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New Updates to the Zoom Hardware Certification Program

To help our customers enhance their communications, we are expanding our hardware certification program to include new types of hardware.
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Updated on April 20, 2023

Published on March 16, 2022

Hardware products

The team at Zoom is committed to simplifying the process of creating a reliable and dynamic hardware ecosystem that supports all the new ways of communicating, which is why we created our Zoom Hardware Certification Program.  

The Zoom Hardware Certification Program, which helps our customers identify hardware solutions that integrate seamlessly with the Zoom platform, currently supports a variety of hardware types used in different workspace setups. These hardware types are divided into three categories: conference rooms, phone, and personal workspace.

To help our customers continuously enhance their communications experience, we are expanding our hardware certification program to include new types of hardware, including condenser microphones, scheduling displays, and digital signage appliances. 

Here are the new hardware types that are now available under the Zoom Hardware Certification Program:

Condenser Microphones 

High-quality audio is essential for clear communication when speaking to a large audience at an event, so we’ve added condenser microphones to our Hardware Certification Program. We test and certify high-quality condenser microphones, like the Shure MV7, that come in a range of frequencies, mounting, or stand options, and deliver a selection of background noise mitigation choices. With options in a range of price points, you’ll find the right mic to do your best recording.

Condenser mics
Shure MV7 and Blue Yeti

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays

By providing employees with persistent access to detailed information about room availability and room schedules,  organizations can help reduce friction in the room booking process and use room resources more effectively. Scheduling Displays like the Logitech Tap Scheduler and Yealink Room Panel integrate with your calendaring resources to provide easy booking and discoverability for available meeting rooms. 

Tap scheduler
Logitech Tap Scheduler

Digital Signage Appliances

The ability to easily and instantly share information with employees in the office is a critical aspect of keeping hybrid employees informed. With certified Digital Signage Appliances that incorporate Zoom Rooms software, you can seamlessly broadcast those announcements and manage your in-office messaging right from the Zoom Dashboard. 

The Digital Signage Appliances category includes two exciting new products, including the Yealink RoomCast and Azulle Ally. Availability for the Zoom-specific version of these 2 products will be launching in the next few months.

Certification Refresh for Existing Certified Hardware 

With offices reopening and hybrid work becoming mainstream, we’re simplifying our Audio Certification Programs by unifying the certification objective testing standards across all categories of audio devices. We also simplified our Zoom Rooms Appliance, Zoom Phone Appliance, and Zoom Rooms Controller Certification Programs by unifying a few integration tests.  This streamlined certification testing will help to ensure that your chosen hardware will meet your needs and deliver professional audio and a unified experience, whether you are in the office or working from home. This refreshed testing process also makes it easier for hardware partners to follow certification guidelines and pretest their hardware prior to certification.

We’ve refreshed and streamlined the testing standards for the following categories: 

  • Personal Speakerphones
  • Conference Room Speakerphones
  • Pro Audio
  • Headsets
  • All-in-One Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Zoom Rooms Controllers
  • Zoom Phone Appliance

Looking to get your hardware Zoom Certified?

Receiving a Zoom Certified badge for your hardware lets vendors and customers know they can expect a reliable, high-quality experience from your solution when using Zoom services. If you are a manufacturer looking to get your hardware certified, here is how to get started:

Step 1

Apply for the Hardware Certification Program here.

Step 2

If your hardware qualifies for one of the Zoom certification categories, then submit your hardware for the partner onboarding, testing, and certification process. 

Step 3

Zoom will evaluate your application information and test results. If you pass the certification process, then you can receive your Zoom Certified badge and get listed on the Zoom Certified Hardware list and the Zoom Hardware Partner directory

Step 4

Ensure continued compatibility/interoperability with the Zoom Platform. Certified Appliances and Certified Peripherals will be required to be recertified at least every two years. This will assure devices maintain consistent feature performance as the Zoom Platform develops. 

Discover Zoom Certified hardware

The Zoom Hardware Certification Program is constantly expanding to help our customers communicate with confidence and consistency. For more information on the Zoom Hardware Certification Program, please visit the Zoom Certified page.

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