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New From Zoom: Zoom Rooms Enhancements for Hybrid Workforces

Whether employees are at home or returning to an office, here are a few new Zoom Rooms features that will empower your hybrid workforces.
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Updated on September 29, 2022

Published on November 17, 2020

New From Zoom: Zoom Rooms Enhancements For Hybrid Workforces

Our Zoom Rooms meeting room solutions make it easy to host, join, and engage in video meetings with the tap of a button, no matter where your workspace is. We’re excited to announce some enhancements that make that tap even more powerful.

Whether planning a safe return to the office or further accommodating employees working from home, here are a few new Zoom Rooms features to simplify either experience.

Extend your laptop to a touch display

A meeting participant sharing their screen to a Zoom Rooms for Touch device can give control to that device, allowing you to make web edits from the larger screen and increase meeting interactivity. This feature has been released on Zoom Rooms for Touch Appliances and will be available on Zoom Rooms for Touch Windows later this year.

Virtual receptionist/kiosk mode (beta)

Provide a contactless entry experience for your building guests with our new virtual receptionist/kiosk mode! Just customize the “Start Meeting" button on a Zoom Rooms for Touch device in your lobby to connect visitors with a receptionist and safely greet them. Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode is available in beta on all Zoom Rooms for Touch devices. 

Home screen for Zoom virtual receptionist

See the virtual receptionist feature in action:

Save whiteboard to chat (beta)


Love whiteboarding? You can save and share your whiteboard session from a Zoom Rooms for Touch or Zoom for Home device to a Zoom Team Chat as a PDF, PNG, or JPG. You can already share online whiteboard files via email. 


Save your Zoom whiteboard to chat


Zoom admins can control rooms remotely

Want to limit how many people are in a Zoom Room? With hybrid workforces the new norm, now IT admins can launch the Zoom Rooms Controller via the admin portal in a web browser and control the room remotely to provide room and meeting support even when they are not in the room.

Zoom admin portal to control Zoom Rooms remotely

Transfer a call to an appliance

We’re providing even more Zoom mobility with the ability to seamlessly hand off a Zoom Phone call to a Zoom Rooms Appliance. As long as the device is in proximity, you can transfer calls among desk phones, mobile devices, desktop PCs, and conference rooms. This feature is now available on Zoom Rooms Mac OS, Windows OS, and appliances.

Join Breakout Rooms

In addition to hosting Breakout Rooms, Zoom Rooms can now be assigned to breakouts as participants.

Zoom Rooms Controller interface with Breakout Rooms

Admins can change the default view on a Zoom Room screen to up to 49 videos per screen! Zoom Rooms users can also change the Gallery View to 49 videos during the meeting.

Additional enhancements

Customized video layouts: When a host customizes video layouts in a meeting, Zoom Rooms participants can view the video order. This is especially useful for Zoom classrooms.

Create multiple-page whiteboards: Users can add additional pages during whiteboard sessions on Zoom Rooms Appliances. This feature is now available on Zoom Rooms Windows OS and appliances.

Optimize your workspace today

For more about these and other enhancements, check out the Zoom Rooms release notes. To learn more about how Zoom Rooms can elevate your meeting spaces, schedule a personalized demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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