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It’s Show Time: Zoom Events Is Now Available in India 

We’re excited to announce that Zoom Events, our all-in-one virtual event management solution, is now available in India.
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Updated on October 18, 2022

Published on October 18, 2022

It’s Show Time: Zoom Events Is Now Available In India 

We hear it all the time: virtual events are here to stay. In fact, they’re in high demand, as they provide sustainable, far-reaching, cost-effective alternatives to in-person events. With this in mind, we wanted to help our customers elevate their event strategies with an innovative platform built solely for virtual and hybrid experiences. In 2021, we launched Zoom Events, our all-in-one virtual event management solution, and today, we’re excited to announce that Zoom Events is now available in India.

Zoom Events is designed to help you facilitate and manage your event from start to finish, be it an all-hands company meeting, large conference, or trade show. For users in India, Zoom Events is available for free events (at this time) and is fast and easy to deploy, so you’re able to get up and running quickly with our self-service solution. 

A virtual event management solution built for marketers 

We know hosting events is hard work. Zoom Events simplifies the headaches that come with manually tracking attendee registrations, designing multiple event websites, and feeling overwhelmed by the needs of multiple speakers. From your Zoom Events hub, you can manage everything in one place:

  • Build out session tracks with speaker bios, dates, and times, and designate attendee types for each
  • Customize registrations by various criteria
  • Designate public or private events
  • Attract sponsors at the Expo Booth 
  • Create branded hubs with your logos, colors, and social media profiles

And that’s not all. We know just because an event is over doesn’t mean you stop marketing. Continue to nurture leads and extend your brand reach with our post-event content management and on-demand viewing features. Showcase your best sessions or favorite keynote speakers directly in the event hub.  Maximize the impact of data by accessing comprehensive analytics and reporting to collect event insights around what matters most, such as attendee engagement, most popular content, most attended sessions, and more. 

It’s fun (and easy) to make your virtual events feel personal 

Whether you’re looking to host a single session, multi-day, multi-track, or concurrent sessions, Zoom Events makes it easy to manage virtual events big and small. No matter the event size, our solution is designed to help you create a personalized and engaging experience.  Easily replicate the benefits of an in-person event by equipping attendees with a variety of interactive tools designed to:

  • Foster meaningful connections and conversations through event networking features
  • Drive attendee participation with interactive features including an Expo Floor
  • Increase collaboration and learning through integrated meetings and/or webinar sessions

Zoom Events = Zoom Webinars + more 

With a Zoom Events license,  you’ll have access to all the benefits of Zoom Webinars, and then some! Think of Zoom Events as your solution to multi-day or multi-session experiences like sales kickoffs, employee onboarding, and customer events. Hosting a large conference? Attendees can catch the keynote address via a Zoom Webinars session and later break out into small groups using Zoom Meetings. 

When to use Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, and Zoom Events

With Zoom Events, you can manage every aspect of your event from the platform itself, while Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars are the solutions you’ll use to host your live content sessions within Zoom Events. Here are some examples to help you know when to use each solution: 

Zoom Meetings are an excellent choice when your attendees might be in small groups or encouraged to interact and collaborate with one another during instances such as: 

  • Breakout sessions
  • Attendee roundtables
  • Focus groups
  • Smaller, interactive trainings
  • Networking sessions

Zoom Webinars are better for one-to-many presentations when your event will have a large number of remote viewers who will watch content and don’t need as much back-and-forth conversation. This could be:

  • Keynotes
  • Main stage presentations
  • Live event entertainment
  • Product demonstrations to a large audience
  • Town-hall-style panels

Elevate your next virtual experience with our secure solution

Online events don’t have to be static. Today’s virtual experiences can be high-energy, engaging, and impactful, no matter the size. Zoom Events’ built-in tools promote networking and enable real-time feedback, so attendees can enjoy the same benefits of in-person events while at home. By using a variety of custom branding features, you can extend your brand reach beyond the walls of a conference center to maximize the ROI of your online experience.

In addition to creative and engaging event features, Zoom solutions are easy to use, intuitive, and reliable. Equipping our customers with one platform to connect their audiences is our top priority, so we’ve made it easy to help you keep your Zoom Event as secure as possible and prevent unwanted attendees or disruptions. Built with security and trust in mind, the Zoom platform was also recently recognized by Omdia Universe for our dedication to innovation, security, and compliance.  

Discover how you can elevate your next virtual experience to become a brand your customers will know and trust — talk with our Zoom Events team today. 

Our upcoming flagship virtual conference Zoomtopia APAC 2022 will be hosted on Zoom Events. Join us for interactive sessions, discussions with customer panels, and inspiring guest speakers. Register for this virtual event on November 17, and come experience the Zoom Events platform for yourself. 

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