Zoom for Education Playbook

Your guide to using Zoom for K-12, primary & secondary education

From setting up Zoom across your school district to enabling educators, parents, and students with tips for success, find everything you need for teaching, learning, and connecting with Zoom.

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Whether you’ve come to Zoom to enhance communication across your campus or district, or want to find new ways to engage your educational community virtually, we’re glad you’re here! Within the guides below, you’ll find tons of resources, tips, and guidance for setting up and using Zoom for Education, no matter who you are.

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Guide for Administrators

  • Customize your account for your school’s specific needs

  • Introduce Zoom to your faculty and staff

  • Get the most out of Zoom for school- or district-wide communications


Guide for Educators

  • How to set up and secure your virtual classroom

  • Features and tools for student engagement

  • Creative ways to use Zoom in education


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Guide for Parents & Students

  • Get started with Zoom

  • Learn about privacy and security for the virtual classroom

  • Tips for remote and hybrid learning success 


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