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Reimagine what education can be with streamlined communications, E911 solutions, hybrid learning spaces, and engaging virtual classroom experiences.

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Hybrid learning is here to stay

People across the world agree — everything will have a virtual component going forward, including education.

A 2021 survey by Qualtrics, commissioned by Zoom, shows that video helped maintain educational continuity when in-person learning options were not available, and helped people feel safer than in-person learning due to COVID-19-related concerns. It also gave some students access to online classes providing an educational experience they didn’t have access to in person.

One Application. One Experience.

The enrollment cliff is coming, but educational institutions are still working with students to help make up for survival mode during the acute pandemic years. A unified platform can establish channels for education communities, break down barriers to online learning, and improve operations.

  • Instructor privacy

    Softphone solutions enable hybrid work and employee flexibility. But work-life balance can get fuzzy in the digital sphere. Protect your employees’ privacy with Zoom Phone extensions! Learn how it’s done

  • Device handoff

    Seamless device handoff not only improves the accessibility of campus communications. It also empowers teachers and employees to work from anywhere, improving satisfaction and work-life balance. Engage with events

  • Recruit and retain

    Help students stay engaged during and after their university experience. With SMS capabilities, voicemail transcription, and more, you can put Zoom Phone to work in ways that make sense for your education community. Watch the demo

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Nomadic E911 and Campus Wide Alerts

Combine the power of our digital signage with our nomadic E911 capabilities to lend more peace of mind to your education community.

  • Emergency call routing

    Get notified any time a 911 call is made on your campus or within one of your school buildings. Our enhanced 911 capabilities notify both the internal safety team as well as the Public Safety Access Point (PSAB). Watch a quick demo

  • Feel in control of emergencies

    Your internal safety team can also listen in or join in on calls to assist in the event of an emergency. You can also choose to remove any dialing prefixes for external or emergency numbers. Learn more

  • Campus alerts with Digital Signage

    Combined with our digital signage capabilities, your emergency campus notifications can go even further. Get the Guide

Funding Your Vision

If all you see are dollar signs, don’t panic! Our exclusive grants partner, Learn, Design, Apply (LDA), can help connect educational institutions and districts to available resources at no extra cost. The LDA team is full of seasoned experts who have already helped bring ambitious goals to life.

  • RUS-DLT grant for IT infrastructure

    Learn how grant recipient Cris Fanning, Director of Education for the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC), used the grant to improve core IT infrastructure and provide a distance education and behavior health services lifeline for students. Learn how they did it

  • Grants with LDA

    There are a variety of education funding resources available, and our exclusive grants partner can help you navigate the complex landscape. Modernizing communications doesn’t have to break the bank. Learn about the program

  • Embracing a unified communications strategy

    Educational institutions are being asked to do more than ever, whether in the physical or virtual space. Prioritizing school safety with minimal learning disruptions is essential for safe, productive teaching and learning environments. Watch the webinar

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Do More with Zoom

Our education platform helps support administrative communication, student and family services, and hybrid learning.

  • devices
    Unified communications

    Connect your education community and enable your instructors and staff with flexible cloud phone communications, team chat, virtual meetings and training, and safety notifications. Go beyond the classroom

  • School with clock tower
    Cross-campus connections

    Build connections with your students and education community with virtual events, admissions and enrollment, campus services, and more. Engage with events

How did they do that?

Check out our latest case studies in education to learn how peer institutions are forging new paths and designing their own futures with new and emerging technologies. These institutions put the entire Zoom platform to work, unifying communications for improved experiences across the board.

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