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New Zoom + Neat Innovations to Help You Return to the Office & Classroom

Neat and Zoom have been working together to help organizations create safe environments while building effective meeting experiences.
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Updated on September 22, 2022

Published on April 29, 2021

Neat + Zoom

Over the past year, many companies and schools all across the globe have been staying connected remotely. As employees and students begin returning to offices and schools, Neat and Zoom have been working together to help organizations create safe environments while building effective virtual meeting experiences.  

Here are some of the latest innovations from Zoom and Neat to help you return to the office and classroom safely:

Returning to office

To return to the office, employers and business leaders will need to ensure that their spaces include equipment and solutions that create a safe and effective work environment, for both on-site and remote workers

Here are some of the products and features from Zoom and Neat that can help you and your organization re-enter the office safely without missing a beat:

Neat Sense

Designed to support a more comfortable, healthier environment for your employees, Neat Sense monitors factors such as air quality, humidity, CO2 concentrations, and people count to help ensure that each meeting room is safe for people to carry out their work. 

Virtual Receptionist

Create a safe and greeting experience using Zoom Rooms’ Virtual Receptionist, which allows employees and other visitors to interact with a live receptionist virtually using a touch screen equipped with a camera and microphone.

Neat Symmetry

Available across all Neat devices, Neat Symmetry gives each person in a meeting space their own individual frame on the screen, making it easier for remote participants to see the reactions and body language of other participants. 

Zoom for Home

Support your remote employees with the solutions they need to collaborate and communicate effectively with Zoom for Home, a new offering included within Zoom Meetings that allows anyone to deploy a personal collaboration device for video meetings, phone calls, and annotation.

Touch-free meeting experiences

Reduce the number of devices your employees physically interact with voice commands for Zoom Rooms conferencing, or simply pair your device with a Zoom Room to control the entire experience from your personal smartphone or tablet. 

Returning to the classroom

Educators around the world have faced significant challenges during COVID-19, as they were forced to rapidly transition to a remote learning model. As students return to the classroom, schools and universities will need to implement solutions that enhance the learning experience of in-class students while supporting remote learners. 

Zoom Rooms

Here are some of the products and features Zoom and Neat have developed to ensure students can make a safe return to the classroom:

With a dedicated virtual meeting space readily accessible, educators can easily create an environment that gives both in-class and remote students the same equity in the classroom. Zoom Rooms provides students with the same capabilities and features to create dynamic learning experiences, no matter where they’re learning from. Features such as one-touch to join meetings and wireless content sharing help teachers foster an intuitive and engaging learning experience.


Available on all Neat video devices, auto-framing automatically zooms in to frame the classroom and teacher as they move around. This allows educators to move freely without worrying about adjusting the camera view or lighting, enabling remote students to focus on the teacher and feel part of the classroom experience.  

High-quality audio and video from Neat and Zoom

Clear communication is a hallmark of an effective learning experience. Zoom’s HD audio and video conferencing, combined with Neat’s high-performance hardware, allows educators to reliably deliver their curriculum to students, both in-class and remote. Zoom even optimizes video and audio for students in low-bandwidth areas or students that are using devices that can’t support high bandwidth. 

Interactive whiteboarding

Seamlessly create content for in-class and remote students using Zoom’s interactive whiteboarding, which allows teachers to share and annotate content in real-time using a multi-touch screen such as the Neat Board.

Start your journey back to the office and classroom

For more information on how to plan your safe return to the office or classroom, please visit Neat’s hybrid work page and hybrid learning page. And for some important tips to help you manage your hybrid classroom or office, please visit our blog.

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