Crestron AutoTracker Camera

Crestron AutoTracker Camera
Product description

Crestron AutoTracker Camera

ⓘ Automatic optical tracking

The AutoTracker is a high quality intelligent optical zoom camera that automatically tracks and frames a presenter based on facial and motion detection. Ideal for lecture capture or conferences, the AutoTracker camera makes it possible to automate camera operations with no personnel and still have the viewing experience of a manned camera.

Intelligent Tracking Technology

Intelligent tracking automatically detects the presenter and keeps them in the optimal part of the frame. It is easily set up to prevent tracking other subjects or displays. The AutoTracker is two cameras in one: a wide-angle camera that continually monitors the room for motion and a PTZ camera that follows the presenter. This dual camera approach allows the camera to adjust more quickly and never lose the presenter.

High Quality Video

A high quality Sony Exmor CMOS sensor enables the camera to output up to 1080p60 resolution video via the 3G-SDI port. The AutoTracker works well in low light and in front of bright screens.

Quiet, Fast Switching Between Presets

Up to 256 pan, tilt, and zoom combination presets can be configured. The camera will move to the selected preset point. A quiet, fast motor (120°/s pan speed) sets camera angles quickly.

Zoom Rooms requires a display and the following main components. This product includes:
  • Computer
  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Controller