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Want to collaborate over video but can’t align schedules? Try asynchronous video

To help enable clear communication and cut back on wasted time, meet our asynchronous video offering, Zoom Clips.

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Updated on August 07, 2023

Published on August 07, 2023

Try asynchronous video

Sometimes an email or a chat just won’t cut it. You need to hop on a meeting with a teammate to show them how something works or elaborate on a topic, but their chat presence shows they’re away. How do you collaborate over video, without having an actual meeting? Asynchronous video, that’s how.

Many people are turning to asynchronous video tools, like Loom, as a quick and easy way to record themselves and their screens and send high-quality, short-form videos to colleagues and customers. To help enable clear communication, cut back on wasted time, and accommodate collaboration across time zones, we created an asynchronous video offering, Zoom Clips. What’s more, after a successful global beta, Zoom Clips is now generally available and includes flexible features that put you in the driver’s seat to greater productivity.

At Front, ease of communication and collaboration is at the forefront of our product and culture. Zoom Clips makes it easy for us to connect with each other and our customers, scale our information sharing, and communicate more clearly, regardless of location or timezone.

Greg Karp-Neufeld, director of corporate IT at Front

1. Send and store important videos

Zoom Clips allows you to easily record, edit, and share high-quality, short-form videos both internally and externally. With our new async video offering, you can highlight important information with teammates in a pinch, add a personal touch to your collaboration, send a short video via email, or just share a detailed project update without having to join a live meeting. Over the last few months in beta, we’ve seen customers using Zoom Clips to fulfill a variety of needs.

Project collaboration

  • Daily standups – Provide clear status updates on projects and avoid unnecessary back and forth.
  • Training – Deliver simple and digestible training assets that are easy to consume.
  • Global connection – Communicate clearly in working groups across time zones without having to align multiple schedules.

Customer communication 

  • Product demos – Easily showcase new products and features to keep customers up to speed.
  • Customer engagement – Uplevel your email communications with a personalized video.

Internal communication

  • Employee onboarding – Enhance onboarding guides. Use Zoom Clips to remove ambiguity for new hires and give them a frictionless onboarding experience.
  • Announcement messages – Expand your reach with team or organization-wide video messages.

2. Flexible solutions to meet your needs

Part of the platform you know and love, Zoom Clips is a new addition to the Zoom Workplace bundle. By adding asynchronous video to our existing suite of meetings, chat, phone, and whiteboard solutions, it’s easier than ever to communicate whenever and however you need to.

Regardless of how many videos you have, Zoom Clips provides a dedicated content library where you can manage, share, rename, download, or delete your clips. It’s all of your content in one place, and you can easily find specific clips by searching based on title or tags. 

Plus, you can share your content with others at any time. Once you’ve provided access to a video, people can view, leave comments, or use emojis to react to a clip, and you can track views to get a feel for how those clips are landing. You can even respond to viewers’ comments, providing an easy way to answer questions and promote engagement. To get a sense of how your content is being received, we’ve made it easy to track your video metrics (such as completion rate). Now, you can effectively collaborate with others over video — on your own time.

Zoom Clips UI

3. How to record and share a clip

Get started

If you’re wondering how to get started, we’ve made it easy to access Zoom Clips and launch the product from three different places: 

Start recording

Once you’ve opened Clips, you can choose what you want to record and how you record it. After clicking “Create Clip,” you can: 

  • Keep it simple by recording yourself only, just your screen, or both
  • Create targeted content by selecting the screen you want to record, or record your entire desktop
  • Add a unique touch with a virtual background and keep it professional with noise suppression and video quality options

Make a few tweaks

It’s hard to get things perfect on the first try. You might have moments where you tripped over your words or your dog barked in the background. Good news: you can edit your clip to make it exactly how you want it. When you edit a clip, you can:

  • Change the clip name and add a description
  • Add tags to make it easy to find at a later date 
  • Trim unwanted sections from the beginning or end of a  clip to get a pristine final product

Get eyes on it 

Once you’re happy with the final cut of your clip, it’s time to share it with your target audience. You have a few options when doing so. You can: 

  • Share the clip via email from the web portal or Zoom app
  • Copy the link for a quick plug and play
  • Control who can view your clip by adjusting the settings. You can toggle sharing settings to give access to anyone with the link, anyone in your organization, or only invited users
Zoom Clips Launch

4. Zoom Clips Basic and Zoom Clips Plus

Zoom Clips Basic

Depending on your license type, customers will gain access to either Zoom Clips Basic, or Zoom Clips Plus. You can see which accounts get access to which version in our Zoom Clips Admin guide.

Zoom Clips Basic enables you to record, edit, comment, and share as many as five videos at a time, up to two minutes long. Perfect for quick status updates or short how-to walk-throughs, Zoom Clips Basic is included for basic Zoom Workplace users and non-Zoom Workplace license holders. Once you no longer need a video, it’s easy to delete, replace, and record another, so you can swap out your five videos at any time to stay current and up to date.

Zoom Clips Plus

Ideal for users who need to record longer videos (think onboarding videos, complex training visual aids, large team introductions), Zoom Clips Plus provides unlimited videos with no time restrictions. Available for all paid Zoom Workplace accounts, Clips Plus users will have access to Clip transcripts, and other advanced features like translated captions coming in the future.

5. Consolidate your video content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is a video when communicating with others? By having a central, consolidated place to record, keep, and manage video content, you can enable clear communication and save time and money as a result. 

Asynchronous video solutions like Zoom Clips can help you get to the bottom line quicker, establish clarity when there’s confusion, create a visual aid for complex subject matters, or just add a personal touch. It’s video collaboration on your timeline — there whenever you need or want to revisit it.

6. Experience greater productivity on your terms

In the age of hybrid work, not everyone works at the same time or in the same time zone. Zoom Clips enables distributed teams to connect and collaborate regardless of location. Learn how asynchronous video can help you experience greater productivity on your terms. Get started with Zoom Clips today, and discover how Zoom Workplace can enable flexible work to help you consolidate your workflows.

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