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New From Zoom: Workspace Reservation, Video Mail, and More

Introducing video voicemail, in-office space reservation, and some privacy and security updates. See what else is new from Zoom!
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Updated on September 29, 2022

Published on December 22, 2021

New From Zoom: Workspace Reservation, Video Mail, And More

Happy holidays from everyone at Zoom! We have a number of exciting updates and new features we’re releasing this month to streamline the flow of your meetings, provide additional ways to catch up with your coworkers, reduce friction in the hybrid work experience, and enhance user security and privacy. 

This includes video voicemail for Zoom Phone, the ability to easily reserve an in-office workspace (in beta this month), and several security and privacy updates, such as the ability to share cloud recordings to specific external stakeholders. 

Here are some of the features and updates you can now enjoy! 

Zoom Meetings

We’ve released features to help you create more focused and customizable virtual meeting experiences

Schedule meetings with Focus Mode

Hosts can schedule a meeting with Focus Mode to start automatically when the meeting starts providing fewer distractions to all meeting participants.

Save custom Gallery View order

Meeting hosts can save the customized Gallery View order for subsequent meetings. The customized gallery order is saved to each unique meeting ID, which allows the host to load the saved customized order to avoid manually changing the order for each meeting. This feature is also available in Zoom Webinars

Zoom Team Chat

Take your GIF game to the next level and streamline the process of returning calls with these latest features! 

GIF send enhancement

When selecting a GIF from the GIPHY search panel, the GIF will be displayed in the message compose box. Additional text can be added before sending the GIF.

View your missed meeting calls

When contacts attempt to call you via meet-with-video and you are unavailable, these missed meeting calls will be centrally located so that you can quickly check what you missed. You can also jump to the chat or team chat channel or start a video call based on the missed meeting call.  

Save videos sent through Zoom Team Chat to your mobile device Videos sent through Zoom Team Chat can now be saved locally to mobile devices, enabling users to more easily share and leverage video assets. 

Zoom Phone

In this release, we’re providing our VoIP phone users with additional ways to connect and enhance your communications with other Zoom users, as well as your international customers and stakeholders. 

Video Mail

We’re providing a more personable alternative to standard voicemail with the ability to greet your callers with video greetings and let them leave you rich context with video messages for colleagues, right into their voicemail inbox.

Video Voicemail

Enhanced Power User desktop experience 

Users with the Power Pack add-on can search for contacts and transfer calls directly from the Desktop Power User experience, without having to open the main Zoom client window, thereby making common workflows more efficient

Zoom Rooms

Streamline the workspace reservation process and enhance your in-room presentations with these latest updates. 

Workspace Reservation (beta)

Providing a safe and frictionless on-site experience is critical with the rise of hybrid work where employees can both work from home and the office. Releasing in beta later this month, Workspace Reservation enables users to easily book meeting spaces using an interactive map whether they are on-site or remote, creating a seamless experience for all employees. 

Local-only screen share support for Mac and Windows

Our local-only screen share feature, which allows an in-room user to read notes that are not visible to other participants in the meeting, has previously only been available on Zoom Rooms Appliances. We’ve now added support for Mac and Windows to local-only screen share, allowing those users to make screen sharing visible only to that room when using an HDMI connection. 

Zoom for Home

Zoom for Home, Kiosk Mode, and Digital Signage available on iPad 

Zoom for Home now supports the use of the Apple iPad, providing users with a flexible, space-saving device for their remote office or on-site workspaces. Simply download the Zoom Rooms Controller app, and select Zoom Rooms for Touch mode during the setup process. In addition to Zoom for Home, you will be able to use the iPad as virtual receptionist (Kiosk Mode) and Digital Signage devices.

Neat Frame

Neat Frame is an all-in-one 15.6-inch touch-screen video device for your Zoom hybrid work needs. Its portrait-oriented form factor takes up little room while enabling an optimal layout of people and content with less wasted screen space. Neat Frame automatically frames and tracks people and offers superior sound while removing unwanted background noises.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series

Connect to your friends, family, and coworkers from the comfort of your living room with Zoom’s first smart TV app on the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series. Simply download the Zoom app from the Fire TV Appstore and connect a compatible USB webcam (1080p recommended). Once you’re logged in, enjoy video calls from the largest screen in your house and use Alexa on your next Zoom call – just say, “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting.”

Zoom Events

Events of any kind require a ton of flexibility, and in this update, we’re providing Zoom Events users with the increased flexibility they need to adjust their events on the fly. 

Enhanced notification settings for Summits and Conferences

In a virtual Conference and Summit, event hosts will now have the ability to decide which event notifications they would like to send out to event attendees and speakers to create the best experience. Hosts will also have the ability to control most notification emails that go out to attendees or even disable them completely.

Registration question editing

The details and content of an event can often change without notice and hosts might need to collect more information from attendees than they originally had planned, requiring changes to their registration questions. Event hosts can now edit registration questions once the event is published in Conference and Summit to provide them with additional flexibility. Hosts will still receive the answers from their previously edited questions, as well as new answers.

Clearer instructions for hosts and attendees

To reduce confusion for hosts and attendees when attempting to join an event before or after it has ended, we’ve provided clearer instructions in the pop-up message that hosts and attendees receive when they cannot join an event. 

Zoom Apps 

We’re constantly expanding our Zoom Apps offering to provide more opportunities for enhanced collaboration and connection, and in this release, we’re giving our customers greater flexibility in how they leverage this solution. 

Pre-approved app notification

To streamline the use of Zoom Apps, apps awaiting pre-approval by account admins will now notify users of their new status and availability for installation as soon as they are pre-approved. This notification will only appear for users or user groups for which the app has been pre-approved.  

Support for Zoom Apps in Breakout Rooms

Zoom Apps can now be accessed in Breakout Rooms, giving users the ability to use their favorite workplace apps and interactive games while in breakout spaces. 

Privacy and security updates

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the security and privacy of users, we’ve provided two new updates to enhance security for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars customers. 

Increased privacy options for Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar integrations

Our update to the Zoom desktop client prevents Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar from showing any meeting details obtained through the respective calendar integrations for the host or anyone with scheduling privileges for calendar events marked as Private. 

Enhanced panelist authentication option

Webinar hosts can now require panelists to sign in with the account associated with the email they registered with. If a panelist tries to join without being signed in or is signed in with the wrong account, they will be notified and given the option to sign in or switch accounts. 

Share cloud recording to a specific email or domain

Meeting hosts can allow access to cloud recordings and share cloud recordings to specific external user email addresses or domains, reducing the friction in sharing recordings with external stakeholders. 

Stay up to date

For more information on the most Zoom platform updates, visit our release notes page. To see how Zoom can benefit all types of businesses and organizations, schedule a demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

Editor's note 12/22: This blog was updated to clarify the availability of Workspace Reservation, in beta this month and planning to GA in 2022.

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