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Get More Out of Your Meeting Spaces with Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms, our meeting space solution, offers the modern features and functionality organizations need to enhance their meeting spaces.
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Updated on September 29, 2022

Published on October 08, 2021

Get More Out Of Your Meeting Spaces With Zoom Rooms

Organizations across the world have adjusted their operations to address the unique challenges presented by the pandemic, including redesigning workspaces to improve safety and collaboration, as well as offering a blend of mobile, home, and in-office working arrangements.

To help ease this transition and improve productivity, organizations need to ensure they can offer a cohesive, frictionless, and dynamic meeting space experience. Zoom Rooms, our meeting space solution, offers the modern features and functionality organizations need to enhance their meeting spaces, whether those spaces are in the office, in an employee’s home, at the doctor’s office, or in the classroom.

We recently released some exciting features that promise to further enhance your meeting space experience: 

Breakout Room support

As announced at Zoomtopia 2021, Zoom Rooms will now have capabilities to start, set up, and control Breakout Rooms. Using the Zoom Room Controller or touchscreen, the meeting host can assign participants to Breakout Rooms and edit their Breakout Rooms. 

Zoom Room Breakout Room

This is commonly used in schools and classrooms where students are separated into smaller groups for separate projects. Breakout Rooms are also available for employees who have a Zoom Room at home or in a remote workspace to fully leverage the Breakout Room experience, creating new opportunities for enhanced collaboration and increased working flexibility

Focus Mode

The Focus Mode feature, released in August for Zoom Meetings, places meeting participants in a view where they are only able to see themselves, the host or co-hosts, and the content they are sharing. 

Focus Mode Zoom Rooms

Now, Zoom Rooms also supports Focus Mode. For organizations that offer virtual training, classes, certifications, or education, this creates an environment where presenters can offer a more focused experience whether they are working remotely, in the office, or in a hybrid environment with both in-person and remote attendees. 

Immersive View

It can be difficult to create a virtual experience that replicates the in-person experience. However, Zoom’s Immersive View feature, now available in Zoom Rooms, helps hosts address that challenge by placing video participants onto a single virtual background.

Hosts can upload their own custom immersive background as well, allowing them to create a fun and engaging environment for participants to enjoy. Hosts in Zoom Rooms can also customize the arrangement of participants, empowering them to create an experience that fits their meeting needs. 

Blurred background for Zoom for Home

Remote employees with Zoom for Home devices have access to a range of capabilities and features that enhance collaboration, bringing the power of Zoom Rooms to wherever your employees choose to work. 

And with the blurred background feature now available for Zoom Rooms and Zoom for Home, customers can create a professional atmosphere that also places participants’ focus on the presenter and minimizes background distractions. This feature is currently supported on Poly devices and Neat devices for Zoom Rooms, and Facebook Portal.

Support for Poly Studio X70

We are constantly expanding our hardware partnerships across personal and group devices, and we are excited that Poly Studio X70 is now available in beta as a Zoom Rooms Appliance for our customers looking to video-enable larger meeting spaces. This was first announced at Zoomtopia 2021, and we’re excited to help our customers enable Zoom Rooms for larger spaces. 

Poly Studio X70

With technology like Poly DirectorAI with automatic tracking, the Poly Studio X70 helps organizations create a more engaging experience for remote employees and create that “in the room” feel. 

When attending meetings virtually in larger meeting spaces, those who are off-site can struggle to clearly see in-room participants who are farther away or just within view of the camera. This can reduce the effectiveness of the experience, as they can’t accurately gauge facial expressions and emotional responses of the in-room participants. 

Our new multi-stream view feature, now in public beta, displays multiple video feeds from up to three different cameras in a single conference room. This allows the Zoom Room cameras to focus more closely on groups of participants and display them more clearly to remote attendees.

Learn more about Zoom Rooms

For more information on how to get the most out of your meeting spaces, request a demo or connect with a Zoom Room product specialist. And to see how you can create the ultimate meeting room experience at both the office and at home, visit our Workspace Designer

Check out this video to learn more about Zoom Rooms:

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