectly align with our company’s unique requirements. Their Quality Management is a robust tool that can be used to track Performance Management broken down into call center Scorecards, Evaluations, Calibrations and Automations. This tool allows us to track keywords and/or phrases, and the subject of our calls for all call interactions, just the caller, or just the employee. This can create a deep dive experience into a call center’s CX.

- Ashford McQueen, Workforce Management Analyst, Amynta (beta participant)

What is quality management software?

Zoom Quality Management is an AI-powered CX tool that analyzes customer interactions via various communication channels to unlock key business insights. Those insights can be used to coach and mentor agents to help improve their performance.  

Best of all, quality management — and workforce engagement overall — works seamlessly with Zoom Contact Center, so you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors for your CX needs.

Quality management

A few ways supervisors can use Zoom Quality Management (QM) to gather actionable insights and elevate agent performance: 

Review all customer interactions in a centralized place

Contact center agents are typically the first point of contact for interactions with your customers and are expected to use human, empathetic dialogue. But these same agents are often burdened by high call volumes and turnover due to heavy workloads in their day-to-day roles. 

With Zoom Quality Management, supervisors and evaluators can harness the power of AI to help review customer interactions, voice and video at launch, within a simple, easy to use interface. Most importantly, you can take advantage of AI-powered capabilities (more on this below) to conduct reviews at scale, mitigating bandwidth constraints as a result.

interactions FINAL

Leverage AI-powered speech analytics to uncover valuable insights

You can use our AI-powered speech analytics to get a quick snapshot of what’s going on across your communications channels, easily identifying areas for improvement through the ability to automatically scan speech and text conversations. You’ll spend less time reviewing and have more time to evaluate agent performance, leverage new insights to drive better outcomes, and leave no customer interaction unaddressed.

With speech analytics, you can: 

  • Leverage ML models to proactively identify relevant questions and next steps with no setup necessary
  • Harness the power of generative AI to quickly understand the context of the conversation using the automatically generated interaction summary
  • Track mentions of pre-built or custom topics and indicators relevant to your business
  • Quickly view agent KPIs at a glance using the agent summary

Speech analytics

Like all of our AI-powered products, Zoom Quality Management adheres to our commitment to building responsible AI — we do not use any customer conversation content to train Zoom’s or any third-party’s artificial intelligence models. 

Establish a formal quality assurance program

Zoom Quality Management provides supervisors with tools to monitor and evaluate agent performance, identify training and coaching opportunities, and provide feedback to agents on areas of improvement. You can assess the quality of agent/customer interactions and identify areas for improvement via scorecards, calibrations, and insights uncovered by Zoom’s AI-powered features.

Use automations to specify the conditions you want to focus your quality assurance program on and take the guesswork out of finding the right interactions to review and evaluate. Assign evaluation tasks directly to evaluators and track the status of those tasks to make sure you take advantage of critical coaching moments.

Involve your agents in your quality assurance program by offering them the ability to submit disputes. By giving agents a voice when issues come up, you can help create a positive, empowering environment that supports meaningful customer and employee experiences. By creating this open, equitable environment, you can revamp your CX strategy and better identify areas where you can continue to improve your customer service and support practices. 

customer satisfaction quality

The quality management beta has been such an amazing tool for me to use. It’s so much easier to use than having to manually create the spreadsheets for each rep. I feel like this has changed the quality process for the better.

- Kimberly Wyatt, Quality Analyst, MerchantE (beta participant)

Happy agents = happy customers

The contact center is the heartbeat of your customer support operations. Without insight into agent performance or no easy way to boost productivity, employee morale can decrease and customer relationships can be negatively impacted. We developed our workforce engagement management software to help you improve agent performance and engagement, supercharge contact center operational efficiency, reduce supervisor workloads, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

Coupled with Zoom Contact Center and our AI-powered self-service capabilities in Zoom Virtual Agent, Zoom Workforce Engagement Management helps you create a comprehensive experience designed to address customers’ needs, make agent work more meaningful, and streamline the way you communicate. 

To learn more about Zoom Workforce Engagement Management, reach out today.

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