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Tips for Improving Remote Working Productivity with Zoom Phone

Working from home? Here are some easy ways to improve remote working productivity with Zoom Phone and enhance the WFH experience.
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Updated on September 26, 2022

Published on May 14, 2020

Zoom Phone
Like it or not, many of us are remote workers for the time being, and phone remains an important tool for daily work communication. I have been a remote worker since joining Zoom in April 2019, and Zoom Phone has become a key component of my daily workflow. I’ve outlined some tips and tricks in a recent webinar for using Zoom Phone that I learned along the way to improve remote working productivity and enhance the hybrid or WFH experience

Personal settings and customization

Knowing how to adjust your personal settings is almost as important as knowing how to use the technology. Zoom wants to support the way you work, not force you to change work habits to support the technology, which is why we give you access to configure your account in the Personal Settings menu.

Balance work & personal lives with Business & Holiday Hours feature

When working from home, sometimes work feels like a constant demand with inbound calls happening at all hours. To ensure your phone is not ringing during your off-hours, spend a little time setting up business and holiday hours. Business Hours

Call Handling to forward calls to a separate number

Zoom Phone allows you to easily forward calls to another phone number such as after-hours answering services or an internal support queue. Call Handling Ring Mode allows you to set an alternative phone number to ring simultaneously. You can also set your call queue to ring your Zoom application first and then forward based on a max wait time you pre-selected. Call Handling for Business Hours

Sync calendar & contacts

Isn't it frustrating when you have an office phone and a cell phone, but you don't have all of your contacts on each device? Syncing your calendar and contacts populates all of your contacts inside of the Zoom Phone directory for fast and easy look-up and calling. In addition to expanding your click-to-call directory, this information will also be utilized for inbound caller ID. In the Personal Settings section, select Profile, scroll down to Calendar and Contact Integration, and select Connect to Calendar & Contact Service. Sync Calendar

Zoom Phone in-app productivity

Inside the application on your desktop or mobile device, there are many features that tie together Meeting, Chat & Phone that also enable productivity. Here are a few of my favorites.

Voicemail with Transcription

I spend most of my day either on the phone or in meetings, and I regularly get inbound calls during this time that I can’t always answer. (Although Zoom does allow you to answer a call and automatically place the meeting on hold, a great benefit of a single platform!)   Voicemail transcription Voicemail transcription gives me the ability to review inbound calls and read the voicemail messages when I’m still on another call or in a meeting. It allows me to easily get the context of the message and, if urgent, reprioritize what I am doing.

Transition between modes of communication

Every day I use Zoom for meetings, phone calls, chat, and email (among several other virtual collaboration tools) to get my job done, and it's critical that we can seamlessly navigate between each to maintain productivity. With Zoom, I can easily transition from chat to a phone call and elevate that phone call into a full collaborative meeting experience. I can also seamlessly add new collaborators on the fly to existing meetings, by inviting them via chat, SMS, email, or phone. I can also easily add an inbound caller to a meeting by selecting Merge. Merge calls

Move call to mobile device

With Zoom Phone, I can take a call from my desk phone and move the call to a desktop app or to a mobile device by placing the call on hold and picking it up on the preferred device. This is very convenient for when you need to get out the door for a doctor’s appointment, for instance, and need to continue the call en route.

One-click audio/video meetings

Individuals or small teams that work closely together are one click away from connecting out of a team chat channel into a rich collaborative experience with a video call with content sharing.  One-click meeting

Improved productivity with Salesforce, Slack integrations

I am in sales, and the Zoom Phone Salesforce integration provides added efficiency by having access to all of my accounts and contact information in one place. I use the Salesforce integration to click-to-call out, as well as automatically populate the customer record on inbound calls. You can learn more about how to set up the integration by visiting the Zoom App Marketplace. Zoom Phone Salesforce integration With our Slack integration, you can start a Zoom Phone call from any Slack channel or group direct message by typing “/zoom call” in a Slack message. The Zoom app presents you with a “Call” button to dial out to your chosen contact via Zoom Phone.

Zoom Phone ad hoc call recording

The ability to click a button and automatically record all or a portion of a phone call to the cloud provides significant benefits, such as having notes, chats, and recordings in the same application for easy access. These recordings can be played directly from the desktop or mobile application, as well as in a browser when logged in to your account. Note: For security and privacy reasons, both parties will hear an audio prompt notifying them when the call is being recorded. Record a call Call recording For more tips on using Zoom Phone, check out our on-demand webinar "Remote Worker Productivity Tips & Tricks with Zoom Phone":

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