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Zoom Apps for Webinars and New Immersive Experiences Change The Way You Meet, Together

Zoom Apps now includes new Immersive Experiences that can further transform meetings. And, Zoom Apps can run in Webinars to elevate your next event.
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Updated on July 28, 2022

Published on July 12, 2022

Zoom Apps For Webinars And New Immersive Experiences Change The Way You Meet, Together
Corey Hobbs
Corey Hobbs
Technical Product Manager, Zoom Apps
Corey Hobbs is a technical product manager at Zoom focused on Immersive Experiences bridging the standard meeting to the future of audio & visual interfaces. Corey joined Zoom because he wanted to bring the idea of “productive fun” to the standard meeting.

With more than 100 apps published, and capabilities ranging from Collaborate Mode to Breakout Rooms, the Zoom Apps program was recently opened to any developer. And today we’re announcing even more! 

Now, Zoom Apps includes new Immersive Experiences that can further transform meetings allowing you to customize the meeting canvas, participants’ video streams, and images. And, Zoom Apps can run in Webinars to elevate your next event, incorporate branding, engage with your audience in real-time, and gather attendee engagement insights. 

Learn more about what the latest Zoom Apps updates offer:

Zoom Apps for Webinar

Hosts and attendees are now able to access select Zoom Apps in Webinars. From masterclasses to all-hands meetings and everything in between, leverage the power of collaboration in these events for 100+ attendees. 

With Zoom Apps for Webinars hosts or panelists can use apps, and when they share with attendees they can engage without having to sign up or login. 

Create a deeper connection between attendees with Applause Studio

Live reactions, including hearts, applause, and GIFs can be integrated into Zoom Webinars with Applause Studio to help keep your audience engaged. Audience feedback lets you know they are listening. High engagement means a better retention of information, higher morale, and a deeper connection between you and your audience. Whether a work meeting, classroom, or religious service, Applause brings communities closer together.

Capture attendee engagement and insights with Pigeonhole Live

Supercharge your webinar engagement with Pigeonhole Live’s Q&As, Word Clouds, Multiple Choice Polls and Quizzes. Create sessions beforehand or on the go without leaving your webinar window. You can also bring your attendees’ attention to specific sessions by casting them on the Audience View. Our seamless integration with Zoom ensures that key attendee and engagement insights are captured for your analysis while maintaining complete attendee privacy.

Transform your webinar into a fundraiser with Pledge

The Donations by Pledge app makes it easy to fundraise for over two million verified nonprofits directly in Zoom Webinars or Meetings! Harness your community to create a positive impact for a cause you care about. Create a fundraiser within Zoom in minutes, provide custom virtual backgrounds for donors, and display a real-time donation feed. To learn more, visit today.

Translate Webinars from 15 Languages Simultaneously with Wordly App for Zoom 

Offer live translation (including audio, captions, and transcripts) into 20+ languages with the Wordly App for Zoom for your webinar attendees. Wordly does not require human interpreters or special equipment. Presenters and attendees speak and listen/read in their preferred language with the click of a button. It’s easy and affordable. Make your multilingual webinars more productive and inclusive.

Encourage active participation during webinars with Mentimeter

Make delivering interactive and engaging webinars even easier directly in your Zoom Webinars with Mentimeter. With the Mentimeter App for Zoom Webinars, you can capture real-time input, gather unbiased responses to check the pulse of the (virtual) room, and feedback to help you continuously improve through polls, Q&As, quizzes, and more. Mentimeter can help make webinars an even more interactive experience.

Host formal and secure webinars with Linkando 

Use Zoom Webinars for your formal shareholder meetings or general assemblies, with access to solutions to support compliance with laws and bylaws. With the Linkando App for Zoom Webinars, add formal invitation management, meeting agenda, voting and elections, and automated meeting minutes to Zoom Webinars. Finally, you can use the best webinar solution available for your most important and largest meetings of the year.

Immersive Experiences for Zoom Apps

Immersive experiences create even more engaging meetings and webinars. Zoom Apps now can dynamically personalize a participant’s video with Virtual Backgrounds and Virtual Foregrounds. Going beyond speaker and gallery views, an app can change the meeting canvas itself with a composite of video and graphical elements for customized and immersive experiences.

Create an immersive donation display with Donations by Pledge 

Hosts will now be able to instantly turn their Zoom video into an immersive donation display using the Donations by Pledge app, including a live donor feed, the total amount raised, and text-to-donate information. Simply create a fundraiser for a nonprofit of your choice through the Donations by Pledge app and turn on “Donations Overlay” in the settings to see the donations roll in.

Unlock dynamic, real-time content with Warmly  

Ready for better engagement during your meetings? Through Warmly's new Immersive experience, you can unlock dynamic, real-time content without leaving your Zoom app. Hover your favorite memes over your shoulder for easy icebreakers or catch someone's attention in gallery view by reacting with a GIF.

Collaborate virtually using avatars with Welo 

Welo amps up the effectiveness and satisfaction of distributed meetings by helping participants feel they’re in the same room even when they’re apart. Welo’s new immersive experience merges each attendee’s video into a collaborative virtual space using avatars. You’re able to easily move into a room and instantly experience more connection to others—no matter where you are in the world.

Elevate employee engagement with Funtivity by Hermis

Funtivity by Hermis is an employee engagement product for a distributed workforce. Improve engagement, reduce churn and build the social fabric of your entire org with 30+ fun activities like Quizzes (tons of different trivia-style activities like Celebrity Mixup, Guess the Movie, Name the Song, etc), Doodle Challenge, Escape Rooms, etc. Funtivity can be used for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion events, team building meetings, employee onboarding, all hands, and more. With this release, you can enjoy the same fun activities with a more immersive experience! Start any Trivia activity, and see your Zoom client transform into a playing board with videos embedded inside.

Get started with Zoom Apps

Get started with Zoom Apps with three simple steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of our client. 
  2. Open Zoom and click the Apps tab in the desktop client or in the toolbar of your next Zoom Meeting. For some accounts, users may need admins to enable the Zoom Apps icon in the account settings for it to be visible in the desktop client and meeting toolbar.
  3. Click Discover to see the list of available Zoom Apps and add your favorites. 

You can also go to the Zoom App Marketplace, click on the Zoom Apps category, and select specific apps. The selected apps can then be found under the Apps icon in the My Apps tab in your client and in the interface of your Zoom Meetings. If your company’s IT admins control how Zoom Apps are used, your admin may require that you get pre-approval before adding specific apps so be sure that they have pre-approved the apps you’d like to use. Visit our Zoom Apps page to get started.

New Developer Opportunities

Using the Zoom Apps SDK, a Zoom Meetings app can quickly be extended to run in Zoom Webinars. This includes supporting Guest users who don’t have to Add the app or login to use an app as an Attendee.

Zoom Apps also enables developers to create Immersive Experiences. While traditional compositing engines had been reserved to external broadcast vision mixers like Open Broadcast System (OBS), Zoom has made this video-first innovation broadly accessible to web developers. The Layers API accesses the Zoom video engine directly for dynamically compositing foreground, video and background elements.

To explore these and other Zoom Developer Platform solutions, visit the Zoom Developer site.

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