Zoomtopia EMEA 2022: thank you for exploring with us

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Updated on April 11, 2023

Published on November 21, 2022

Zoomtopia 2022

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of Zoomtopia EMEA 2022. You took time out of your busy week, and so many from all over Europe, the Middle East, and Africa tuned in to learn more about the Zoom platform and our broad product portfolio. It was a celebration of customers, partners, guests, and Zoomies working tirelessly in the background alike. 

The way we work has changed. That’s why, at Zoomtopia EMEA 2022, we set out to explore new dimensions. The goal: getting our customers (and us) ready for a new, more resilient approach to work, a shifting economic landscape, and increased flexibility.  

Zoomtopia EMEA 2022: Explore New Dimensions

We want to extend special thanks to our wonderful and inspiring guests and hosts. If you couldn’t join every session, don’t worry. All the recordings are available on the Zoomtopia EMEA 2022 website and are available for the next year. So, if you have some time, why not revisit some of our favorites?

One of the most engaging sessions was “The Brain-Friendly Workplace.” Neuroscientist and author Friederike Fabritius explained how our brain actively and subconsciously influences our daily work and why a positive company culture – be it remote, hybrid, or in-person – can lead to better performance. If you haven’t seen the talk, we highly recommend you watch it. Especially if you are currently in a change process and are looking for new insights on how to create a more engaging work environment. Tune in to hear her explanation about why fear (and fun) are necessary for a high-performing workplace.

Another inspiring session was “The Nowhere Office.” Julia Hobsbawm, author and Bloomberg columnist explained how we can reinvent work. Together with panelist Stefan Stern, writer, journalist, professor, and columnist at BBC, Financial Times & Guardian, she discussed a new approach to encourage productivity without burnout and what the workplace of the future holds.

But besides these thought leadership topics, Zoomtopia EMEA discussed several practical topics, raising and solving issues that customers and partners face daily. For example, Glory Francke and Aurora Brigham of Zoom talked about our initiatives for “Data Privacy at Zoom”. If you’re interested in this topic at all, we highly recommend you take a look and see our commitments. Glory and Aurora infused the technical subject matter with life, as they delivered an engaging talk. 

How we Zoom at Zoom

Believe it or not, even at Zoom we had to learn how to manage teams in the new normal. We gave the inside scoop in “Leading a High-Performance Team in a Hybrid-First World: A Zoom Story,” where our European Center of Excellence team, led by Jeff Koll, was able to show our road to hybrid and remote working from a European perspective.

Last, but not least, if you have not yet seen one of our experience tours, we urge you to watch the virtual “Zoom Experience Tour.” Mike Adams and Dana Vuursteen take you on a tour through our office in Amsterdam. They really know how to highlight what is possible with the Zoom platform, especially if you dive into our ecosystem of hardware partners.  

Speaking of our hardware partners, we would like to thank all of them. Without our partners,  we wouldn’t have been able to host an exceptional Virtual Expo and bring the trade show spirit to Zoomtopia EMEA.

New features, updated products, more capabilities

One of the biggest announcements is the availability of Zoom Contact Center for customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. ZCC, as it is called internally, has had rapid growth in features, users, and capabilities since its launch in February 2022. With Zoom Contact Center, we aim to disrupt the market for how companies interact with their customers. 

Like everything at Zoom, video is not an add-on after the fact, but baked directly into the solution. Zoom Contact Center enables agents to elevate a customer interaction from chat or voice to video and offer a more empathetic experience. When call volumes are high, contact center agents feel even more pressure to deliver quick and accurate information. To offload this burden and reduce agent burnout, our conversational AI and chatbot solution, Zoom Virtual Agent, helps customers self-serve to find the answers they need. Zoom Virtual Agent will be available in 2023. 

By crawling FAQs, knowledge bases, and other business applications, Zoom Virtual Agent delivers instant, accurate resolutions, and when needed, can smoothly hand off the inquiry and chat history to a contact center agent so customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

But that’s not all. In the last year, Zoom delivered more than 1,400 new features for existing products, the highlights were shown in our session “A Year in Review: Release Highlights.” But besides that, we used Zoomtopia to introduce exciting new products and more capabilities for the existing Zoom platform. Here are some highlights:

Get email and calendar right in the Zoom app

When you bring your email and calendar into Zoom, you can move quickly and seamlessly from email to a video meeting, elevate a chat message to a phone call, and collaborate on projects without ever leaving the Zoom app. We’ve also got native Zoom mail and calendar services on tap for you. Beta coming soon.

Meet virtually – without a meeting

You might think of Zoom Spots as a virtual coworking space, where remote teams can be together when they can’t physically be together. Coming in early 2023.

Stay connected and collaborative on chat

Coming soon, keep your in-meeting chat conversations going in a group Team Chat dedicated to the meeting. Also coming next year:

·   Enable greater inclusivity with Team Chat translations

·   Chat message scheduling

·   Expanded integration of Zoom Phone and Team Chat to enhance support processes

Sift through your recordings faster

Make meeting recordings more consumable with summaries, next steps, and smart chapters with Smart Recordings, so you can quickly jump to the moments that matter and take action. Available now.

Security enhancements for you

We’re striving to support an “always verify, never trust” mode of operating, which is why we’ve introduced additional security features designed to help add an additional layer of protection to your communications. We made several security announcements at Zoomtopia, including:

  • Zoom Mail Service’s end-to-end encryption feature is designed to enhance the privacy of your email communication. Beta coming soon
  • Enhanced security for Zoom Phone voicemail with advanced encryption (beta). Once enabled, this makes it so voicemail messages are received and recorded by Zoom servers which encrypt them with keys only known to their intended recipients’ devices.
  • Automatic updates for enterprises, which helps provide more options and flexibility for enterprise customers hoping to roll out Zoom updates automatically to their users.

Create quick videos

With Video Clips, quickly create videos with the ability to narrate and record yourself sharing your screen, and share them with teammates to communicate on projects. Coming soon

Get out-of-the-box meeting settings

Easily customize different types of meetings, such as training sessions or all-hands meetings, with Meeting Templates. These templates will automatically configure the right settings for your meetings. Coming soon

Book the best seat

 When booking a room or desk in an office, Workspace Reservation Smart Suggestions will help you decide where to sit and what days to come into the office based on whom you have been working with, where you normally sit, and where your team sits. Coming soon

 Get the best room view – automatically

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best video stream of conference room meeting participants with Intelligent Director (private beta). The AI-driven, multi-camera technology solution also automatically adjusts for participants as they move. Expected to be available later this year

Intelligent Director

Bring Zoom into more rooms

With Zoom Interop for Google Meet, join a Google Meet meeting from a Zoom Room and vice versa. Expected to be available later this year

Leverage the power of an AI chatbot

Zoom Virtual Agent is a conversational AI and chatbot solution that interprets what your customers are asking, regardless of how they happen to word their questions, then provides instant, accurate responses – by tapping into your knowledge bases, FAQs, and other data sources – and intelligently guides your customers to the right resolution or the right agent. Expected to be available early next year

Automate coaching for your sellers 


The Virtual Coach from Zoom Revenue Accelerator will simulate a variety of selling situations to give sellers a practice environment to hone their pitch, obtain feedback, and receive real-time content tips for future calls with prospects. Coming soon


Raise the bar on your virtual and hybrid events

Look for Production Studio, Simulive, 1:1 networking, and many more updates to help you drive ROI through events, produce highly branded and professional content, and improve engagement. Coming soon

Optimize office bandwidth

Our own eCDN solution, Zoom Mesh, helps optimize network bandwidth. It doesn’t require any further components to be deployed and can be launched right from the Zoom client with minimal buffering, or delays while optimizing bandwidth. Available by the end of this year 

Join Zoom meetings from your Tesla

You can already take Zoom meetings on the go from your laptop, phone, or tablet. Soon, take your Zoom calls from the comfort of your Tesla. The Zoom integration for Tesla allows you to start or join Zoom meetings with the click of a button. Available on all new Tesla models soon

See the functionality of taking a Zoom meeting from your parked vehicle in this video:


At Zoom, we work fast to deliver happiness to all our customers and partners. So stay tuned for these (and more) amazing features that are coming your way. Want to know more? The best way to stay up to date on all Zoom topics is by subscribing to our blog or by following Zoom on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Tiktok.

Thank you again for celebrating our virtual Zoomtopia EMEA 2022 with us. We hope to see you next year. 

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