Zoom Rooms for Touch

Collaborate in a Whole New Way

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Cloud-based Video Conferencing for Large Interactive Displays

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Zoom Rooms for Touch

  • Instantly start a collaboration session, complete with shared content and flawless video 

  • Brainstorm with your entire team utilizing the latest touch technology options 

  • Share and collaborate on content with screen sharing and whiteboarding


Certified Hardware Providers


DTEN D7 55" or 75”

As part of a next-generation of modern video conferencing room solutions, DTEN has combined the power of groundbreaking interactive hardware technology with software-based, video conference room solution, Zoom Rooms. Set up is easier than ever. Pre-configured with Zoom Rooms software, DTEN D7 is a comprehensive plug-and-play video conference room solution enabling interactive video collaboration in any meeting space. 

Aver device

Aver EP 65" All-in-one

Designed to make collaboration more efficient and effective, the EP65 is integrated with Zoom software and features a high powered Windows IoT pluggable PC module for ease of management and minimal maintenance. This display has everything integrated - from the brilliant 4K camera to far-field microphone array. The included Intel OPS pluggable PC module with i7 core processing give you the horsepower to create an unforgettable Zoom Rooms experience. 

Zoom Rooms Professional Services

Deploy painlessly and quickly.

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  • Zoom's Professional Services team can help you transform your conference rooms in no time 

  • Site survey with recommended hardware and a detailed system set-up and configuration guide 

  • Options for remote or on-site deployment services